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PK-??? 1996 430
PK-BAG 1996 105cbs-5
PK-BAL 430
PK-BKA 2009 ec130b4
PK-CAY 2015 429 Carpediem Mandiri
PK-DAL 1975 206b-2
PK-DAP as350 Derazona Helicopters
PK-DAR 412sp Derazona Helicopters
PK-DBA 206a
PK-DBD 206a
PK-DBE 206a Derazona Helicopters
PK-DBF 206a
PK-DBG 206a
PK-DBH 206a
PK-DBJ 1979 212
PK-DGD 1975 206b-2
PK-DPM 430 Air Born
PK-EAK 105m
PK-EBJ 206a
PK-EBL 1970 206a
PK-FGG h145 Surya Air
PK-FGH 105c Surya Air
PK-FGJ EC135P1 Surya Air
PK-FGS bk117b-1 Surya Air
PK-FGT ec155b1 Surya Air
PK-FGW bk117a1 Surya Air
PK-FLY 2001 r-44
PK-FUC 2000 as350b3
PK-FUD 2006 s-76c Nyaman Air
PK-FUE 2007 s-76c Nyaman Air ,Hevilift Aviation Indonesia
PK-FUG 1993 412hp Nyaman Air
PK-FUJ 412hp
PK-FUL 1993 s-76c Hevilift Aviation Indonesia
PK-FUN 2003 s-76c Hevilift Aviation Indonesia
PK-FUO s-76c Hevilift Aviation Indonesia
PK-FUQ 2003 s-76c Hevilift Aviation Indonesia
PK-GRD ec145
PK-HBE 206a
PK-HBF 206a Bristow Masayu Helicopters
PK-HBI 206a
PK-HBK 1969 205A Bristow Masayu Helicopters
PK-HBL 1969 ab206a Bristow Masayu Helicopters
PK-HBN 1970 206a
PK-HBO 206a
PK-HBP 206a
PK-HBR 1969 mk.60 Bristow Masayu Helicopters
PK-HBS 206a
PK-HBT 1970 s61n.mk2
PK-HBU 1970 205A-1
PK-HBW 1969 mk.54
PK-HBX 205A-1 Bristow Masayu Helicopters
PK-HCC 1969 ab206a Bristow Masayu Helicopters
PK-HCE 1969 205A Bristow Masayu Helicopters
PK-HCF 1974 212 Airfast ,Bristow Masayu Helicopters
PK-HCG 1971 205A-1 Bristow Masayu Helicopters
PK-HCI 1975 212
PK-HCJ 1973 212 Bristow Masayu Helicopters
PK-HCK 1972 212 Airfast
PK-HMO 1978 206b-3
PK-HMP 412
PK-HMQ 1983 412
PK-HMS 1983 412
PK-HMT 412
PK-HMU 412
PK-HNE 2010 412ep
PK-HNY 1990 bk117b-1
PK-INA 2008 as350b3
PK-IWU 1978 212
PK-KBA 206a
PK-NZG bk117a1
PK-NZH bk117a1
PK-OAD 1957 h-34a Airfast
PK-OAL 206a
PK-OAT ab204b Airfast
PK-OBA 204b Airfast
PK-OBG 1967 206a
PK-OBH 1968 206a
PK-OBI 1967 206a
PK-OBL 1963 h-34g.III Airfast
PK-OBN hus-1 Airfast
PK-OBO 1957 h-34g.i Airfast
PK-OBS h-34g.ii Airfast
PK-OBU 1962 s-64a
PK-OBX h-34g.ii
PK-OCA 412sp Airfast
PK-OCB 412sp Airfast
PK-OCD 206b-2 Airfast
PK-OCE 212 Airfast
PK-OCO 1970 206a Airfast
PK-OCR 2001 md902
PK-OCS 2001 md902
PK-OCV 412sp
PK-OCZ as350b2
PK-OIA 2008 407
PK-OIB 2007 407
PK-PDL 369hs
PK-PDS 369hs
PK-PDT sa330g Pelita Air Service
PK-PDU sa330g Pelita Air Service
PK-PDV sa330f Pelita Air Service
PK-PDW sa330f Pelita Air Service
PK-PDX sa330f Pelita Air Service
PK-PDY sa330f Pelita Air Service
PK-PEF sa321g Pelita Air Service
PK-PEH sa330g Pelita Air Service
PK-PEI sa330g
PK-PEJ sa330j Pelita Air Service
PK-PEK sa330g Pelita Air Service
PK-PEL sa330j Pelita Air Service
PK-PEM sa330g Pelita Air Service
PK-PEN sa330g Pelita Air Service
PK-PEO sa330g Pelita Air Service
PK-PEP sa330g Pelita Air Service
PK-PGJ nbo105cb Pelita Air Service
PK-PGS nbo105cb Pelita Air Service
PK-PGT nbo105cb Pelita Air Service
PK-PHW 1971 sa330f Pelita Air Service
PK-PHX sa330f Pelita Air Service
