FR La Fayette class

FR Floreal class



Frigate La Fayette class

The FL-3000 ( Fregate Legere de 3.000 tonnes ) or FLF ( Fregate Legere Furtive ) are multi-mission frigates that established the basis for future designs with their clean superstructure made around angled sides.

Derivatives / Succeeded by
1996 SA FFG Al Riyadh class
1996 TW Kang Ding class
2007 SG FFG Formidable class


3600full load (tn)
125length (m)
15.40beam (m)
5.90draught (m)
25max speed (knots)

4Naval Engine diesel - SEMT Pielstick

1Missile Launcher Crotale SAM
8Missile Launcher MM40 Exocet

1Naval Gun Creusot-Loire 100 mm
2Naval Gun single 20 mm

1Naval Radar air search radar DRBV-15C Sea Tiger Mk2

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
FR French Navy EC AS365 Dauphin 2 12


FR DCNS - Lorient - 5

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1996--FRFrench NavyF710La FayetteFAYE
1996--TWROCNFFG-1202Kang Ding class ROCS Kang Ding
1996--TWROCNFFG-1203Kang Ding class ROCS Si Ning
1997--FRFrench NavyF711SurcoufFASF
1997--FRFrench NavyF712CourbetFACO
1997--TWROCNFFG-1205Kang Ding class ROCS Kun Ming
1997--TWROCNFFG-1206Kang Ding class ROCS Di Hua
1997--TWROCNFFG-1207Kang Ding class ROCS Wu Chang
1998--TWROCNFFG-1208Kang Ding class ROCS Chen Te
1999--FRFrench NavyF713AconitFBAT
2001--FRFrench NavyF714GuepratteFAGT
2007--SGSingapore Navy68Formidable class RSS FormidableS6KI
2008--SGSingapore Navy69Formidable class RSS IntrepidS6KJ
2008--SGSingapore Navy70Formidable class RSS Steadfast S6KK
2008--SGSingapore Navy71Formidable class RSS TenaciousS6KL
2009--SGSingapore Navy72Formidable class RSS StalwartS6KM
2009--SGSingapore Navy73Formidable class RSS SupremeS6KN

17 units


1990-dec-15Laid downLaid down FR F710 La Fayette
1992-jun-13LaunchedLaunched FR F710 La Fayette
1992-jul-06Laid downLaid down FR F711 Surcouf
1993-mar-03LaunchedLaunched FR F714 Guepratte
1993-jul-03LaunchedLaunched FR F711 Surcouf
1993-sep-15Laid downLaid down FR F712 Courbet
1994-mar-12LaunchedLaunched FR F712 Courbet
1996-mar-22CommissionedCommissioned FR F710 La Fayette
1996-junDeploymentDeployment FR F710 La Fayette Operation Sharp Guard participated in operations to enforce UN trade and arms embargo in the Adriatic Sea.
1996-aug-05Laid downLaid down FR F713 Aconit as Jaureguiberry
1997-feb-07CommissionedCommissioned FR F711 Surcouf
1997-apr-01CommissionedCommissioned FR F712 Courbet
1997-jun-08LaunchedLaunched FR F713 Aconit as Aconit
1997-sep-19DeploymentDeployment FR F711 Surcouf Operation Corymbe deployed to Mission Corymbe, until Nov.
1998-oct-01Laid downLaid down FR F714 Guepratte
1999-marAircraftAircraft FR F712 Courbet on board Dauphin 505
1999-jun-06CommissionedCommissioned FR F713 Aconit
2001-jun-05DeploymentDeployment FR F711 Surcouf Operation Corymbe deployed to Mission Corymbe, until mid Oct.
2001-oct-27CommissionedCommissioned FR F714 Guepratte
2004-nov-10DeploymentDeployment FR F710 La Fayette Operation Corymbe deployed to Mission Corymbe, until late Jan 2005.
2010-jun-12HomeportHomeport FR F711 Surcouf Toulon
2010-jun-12HomeportHomeport FR F713 Aconit Toulon
2010-jun-12HomeportHomeport FR F712 Courbet Toulon
2011DeploymentDeployment FR F712 Courbet Operation Unified Protector engaged in airborne mine detection and coordinating Naval Gunfire Support with embarked Panther of 36F
2011-may-03DeploymentDeployment FR F710 La Fayette Operation Corymbe deployed to Mission Corymbe, until late Jun.
2012-nov-12AircraftAircraft FR F711 Surcouf Combined Task Force 150 815 NAS 217 Flt Lynx HMA.8 operating from FS Surcouf as part of the Lancaster House Treaty. The deployment is part of European anti-piracy Operation Atalanta, off the Horn of Africa. 217 Flt is ex-HMS Liverpool and is due to return to the UK in Mar 2013.
2014-mar-21DeploymentDeployment FR F710 La Fayette Operation Corymbe deployed to Mission Corymbe, until mid Apr.
2015-junDeploymentDeployment FR F711 Surcouf Combined Task Force 150 Indian Ocean with CTF150
2017-apr-15Port VisitPort Visit FR F712 Courbet visited Ho Chi Minh City for a week, in company with FS Mistral, as part of the 2017 Vietnam-France defence cooperation plan.
2017-may-27Port VisitPort Visit FR F712 Courbet weekend visit to Darwin, in company with FS Mistral.
2017-sepDeploymentDeployment FR F710 La Fayette assigned NATO SNMG2
2018-apr-22 FR F711 Surcouf 3 day visit to Jakarta, in company with FS Dixmude and HMS Albion. Departed 25 Apr.
2020-junDeploymentDeployment FR F712 Courbet Operation Sea Guardian Declaration of "suspension" for friction with Turkey
2021-may-11DeploymentDeployment FR F711 Surcouf Participated in multi national Exercise Jeanne D’Arc 21, with RAN, JMSDF and US Navy units in the East China Sea.

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