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    germany ADAC Luftrettung

    ADAC Air Rescue

    Del'd: 41 - 1997 to present

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    0112 ec135p1 1999     D-HAIT: ADAC 1999-2011
    Western Power Distribution G-WPDA: South Western Helicopters Ltd / WPD Helicopter Unit at +

    pictured at Newquay Airport
    0192 ec135p2     D-HBLN: ADAC
    0057 ec135p1 1999     D-HBYA: ADAC from May11
    Eurocopter Germany D-HECG: conversion to P2 at Eurocopter

    German Local Police D-HBYA: Bavarian Police from Jul99, conv ec135p2

    PHuStBY. Edelweiss 1 Jul99-2011
    0078 ec135p1 1999     D-HBYF: ADAC from May11 Christoph Europa 1, pictured
    German Local Police D-HBYF: PHuStBY. Edelweiss 6 Apr99-2010; 2002 conv to EC135P2
    0100 ec135p1 1999     D-HBYH: ADAC from at Christoph 61
    German Local Police D-HBYH: PHuStBY. Edelweiss 8 1999-2010; 2002 conv to EC135P2

    homebase at Muenchen Franz-Josef Strauss

    noted as Edelweiss 8 at Munich

    noted at Kaufbeuren

    noted at Kirchdorf
    0321 ec135p2 2004     D-HDEC: ADAC
    0239 ec135p2 2002     D-HDMA: ADAC
    0042 ec135t1 1998     D-HEUR: ADAC Jan98-Dec11
    Avinco : Nov10 pictured on sale ( 5,471 flight hs )

    Secours Aerien Francais F-GMTU: SAF Helicoptersm, Mar12
    0875 ec135p2+ 2010     D-HGWD: ADAC
    Eurocopter Germany D-HCBA: Eurocopter toward D-HGWD

    On Eurocopter stand in ADAC livery at Heli-Expo 2010, H+
    0303 ec135p2 2003     D-HGYN: ADAC
    0568 ec135p2+ 2007     D-HHBG: ADAC
    0380 ec135p2     D-HHIT: pictured at Aachen/Merzbruck Airport (AAH/EDKA), Germany
    0381 ec135p2 2004     D-HHTS: ADAC; pictured at Aachen-Merzbruck (EDKA), Germany
    0109 ec135p1 1999     D-HIPT: ADAC 1999-2011
    Western Power Distribution G-WPDB: South Western Helicopters Ltd / WPD Helicopter Unit at +
    0044 ec135t1 1998     D-HJAR: ADAC; Jul99 Christoph 15; Mar01 Christoph 15; Sep03 Christop+
    Bond Aviation Group G-CGXK: Bond Air Services Jul11-Sep13 on belhaf East Anglian Ai+

    UK Air Ambulances G-CGXK: East Anglian air ambulance (EAAA); 11 pictured at Norwi+

    Secours Aerien Francais F-HJAF: SAF Helicopteres from Sep13

    emergency medical assistance service F-HJAF: SAMU, op by SAF

    w/o in mountainous terrain at Bonvillard sector, Savoie+
    0463 ec135p2 2006     D-HJMD: ADAC; 2007 Christoph 5
    1036 ec135p2+ 2012     D-HKGD: Bundeswehrzentralkrankenhaus Koblenz
    Eurocopter Germany D-HECK: Eurocopter Germany
    0527 ec135p2+ 2006     D-HKUE: ADAC
    0090 ec135p1 1999     D-HKUG: ADAC 1999-2012
    Western Power Distribution G-WPDC: South Western Helicopters Ltd ( WPD ) from Jun12; 24 pi+

    refuel stop at Shoreham
    1003 ec135p2+ 2011     D-HLCK: ADAC from Aug11, test serial D-HCBV
    0392 ec135p2 2005     D-HLDM: ADAC
    0007 ec135p1     D-HLEU: ADAC Dec96-Nov14
    Schider Helicopter Service HA-ECH: Hungarian Air Ambulance, owned by SHS GmbH by Jan16

    19jul16 at Szentes
    0447 ec135p2 2005     D-HLFR: pictured as Christoph 16
    0488 ec135p2 2006     D-HLGB: ADAC
    0238 ec135p2 2002     D-HOEM: ADAC
    0260 ec135p2 2002     D-HOFF: ADAC
    0323 ec135p2 2004     D-HOPI: ADAC
    0242 ec135p2 2002     D-HPMM: ADAC, test serial D-HECA
    0008 ec135p1 1996     D-HPOZ: ADAC 1997-1999
    German Local Police D-HPOZ: Polizei Bayern 1996

    Copterline OH-HCH: Copterline 1999-

    Schider Helicopter Service OE-XXS: SHS, to HB-ZJD

    Skymedia AG HB-ZJD: Skymedia AG Jan16-Jan17; Lions Air Skymedia AG from Jan+
    1047 ec135p2+ 2012     D-HRAC: ADAC from May12, test serial D-HECT
    0045 ec135p1 1998     D-HRET: ADAC Jan98-Oct14
    Schider Helicopter Service OE-XML: SHS Oct14-Oct16

    Skymedia AG HB-ZSJ: Skymedia AG Oct16-Jan17, lsd SHS

    Alpine Air Ambulance HB-ZSJ: Alpine Air Ambulance (AAA), op by Lions Air Skymedia AG

    AP3 Luftrettung HB-ZSJ: Alpine Air Ambulance / AP3 Luftrettung, op by Lions Air+
    0027 ec135t1 1997     D-HRHM: ADAC Aug97-Dec09
    Schider Helicopter Service OE-XXR: Schider Helicopter Service Dec09-Oct14

    Air Glaciers SA HB-ZRK: Air Glaciers SA / Schider Helicopter Service GmbH from +
    0276 ec135p2 2003     D-HSAN: 2003 ADAC
    1014 ec135p2+ 2011     D-HSHP: ADAC from Sep11, test serial D-HCBW
    0071 ec135p1 1998     D-HSOS: ADAC
    Western Power Distribution G-WPDD: WPD Jul12; ex D-HSOS

    08nov12 over Telford, Shropshire as G-WPDD but still us+

    pictured at Tatenhill
    0481 ec135p2 2006     D-HSWG: ADAC
    1000 ec135p2+ 2011     D-HUTH: ADAC;
    Eurocopter Germany D-HECD: Eurocopter; toward D-HUTH
    0277 ec135p2 2003     D-HWFH: Christoph 30
    1126 ec135p2+ 2013     D-HXAB: ADAC from Sep13, test serial D-HECD
    Eurocopter Germany D-HECD: Eurocopter to D-HXAB
    1135 ec135p2+ 2013     D-HXAC: ADAC from Dec13, test serial D-HECZ
    Eurocopter Germany D-HECZ: Eurocopter to D-HXAC
    1138 ec135p2+ 2013     D-HXAD: ADAC from Dec13, pictured
    Eurocopter Germany D-HCBA: manufacturer's test serial; to D-HXAD
    0871 ec135p2+     D-HXAE: ADAC Luftrettung from Oct19
    ANWB Medical Air Assistance PH-MMT: ANWB Feb10-Oct19, pictured (pic1)

    Lifeliner 4

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