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  • portugal Esquadrilha de Helicópteros da Marinha Portuguesa

    Marinha Portuguesa

    Naval Helicopter Squadron
    Portuguese Navy

    1993 to present    


    lynx marinha portugal

    Esquadrilha de Helicópteros da Marinha Portuguesa
    Formed as the first unit of a new Aviação Naval (Naval Aviation) on the handover of its first 2 Westland Super Lynx Mk.95 in Jun 1993. It moved into its new facilities at BA-6 Montijo, re-establishing maritime connections with its shore-base in Sep 1993 that had been severed in 1952.

    Operates the Lynx from the Marinha Vasco da Gama Class Frigates. It is unofficially known as Esq 661.

    The Lynx also operate from 2 Karel Doorman Class Frigates bought to Netherlands

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    News of Esquadrilha de Helicópteros da Marinha Portuguesa

    First Upgraded Lynx Delivered to Portugal, 29-Jul-21 : #Lynx Portuguese Navy took delivery of first of 5 upgraded Lynx Mk95A helicopters by Leonardo Yeovil, UK


    1993/    Montijo (BA6)LPMT


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    1993/    Lynx

    Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    336 has.3s 1987 19201: Marinha Super Lynx mk95 type; ex Royal Navy HAS.3 ZF559; uk test serial ZH+
    19201: noted at Béja Air Show.
    19201: embarked on NRP Alvarez Cabral during visit to Liverpool.
    19201: noted at Lajes for the VIP day of Lusitano 2017.
    19201: undergoing upgrade at Yeovil
    Royal Navy ZF559: RN f/f 27nov87 d/d 04apr88; to HAS.3S type; conv Super Lynx mk.95 ZH580; to Portugal as 19201
    Royal Navy ZF559: dd to storage at RNAY Wroughton by Jan 1988 until c Nov 1990
    Westland ZH580: To Yeovil by Dec 1990 for conversion for Portuguese Navy. Conv completed by Mar 1992 and entered te...
    338 has.3s 1988 19202: Marinha Super Lynx mk95 type; ex Royal Navy HAS.3 ZF561; uk test serial ZH+
    19202: EHM by Aug 1999. Embarked on NRP Corte-Real during STANAVFORLANT visit to+
    19202: to Yeovil for conversion to Super Lynx 95A, until c Nov 2022.
    19202: pictured (pic2) during an air test from Montijo.
    Royal Navy ZF561: RN f/f 23mar88 d/d 04apr88; conv Super Lynx mk.95 ZH581; to Portugal as 19202
    Royal Navy ZF561: RNAY Wroughton by Apr 1988. To Yeovil by Dec 1990 for conversion for Portuguese Navy
    375 mk95 1993 19203: Marinha, test serial ZH582
    19203: noted at Monte Real Air Show.
    19203: pictured (pic2) with EHM at RNAS Yeovilton
    19203: 27may10 pictured (pic3) on USNS LCPL Roy H. Wheat (T-AK 3016) during Phoen+
    19203: at Montijo airbase
    19203: undergoing upgrade at Yeovil
    376 mk95 19204: Marinha. ex ZH583
    19204: noted operating from Portuguese Navy frigate in Funchal Harbour.
    19204: pictured (pic1) undergoing engine and main blade maintenance at Montijo.
    AgustaWestland UK ZH583: first portuguese Lynx upgraded
    AgustaWestland UK ZH583: portuguese pilots
    377 mk95 1993 19205: Marinha. ex ZH584, pictured
    19205: aboard NRP Corte Real at Portsmouth, named Izzi.
    19205: noted at Béja Air Show.
    19205: fast roping exercise with World Food Programme ship in Gulf of Aden, while+
    19205: undergoing upgrade at Yeovil
    19205: pictured (pic2) in the squadron hangar at Montijo.
    5 C/N found in this Organisation.


    feb-00jul-00TL UNTAET
    jun-98jul-98GW Evacuation from Bissau
    jan-95dec-95Y2 Operation Sharp Guard

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