AU Modified Round Table class

UK Round Table class

Landing Ship/Platform Dock


Landing Ship/Platform Dock Modified Round Table class


5800full load (tn)
127length (m)
18.30beam (m)
4.90draught (m)
16max speed (knots)
9600power (shp)

2Naval Engine diesel

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
AU RAN Westland Sea King 02
AU Royal Australian Air Force SNIA AS350 Ecureuil 04
AU Australian Army B CH-47D Chinook 02
AU RAN Westland Wessex 03
AU RAN NHI MRH90 Taipan 01


AU FORGACS Shipyard - 7.5nm NW of Newcastle1

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1 units


1977-nov-03OrderedOrdered AU L50 HMAS Tobruk
1978-feb-07Laid downLaid down AU L50 HMAS Tobruk
1980-mar-01LaunchedLaunched AU L50 HMAS Tobruk
1981-apr-23CommissionedCommissioned AU L50 HMAS Tobruk
1982-feb-15DeploymentDeployment AU L50 HMAS Tobruk departed Brisbane in support of UN observer mission in Sinai, returning on 30 Apr.
1985HomeportHomeport AU L50 HMAS Tobruk became Fleet Base East (Sydney), when HMAS Moreton (Brisbane) base placed in reserve
1986-oct-04 AU L50 HMAS Tobruk Fleet Review: 75th anniversary of RAN Present at 75th anniversary of the RAN Fleet Review.
1992-dec-26DeploymentDeployment AU L50 HMAS Tobruk departed Sydney for UN support to Somalia, collecting equipment for the Army en route, returning 21 Jun 1993.
2003-oct-22Port VisitPort Visit AU L50 HMAS Tobruk arrived Ho Chi Minh City for goodwill visit in company with HMAS Arunta, until 26 Oct 2003.
2013-oct-03Port VisitPort Visit AU L50 HMAS Tobruk International Fleet Review Sydney 2013 Present at 100th anniversary of the RAN Fleet Review
2013-oct-20DeploymentDeployment AU L50 HMAS Tobruk departed Sydney for a deployment to the Solomon Islands
2013-nov-28DeploymentDeployment AU L50 HMAS Tobruk Typhoon Haiyan relief operations A40-017 on board ordered to the Philippines from the Solomon islands on 13 Nov, following Typhoon Haiyan, for humanitarian support. An Army Recovery Support Force (drawn principally from 3rd Combat Engineer Regt) and a naval MRH-90 embarked. Operated around Ormoc Bay and the Visayan archipelago, departed on 9 Dec and returned via Townsville to disembark the Engineers on 18 Dec. Returned to Sydney 20 Dec.

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