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    French Navy

    News about Aéronautique Navale

    Last NH90 NFH Delivered to French Navy, 05-Jan-22 : #Marine Airbus France delivered the 27th and last NH90 NFH Caiman to the French Navy

    France Orders First Batch of 30 H160M, 22-Dec-21 : France signed contract for first batch of several prototypes and 30 Airbus H160M Guépard helicopters (21 for army, 8 for navy and 1 for air force) as part of the Light Joint Helicopter programme (HIL)

    Special Forces Jumps from NH90 Marine, 09-Jul-21 : #parachute French General Directorate of Armaments (DGA) validates a new capability of the French Navy NH90 NFH Caiman marine helicopter to allow automatic opening parachute jumps for special forces

    Two More H160 for French Navy SAR, 22-May-21 : #H160 Two additional H160 (making 6) will be leased from Babcock for Search and Rescue (SAR) from May 2022 based at Lanveoc-Poulmic naval air station (Britany), Cherbourg airport (Normandy) and Hyères naval air station (Provence) as interim helicopters pending arrival of H160M

    Four More Camcopter Drones for French Navy, 14-Dec-20 : #drones Naval Group received first two, of four, Schiebel Camcopter S-100 drones to be delivered to the French Navy’ helicopter carriers of the Mistral class. The Aeronavale had already four in inventory

    Loading Panther on A400M, 06-Oct-20 : #A400M France developing procedures to airlift Panther helicopter by A400M cargo aircraft

    Euroflir 410 for Marine Interim H160, 10-Sep-20 : #Euroflir Four French Navy’ interim helicopters H160 supplied by Babcock under a 10-year leasing contract will be equipped with the Safran Electronics & Defense Euroflir 410 observation system. The leasing also includes 12 AS365N3 Dauphins

    GVH Sea Tray for French Navy Interim Helicopters, 21-Aug-20 : #Dauphin Heli-Union will supply 12 AS365 Dauphins to the French Navy as interim helicopters between the withdrawal of Alouette III and delivery of new H160M Guépard. Will be equipped with GVH Aerospace sea tray protection

    Four SAR H160 for French Navy, 11-Feb-20 : #H160 Babcock will supply 4 H160 for Search and Rescue (SAR) to the French Navy in 2022 for a period of 10 years as interim helicopters until delivery of the final H160M

    French Navy Leased Interim Helicopters, 06-Feb-20 : #Interim France launch development of the H160M Guépard as the future helicopter of the armed forces. The French Navy will lease 12 Dauphin from Heli-Union and obtain 4 new H160 from Babcock for SAR as an interim measure after the retirement of the Alouette III

    Camcopter Operational on French Carrier Dixmude, 21-Nov-19 : #drones After a 2-year long testing phase, the French amphibious assault ship of the Mistral class Dixmude has now Schiebel Camcopter S-100 drones as part of her air wing.

    Leonardo AWHero in First OCEAN2020 Demonstration, 19-Nov-19 : #OCEAN2020 The first of the European funded OCEAN2020 demonstration taken place in the Mediterranean with Italian Frigates Fasan and Martinengo with Leonardo’ remote piloted helicopters AW HERO and SW-4 Solo. The second demonstration will take place in 2020 in the Baltic Sea

    Cyclone Idai Relief Flights in Mozambique, 30-Mar-19 : #CycloneIdaI The Airbus Foundation provided helicopters for relief flights in Mozambique after Cyclone Idai hit. French Navy helicopter carrier Tonnerre deployed to the region

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