PK-PHY sa330f Pelita Air Service
PK-PHZ sa330f Pelita Air Service
PK-PIA nsa330j Pelita Air Service
PK-PIC nsa330j Pelita Air Service
PK-PID nsa330j Pelita Air Service
PK-PIE nsa330j Pelita Air Service
PK-PIO nbo105cb Pelita Air Service
PK-PIT nbo105cb Pelita Air Service
PK-PIW 105cb Pelita Air Service
PK-PUF as332c PT Dirgantara Indonesia
PK-PUG nas332c PT Dirgantara Indonesia ,Pelita Air Service
PK-PUH nas332c PT Dirgantara Indonesia ,Pelita Air Service
PK-PUI as332c PT Dirgantara Indonesia
PK-PUK s-76a Pelita Air Service
PK-PUL 2001 430 Pelita Air Service
PK-PUM 1997 430 Pelita Air Service
PK-PUN 1999 430
PK-PUX 2011 s-76c
PK-RDS 2011 407
PK-RJF 2008 ec145
PK-TPD ec155b1 Indonesia Air Transport
PK-TPE 2007 ec155b1 Indonesia Air Transport
PK-TPF ec155b1 Indonesia Air Transport
PK-TPG ec155b1 Indonesia Air Transport
PK-TPZ se3130
PK-TRF sa330j
PK-TSA as365n2
PK-TSB 1993 as365n2
PK-TSC 1997 as365n2 Indonesia Air Transport
PK-TSE 1982 hb350b
PK-TSI 1983 sa365n
PK-TSW as365n2 Indonesia Air Transport
PK-TUA as350b2
PK-TVB 105c Travira Air
PK-TVB 2013 aw139 Travira Air
PK-TVC as350ba
PK-TVC aw139 Travira Air
PK-TVD 2006 412ep
PK-TVG 1981 s-76a
PK-TVM 2008 ec145
PK-TVR 2007 412ep Travira Air
PK-TVT 1995 s-76c Travira Air
PK-TVU 1990 s-76a Travira Air
PK-TWP 1996 105cbs-5
PK-UAF 2005 206l-4 Amur Aviation
PK-UAG 206l-4 Amur Aviation
PK-UAW 2007 ec135p2+
PK-UHC 1969 205A
PK-UHE 205A-1 National Utility Helicopters
PK-UHM 206a National Utility Helicopters
PK-UHN h-34a National Utility Helicopters
PK-UHQ 205A-1
PK-UHU 205A-1 Pelita Air Service
PK-UHW 1956 h-34a
PK-UHY 1963 h-34g.III
PK-UHZ 212 National Utility Helicopters
PK-URA 412ep National Utility Helicopters
PK-URC 2007 412ep National Utility Helicopters
PK-URW 2007 ec135p2+
PK-URY 1997 430
PK-VBR 1967 204b
PK-VBS 206a
PK-WSA 2010 429 Whitesky Aviation
PK-WSC 2009 407 Indonesia Air Transport ,Whitesky Aviation
PK-WSD 2008 407 Whitesky Aviation
PK-WSE 2007 407 Whitesky Aviation
PK-WSW 2012 429 Whitesky Aviation
PK-WSX 2013 429 Whitesky Aviation
PK-XFY 412sp PT Dirgantara Indonesia
PK-XKA bk117a1
PK-XPA nsa330j
PK-XPB nsa330j
PK-XPC nsa330j
PK-XPD nsa330j
PK-XSE as332f PT Dirgantara Indonesia
PK-XSF as332f PT Dirgantara Indonesia
PK-XSG as332f PT Dirgantara Indonesia
PK-XSH as332f PT Dirgantara Indonesia
PK-XSJ as332c PT Dirgantara Indonesia
PK-XSK as332c PT Dirgantara Indonesia
PK-XSL as332c PT Dirgantara Indonesia
PK-XSM as332f PT Dirgantara Indonesia
PK-XSN as332f PT Dirgantara Indonesia
PK-XSO as332c PT Dirgantara Indonesia
PK-XSP as332L PT Dirgantara Indonesia
PK-XSQ as332L PT Dirgantara Indonesia
PK-XSR as332L PT Dirgantara Indonesia
PK-XSS as332L PT Dirgantara Indonesia
PK-XST as332L PT Dirgantara Indonesia
PK-XSU as332b PT Dirgantara Indonesia
PK-XYZ 105cb PT Dirgantara Indonesia
PK-XZK 105c
PK-ZGA 1997 407 Heli SGI
PK-ZGC 1999 407 Heli SGI
PK-ZGJ 1985 206l-3 Heli SGI

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