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Canadian Helicopters Ltd 206

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    631 206a     C-FAHT: Canadian Helicopters; ex CF-AHT; conv 206b
    785 206b-2     C-FAHW: Canadian Helicopters; ex CF-AHW
    123 206a 1968     C-FAJR: xfer Canadian Helicopters Limited as C-FAJR, 13Sep89; reg ca+
Kenting Aviation CF-AJR: Bell 206A cn123, ff:?; del Kenting Aviation, Ltd, Canad+

Kenting Aviation C-FAJR: rereg Kenting Aviation Ltd as C-FAJR, 11Jul83

Okanagan Helicopters C-FAJR: xfer Okanagan Helicopters as C-FAJR, 27Sep88

- N192TJ: xfer Ancoratek Corp, Doral, FL, US as N192TJ, unk

- PT-???: xfer Brazil as PT-???, 12Jan12
    535 206a 1970     C-FCQE: Canadian Helicopters; ex CF-CQE
Bell Helicopter N8147J: Bell 206A cn535, ff:?; reg Bell helicopters as N8147J, +

Okanagan Helicopters CF-CQE: del Okanagan Helicopters as CF-CQE, 1970; conv Bell 206+

Okanagan Helicopters C-FCQE: rereg Okanagan Helicopters as C-FCQE, unk
    540 206a 1970     C-FCQJ: Canadian Helicopters, rtn May82
Bell Helicopter N8152J: Bell 206A cn540, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N8152J, +

- F-GBLH: xfer France as F-GBLH, [ntu]

Bell Helicopter N8152J: retained Bell Helicopters as N8152J, 1970

- N8152J: conv to B-2 type; to CF-CQJ

Okanagan Helicopters CF-CQJ: del Okanagan Helicopters Ltd as CF-CQJ, 1970; conv Bell+

- C-FCQJ: Universal Helicopters at St John, Newfoundland, Mar87-J+

Toronto Helicopters Mar/Nov 1989

Delta Helicopters C-FCQJ: Delta Helicopters from Feb97
    732 206b 1971     C-FCVN: Canadian Helicopters, canc Jun95
- C-FCVN: ex CF-CVN; Fishery Products Ltd at St Johns, NL, canc N+

Sealand Helicopters C-FCVN: Sealand Helicopters, canc May88

Okanagan Helicopters C-FCVN: Okanagan Helicopters, canc Sep89

- HC-BUQ: Ecuador, to Police

National Police of Ecuador PN-112: Policia Ecuador
    2982 206b-3 1980     C-FFUJ: Canadian Helicopters Sep89-Sep90
- N525W: USA canc Jul89, test serial N1086N

- C-FFUJ: Toronto Helicopters at Markham, ON Aug/Sep 1989

Ryan Helicopters at Toronto, ON Sep90-Oct92

National Helicopters Inc C-FFUJ: National Helicopters Oct92-Jun04

- C-FFUJ: Skyway Helicopters at Niagara-On-The-Lake, ON Jul04-Sep+

National Helicopters Inc C-FFUJ: National Helicopters from Sep05; pictured (pic1)

Nov16 pictured (pic2) in Northern Ontario during LIDAR+
    52071 206l-4 1994     C-FVEF: 16sep97 Canadian Helicopters at Goose Bay
    45611 206l-1 1981     C-FVEU: Canadian Helicopters Jan/Apr 2006
- N3908N: to C-FVEU

- C-FVEU: Heli-North Aviation at Garson, ON Oct96-May99

1997 featured in the movie The Jackal

Ultra Helicopters Ltd at Grimshaw, AB Jun99-Jun02

Takatakiaq Helicopter at La Sarre, Quebec Jun02-May03

Les Helicopteres Abitibi Ltee at La Sarre, Quebec Feb/J+

Nunasi Helicopters at Yellowknife, NT Jun04-Jan06

Wood Buffalo Helicopters C-FVEU: Aurora Helicopters Jun06-Mar11

- N93DF: Wells Fargo Bank from Mar11
    805 206b-2 1972     C-GAHP: Canadian Helicopters Sep94-Nov97
- N2959W: to C-GAHP

