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  • FF-05 Almirante Cochrane

    CL Chilean Navy

    1990 to 2005 - UK Royal Navy - F230 HMS Norfolk    

    2006 to present    


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    Flight Deck:
    Call Sign:
    See Also: DDG County class D-12


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    History of UK F230 HMS Norfolk

    1985-dec-14Laid downYard No 1033
    1991-junTrialsIntensive follow-up trials with Merlin PP5 as part of the Merlin Naval development programme.
    1992-may-12DeploymentDeparted in support of HMS Invincible for Orient 92 deployment as part of Task Group 318.1. Returned to UK Nov 1992.
    1992-junPort VisitMUPort Louis Task Group 318.1 Orient 92 deployment Port visit to Mauritius towards end of Jun 1992, after transiting the Suez Canal.
    1994-febDeploymentSouth Atlantic Atlantic Patrol Task (South) relieved HMS Newcastle for Atlantic Patrol Task (South) around the Falklands
    2001RefitMk.8 Mod 1 4.5 inch First ship to be fitted with Mod 1, Mk 8 4.5 gun
    2002-apr-12Port VisitMTGrand Harbour / il-Port il-Kbir / Valletta to Malta to celebrate 60th anniversary of award of George Cross to the island. 815 Sq Lynx HMA.8 ZD565/361 embarked.
    2005-apr-15Decommissionedfollowing Jul 2004 announcement by UK MoD to reduce Type 23 fleet to 13 vessels.
    2006Fate: transferedto Chile as Almirante Cochrane

    History of CL FF-05 Almirante Cochrane




        from Type 23 Duke class
    3600light (tn)
    4200full load (tn)
    133length (m)
    16.10beam (m)
    5.50draught (m)
    7800range (nm)
    28max speed (knots)
    4Naval Engine diesel - Paxman Valenta 12CM
    2Naval Engine electric motors
    2Naval Engine gas turbine - Rolls Royce Spey
    2Naval Engine propulsion system: CODLAG
    2Missile Launcher Mk 141 quad Harpoon
    1Missile Launcher Sea Wolf
    2Naval Gun single 30 mm
    1Naval Gun Mk.8 Mod 1 4.5 inch
    4Chaff and decoys Seagnat
    1Chaff and decoys towed decoy Type 182
    1Chaff and decoys towed decoy Type 2070 Talisman
    2Naval Radar fire direction radar Type 911
    1Naval Radar navigation radar Type 1007
    1Naval Radar surface and low level air search radar Type 996
    1Sonar towed array sonar Type 2031
    1Sonar hull mounted sonar Type 2050

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