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  • single 30 mm

    Naval Gun

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    IT Oto Melara ws 30mm --
    UK DS30M 30mm 2007

    Used by

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    1962FR Frigate Commandant Riviere class2
    1965FR Landing Ship/Platform Dock Ouragan class2
    1979FR Destroyer F70 ASW class2
    1989UK Frigate Type 23 Duke class2
    1990FR Landing Ship/Platform Dock Foudre class3
    1999MY Guided-Missile Frigate Lekiu class2
    2003UK Support Ship Wave class2
    2005FR Assault Carrier Mistral class2
    2011NL Corvette Holland class (OPV)1
    2012UK Support Ship Tide class2
    2013TH Corvette Modified River class2
    2015IN Coast Guards Samarth class1

    In Service

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    FR French Navy
    UY Uruguayan Navy
    CL Chilean Navy
    UK Royal Navy
    BR Brazilian Navy
    MY Royal Malaysian Navy
    UK Royal Fleet Auxiliary
    EG Egyptian Navy
    NL Royal Netherlands Navy
    TH Royal Thai Navy
    IN Indian Coast Guard

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