Okanagan Helicopters C-GAHP: Okanagan Helicopters, Canc Oct88

- C-GAHP: Toronto Helicopters, canc Jan90

Airborne Energy Solutions Nov97-Sep03

Bighorn Helicopters at Cranbrook, BC Oct/Nov 2003

Mustang Helicopters C-GAHP: Mustang Helicopters May/Jun 2005

Great Slave Helicopters C-GAHP: Great Slave Helicopters May07-Jul09

L R Helicopters C-GAHP: L R Helicopters from Jul09

- C-GAHP: Oct14-Sep15, sold Bell 206BIII 1972. 4 passenger, Cargo+
    1335 206b-2 1974     C-GBHE: Canadian Helicopters
    1153 206b-2 1973     C-GBSP: Canadian Helicopters Ltd at St. JohnS, NF Dec90-Jun12
- N2HJ: Bay Helicopters at Panama City, FL canc Apr80

- C-GBSP: Quasar Helicopters at Richmond, BC, canc Jun82; Coast O+

Peace Helicopters at Grande Prairie, AB, canc Apr87

Okanagan Helicopters C-GBSP: Okanagan Helicopters at Richmond, BC, canc Apr87; Assoc+

- C-GBSP: Ryan Helicopters at Toronto, ON, canc Aug92

- N463NH: Apple International Inc at Henderson, NV from Feb12-Feb+

- G-CILJ: Apple International Inc Ltd from Feb15

Apr/Oct 2016, sold Jetranger 206B-2 1973 ; A fully refu+
    2232 206b-3 1977     C-GDBA: Canadian Helicopters; ex N16821
    3036 206b-3 1980     C-GETF: Canadian Helicopters
    2357 206b-3 1978     C-GNLD: Canadian Helicopters 2000-Aug14
Sealand Helicopters C-GNLD: Sealand Helicopters Sep85-Mar89

- N57PH: Provine Helicopter Service at Greenwood, MI Aug98-Jan15

- C-GNLD: Logistique Unibec Inc at Dolbeau-Mistassini, QC from Oc+

16jun15 at Penticton, BC
    2358 206b-3     C-GNLE: Canadian Helicopters; temp N56PH
    2360 206b-3     C-GNLG: Canadian Helicopters
    46601 206l     C-GNLK: 16sep97 Canadian Helicopters at Goose Bay
    1639 206b-2 1975     C-GNNK: Canadian Helicopters Dec90-Jun92
- C-GNNK: Quasar Helicopters, canc Apr85

Okanagan Helicopters C-GNNK: Okanagan Helicopters Nov86-Sep89

- C-GNNK: Northern Mountain Helicopters at Prince George, BC Nov9+

VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GNNK: Vancouver Island Helicopters Apr01-Feb03

Yellowhead Helicopters C-GNNK: Yellowhead Helicopters Apr03-Apr04

Wood Buffalo Helicopters C-GNNK: Aurora Helicopters from Apr04
    499 206a     C-GOKJ: Canadian Helicopters; ex N2298W canc 1988; conv 206b
    1824 206b-2 1975     C-GRGN: Canadian Helicopters; ex N333WM
    45031 206l 1979     C-GTLB: Canadian Helicopters from Dec00; w/o 13dec16 into frozen riv+
Okanagan Helicopters C-GTLB: Okanagan Helicopters 1983-1989
    395 206a     C-GXHC: xfer Canadian Helicopters as C-GXHC, unk; current
Bell Helicopter N1455W: Bell 206A cn395 ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1455W, u+

- C-GMRA: xfer Canada as C-GMRA, unk

- N28956: xfer US as N28956, unk
    1394 206b-2     C-GYQH: Canadian Helicopters; ex N111BH

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