Sikorsky S-65 H-53



Sikorsky HH-53C

The HH-53C was a modestly-improved HH-53B CSAR variant. The most visible difference between the HH-53B and HH-53C was that the HH-53C dispensed with the fuel-tank bracing struts. Smaller 450 US gal (1,703 L) external tanks were used. Other changes included more armor and a more comprehensive suite of radios to improve communications with C-130 tankers, attack aircraft supporting CSAR actions, and aircrews awaiting rescue on the ground. The HH-53C was otherwise much like the HH-53B, with the more powerful T64-GE-7 engines.

List of Operators of Sikorsky HH-53C

From Organisation with model HH-53C
usa US Air Force
    S-65 H-53 78 1968/08

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65-142 US 67-14993 : mh-53m USAF; conv to MH-53M; 20th SOS w/o 19mar03
1975-1979, mars helicopter at 6514th Test Sq at Hill AF+
65-143 US 67-14994 : mh-53m USAF; conv to MH-53M
mh-53m jul99 21st SOS
mh-53m USAF; early Jun07 type:MH-53M in Poland for support HMX+
65-144 US 67-14995 : mh-53m USAF; conv to MH-53M
65-145 US 67-14996 : USAF; 55th ARRS w/o 08oct69
65-146 US 68-8283 : USAF; 40th ARRS w/o 30jun70
65-147 US 68-8284 : 67ARRS noted at HMS Drake 16 Dec 1980
mh-53m USAF; conv to MH-53M; preserved RAF Cosford Museum Cold+
donated to RAF Museum. Del Brize Norton Oct 2008.
Del RAF Museum Cosford Dec 2008. To Cold War Hall, stil+
65-148 US 68-8285 : USAF; 40th ARRS w/o 21jul71
w/o 21jul71, shot down in Laos
65-149 US 68-8286 : mh-53m USAF; conv to MH-53M; 20th SOS; w/o 18mar02 Afghanistan
65-184 US 68-10354 : USAF; 6514th TS w/o 30oct86
this aircraft crashed into a mountain duing a site surv+
Settled with power and landed hard (crashed) into the L+
65-185 US 68-10355 : USAF; 6594th TG w/o 18jan85 at 540nm N of Hawaii attemp+
MRB BIM caution light came on enroute to ship. When acf+
65-186 US 68-10356 : USAF; conv to MH-53J; 1991 20th SOS; 2007 to AMARG
16jan91 Led AH-64 Apache helicopters during operation E+
65-187 US 68-10357 : USAF; 21nov70 as Apple 1 during Son Tay raid; conv to M+
This HH-53C is featured prominently in a forthcoming bo+
65-188 US 68-10358 : USAF; conv to MH-53J
65-189 US 68-10359 : USAF; 40th ARRS w/o 27mar72 Laos
65-190 US 68-10360 : USAF; conv MH-53J; 551 SOS; AMARG/AAHC0036; 18nov11 to +
65-191 US 68-10361 : USAF; 37th ARRS w/o 18aug72 at Danang, Vietnam during r+
65-192 US 68-10362 : Jan70-Jan71 37th ARRS I was the first crew-chief assign+
1971-Apr72 37th ARRS, I crewed this Acft at Da Nang AFB+
40th ARRS w/o 14jun73 Cambodia
65-193 US 68-10363 : USAF; conv to MH-53J
65-194 US 68-10364 : USAF; conv to MH-53J; 02jun99 crash Fort Bragg, NC, rep+
65-195 US 68-10365 : USAF; 37th ARRS w/o 06apr72 vietnam during Bat 21 rescu+
65-196 US 68-10366 : USAF; 37th ARRS w/o 25nov71 near DaNang Vietnam
65-197 US 68-10367 : USAF; conv to MH-53J; preserved AFB Hill Aerospace Muse+
65-198 US 68-10368 : USAF; 67 ARRS w/o 24jun77 Woodbridge Air base UK; cockp+
24jun72 pictured as HH-53C type refueling from HC-130N +
65-199 US 68-10369 : mh-53m USAF; conv to MH-53M
20aug08 pictured with 20th SOS flying over coastline ne+
Sep08 preserved at Hill AFB, Utah
Holds the record, along with 68-10360, for the longest +
