electric motors

Naval Engine

    Derivatives / Succeeded by
NL electric HOLEC --

Used by

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1964AU Support Ship Moresby class2
1965UK Support Ship Hecla class1
1965CA Support Ship Endeavour class2
1969CA Support Ship Quest class2
1969CA Icebreakers Gulf class3
1976NL Support Ship Tydeman class1
1978CA Icebreakers R class2
1986CA Icebreakers Type 1100 class3
1989UK Frigate Type 23 Duke class2
2003UK Support Ship Wave class1
2005FR Assault Carrier Mistral class2
2006US Support Ship Lewis and Clark class1
2013IT Frigate Bergamini (2013) class2

In Service

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AU Royal Australian Navy
UK Royal Navy
ID indonesian navy
CA Canadian Armed Forces
ZA South African Navy
CA Canadian Coast Guard
NL Royal Netherlands Navy
CL Chilean Navy
UK Royal Fleet Auxiliary
EG Egyptian Navy
FR French Navy
US United States Naval Aviation
IT Italian Navy

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