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    French Navy

    List of Operations of Aéronautique Navale

    15-may-2103-jun-21UK Hebrides Search Google Maps Hebrides United Kingdom Outer Hebrides IFormidable Shield 2021
    17-mar-20LY off Libya / Central MediterraneanEUNAVFOR MED IRINI
    24-feb-20IT Catania - SicilyDynamic Manta 2020
    05-oct-1917-oct-19UK Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 19-2
    26-feb-1908-mar-19IT SicilyDynamic Manta 2019
    23-may-1806-jun-18NL Gilze-Rijen Air BaseAPROC 2018
    06-sep-17AI Caribbean IslandsHurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria Relief Operations
    09-nov-16IT Central MediterraneanOperation Sea Guardian
    03-oct-1614-oct-16IT Tyrrhenian SeaExercise Emerald Move 2016
    26-jan-1626-jan-16ES Bay of BiscayModern Express Rescue
    03-oct-1506-nov-15ES Eastern N Atlantic and Northern MediterraneanExercise Trident Juncture 2015
    03-oct-1516-oct-15UK Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 15-2
    22-jun-1501-apr-20LY Mediterranean watersOperation Sophia
    05-jun-1520-jun-15PL Poland, Baltic states and the Baltic SeaBALTOPS 15
    11-apr-1524-apr-15UK Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 15-1
    14-sep-14IQ Iraq and SyriaOpération Chammal
    14-jul-1414-jul-14 Paris, FranceQuatorze Juillet 2014
    06-jun-1421-jun-14 baltic seaBALTOPS 14
    31-mar-1411-apr-14UK Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 14-1
    03-oct-1311-oct-13AU Sydney, NSWInternational Fleet Review Sydney 2013
    14-jul-1314-jul-13 ParisQuatorze Juillet 2013
    14-jul-1214-jul-12 Paris, FranceQuatorze Juillet 2012
    01-may-1202-may-12UK London Oxford Airport, KidlingtonAirMed and Rescue 2012
    17-apr-1223-apr-12US New Orleans, USANOLA Navy Week
    14-jul-1114-jul-11 Paris, FranceQuatorze Juillet 2011
    18-may-1120-may-11SG Changi Exhibition Centre, SingaporeIMDEX Asia 2011
    27-mar-1131-oct-11LY off LIbyaOperation Unified Protector
    14-jul-1014-jul-10 Paris, FranceQuatorze Juillet 2010
    12-jun-1002-jul-10CA Bedford Basin, Halifax, NSFleet Review: 100th anniversary of Canadian Navy
    12-jan-10HT HaitiOperation Panlake
    14-jul-0914-jul-09 ParisQuatorze Juillet 2009
    04-oct-0817-oct-08UK Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 08-2
    26-jun-0827-jun-08DE KielSAR Meet 2008
    18-jan-0718-jan-07UK c 40nm SE of the LizardMSC Napoli rescue
    24-jun-0528-jun-05UK Spithead, PortsmouthFleet Review: Trafalgar 200
    05-may-02SO Gulf of Aden / Horn of Africa / east coast SomaliaCombined Task Force 150
    12-jun-99Y2 KosovoKFOR (kosovo force)
    24-oct-9801-nov-98HN Honduras and Nicaragua and adjoining areasOperation Tellar
    26-sep-8804-oct-88AU SydneyFleet Review: Australia Bi-centennial Naval Salute
    30-jul-87IR Strait orf HormuzOperation Prometheus
    04-oct-8605-oct-86AU Port Jackson, Sydney, AustraliaFleet Review: 75th anniversary of RAN
    05-nov-8326-mar-84LB BeirutOperation Offcut
    27-jun-7728-jun-77UK Spithead, PortsmouthFleet Review: Silver Jubilee of HM The Queen
    08-jun-5717-jun-57US Hampton Roads, VAInternational Fleet Review, Virginia 1957
    31-oct-5606-nov-56EG Suez Canal ZoneOperation Musketeer

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