65-263 US 69-5784 : USAF HH-53C type
MH-53J 20jul97 pictured (top) as MH-53J type at RIAT 1997, Fai+
Jul99 MH-53J type asg 21st SOS, RAF Mildenhall
mh-53m 11jul04 MH-53M type asg 21st SOS, RAF Mildenhall
11jul04 pictured (bot) at Bierset air show, Belgium
65-264 US 69-5785 : mh-53m USAF; conv to MH-53M; preserved Maxwell AFB Alabama
65-265 US 69-5786 : USAF; 1550th ATTW w/o 18jul80 Dugway Proving Grounds Ut+
65-266 US 69-5787 : USAF; 33 ARRS w/o 26feb79 crashed into sea during aeria+
This unfortunate accident occurred as a result of a ret+
This is bs. the Major flying was in upgrade training to+
65-267 US 69-5788 : USAF; 40th ARRS w/o 27dec72 abandoned and destroyed by +
15-24 Aug70, this HH-53 was one of a pair that performe+
27jun72 participated in the rescue of Valent 03A by low+
w/o 27dec72 lost in Laos when its refueling probe was d+
65-268 US 69-5789 : USAF; conv to MH-53J
65-269 US 69-5790 : mh-53m USAF; conv to HH-53H; conv to MH-53M
MH-53J USAF; jul99 21st SOS
65-270 US 69-5791 : mh-53m USAF; conv to HH-53H; conv to MH-53M; 20th SOS w/o 02no+
65-271 US 69-5792 : USAF; 1551st CCTW w/o 27jul82 New Mexico during night a+
65-272 US 69-5793 : mh-53m USAF; date unk pictured with 41st ARRS at McClellan +
65-273 US 69-5794 : mh-53m USAF 69-05794; conv to MH-53M
20th SOS w/o 07sep07 emergency landing during NVG train+
65-274 US 69-5795 : USAF HH-53C;
MH-53J 31jul94 MH-53J type pictured with 21st SOS at RAF Fairf+
mh-53m 11jul04 MH-53M type asg 21st SOS at RAF Mildenhall
early Jun07 MH-53M type with 21st SOS in Poland to supp+
06oct07 to AMARC/HC0048
65-275 US 69-5796 : USAF; 1970s pictured (pic1) with 67 ARRS at RAF Woodbri+
21jul79 flying in Display at the HMS Daedalus Air Show +
Jul80 pictured (pic2) (pic3) at Koksijde, Belgium
mh-53m Jun07 MH-53M type asg 21st SOS in Poland for support HM+
06oct07 to AMARC/HC0049
65-276 US 69-5797 : USAF; 1978 HH-53C type 67 ARRS
mh-53m conv to MH-53M; 20th SOS w/o 13apr04 hit by RPG at Zawb+
65-385 1974 US 73-1647 : Sikorsky S-65C c/n 65-385, ff?; del USAF as HH-53C, 73-+
USAF; conv HH-53H; 1st SOW w/o 17oct84 near Clark AFB, +
65-386 1974 US 73-1648 : Sikorsky S-65C, d/d USAF as HH-53C unk
31jul77 pictured as HH-53C at Ramstein AFB, Germany
conv HH-53H; conv MH-53J; Sep87 crashed during CAPEX, 1+
65-387 1974 US 73-1649 : USAF; conv HH-53H; conv MH-53J; conv MH-53M
mh-53m 11jul04 MH-53M type asg 21st SOS at RAF Mildenhall
preserved at Pima Air Museum, Tucson Arizona
18nov14 pictured preserved At the Pima Air and Space Mu+
65-388 1974 US 73-1650 : mh-53m Sikorsky S-65C c/n 65-388, ff?; del USAF as HH-53C, 73-+
USAF; conv HH-53H; 20th SOS w/o 14nov84 near Pope AFB N+
Acft completed the low-level and was climbing to the AR+
65-389 1974 US 73-1651 : USAF; conv HH-53H; 20th SOS w/o May 1986 or 1988 impact+
crash date 21may86
65-390 1974 US 73-1652 : mh-53m USAF; conv HH-53H; conv MH-53J; conv MH-53M; 2009 prese+
jul99 with 21st SOS, RAF Mildenhall
06jun08 pictured (top) with 20th SOS at Pipestem, WV du+
19apr14 saw it at Tindall AFB museum. I am former 67 AR+
Last entry is incorrect 652 is on outdoor display at th+
Just a minor correction - the museum at Eglin AFB i+
44 C/N.

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