1992 to present

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Air Greenland orders the AS350 B3e, 12-Feb-12 : Dallas, Texas - Eurocopter signed yesterday a contract to supply Air Greenland with one enhanced AS350 B3e version, marking the latest expansion of this European operator’s Ecureuil single-engine family fleet.

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

2600 as350b2 1992     OY-HGA: Air Greenland, SE-HGA ntu
2950 as350b2 1996     OY-HGL: Grønlandsfly, Air Greenland A/S 1997-2004
Eurocopter USA N4074E: American Eurocopter 1996

Roberts Aircraft Company N4074E: Roberts Aircraft Co at Granite Cannon, WY Dec04-Nov19

State of California N4074E: Helinet Aviation Services Llc at Van Nuys, CA from Nov1+
3677 as350b3 2003     OY-HGM: Air Greenland A/S 2005-2006, rtn to Norway
- LN-OMA: Norway, to OY-HGM

Helicsa EC-KDO: Helicsa, noted 2007

INAER EC-KDO: INAER; firefighting

INAER Chile CC-ARK: Helicoptero Calquin; w/o 09feb17 during inspection of +
3913 as350b3 2005     OY-HGN: Air Greenland, test serial F-WWXQ; w/o 29aug07 ditched off M+
3919 as350b3 2005     OY-HGO: Air Greenland from May05 ex F-WWXB
Eurocopter France F-WWXB: Eurocopter France toward OY-HGO
4062 as350b3 2006     OY-HGP: Air Greenland
4089 as350b3 2006     OY-HGR: Air Greenland; w/o crashed at Nuuk; canc 27jul09
4226 as350b3 2007     OY-HGS: Air Greenland, test serial F-WWPK
4279 as350b3 2007     OY-HGT: air greenland
4466 as350b3 2008     OY-HGU: Air Greenland, test serial F-WWXM
4469 as350b3 2008     OY-HGV: Air Greenland
3612 as350b3 2002     OY-HGW: Air Greenland 2008-2011, to OB-1970-P
heliflyg SE-JHD: Heliflyg, noted Oct03

- OB-1970-P: Peru
3727 as350b3 2003     OY-HIZ: Air Greenland 2006-2011, to OB-1969-P

Air Alpha Greenland OY-HIZ: Air Alpha Greenland 2004-2006

- OB-1969-P: Peru
4661 as350b3 2009     OY-HUA: Air Greenland, test serial F-WWXS
4965 as350b3 2010     OY-HUB: Air Greenland from 2010 ex F-WJXC
Eurocopter France F-WJXC: Eurocopter France toward OY-HUB
7152 as350b3 2011     OY-HUD: Air Greenland, test serial F-WJXF
7172 as350b3 2011     OY-HUE: Air Greenland, test serial F-WWXM