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  • F78 HMS Kent

    UK Royal Navy

    2000 to present    


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    IMO: 8949719
    MMSI: 234606000
    Flight Deck: KT
    Call Sign: GDIR
    Shipyard: Yarrow
    See Also: DDG County class D12


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    History of UK F78 HMS Kent

    1997-apr-16Laid downYard No 1051
    2001-novDeploymentmaiden deployment to Persian Gulf for 5 month maritime security operation, returning Mar 2002.
    2003-jun-5Deployment Operation Telic via West Africa, to support stabilisation and reconstruction operations in Iraq, returning 20 Dec 2003.
    2006-jun-12Deploymentdeparted HMNB Portsmouth for a six month maritime security deployment to the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf. She was relieved by HMS Sutherland in Oman on 5 Nov.
    2007-novAircraftassigned 815 NAS Lynx HMA.8 ZD257 as Kent (217) Flt, until c Dec 2008
    2008-may-2Port VisitJESt. Helier, Jersey Ship Open to Visitors at 1st Jersey Boat Show in St Helier Marina
    2008-may-31Deploymentdeparted HMNB Portsmouth for a six month maritime security deployment to Indian Ocean and Far East, returning 15 Dec 2008.
    2009-mayDeployment Operation Telic departed HMNB Portsmouth for a six month deployment on Operation Telic, which also included maritime security work in Gulf of Aden, returning 30 Nov 2009
    2010-jul-17DeploymentParticipated in Exercise FRUKUS 10, rehearsing Disaster Relief operations with French Navy, US Navy and Russian Navy.
    2010-sep-16Port VisitDover WD four day visit to Dover, departing 19 Sep 2010
    2011-janRefitHMD Rosyth Rosyth towed array sonar Type 2087 to Babcock at Rosyth for an 11 month refit, to include new Type 2087 sonar and updated 4.5" Kryten gun fits, plus Seawolf upgrade.
    2011-dec-1HomeportReturned to HMNB Portsmouth after 50 week refit in Rosyth.
    2012-sep-23Port VisitDover WD visit to Dover for 3 days, to commemorate the Channel Dash and the crews of 825 Squadron Swordfish torpedo bombers; departing 26 Sep with (ex-St Albans Flt) Merlin ZH848 embarked.
    2012-oct-12Port VisitPollock Dock to Belfast for 5 day visit, in company with HMS Severn. HMS Kent departed on 16 Oct.
    2013-mar-25Deploymentdeparted HMNB Portsmouth for 6 month anti-piracy deployment in Gulf, Somali Basin and Indian Ocean, to relieve HMS Northumberland.To be relieved by HMS Westminster. Returned to HMNB Portsmouth on 9 Oct.
    2013-apr-2Port VisitLYTripoli harbour arrived in Tripoli, Libya for 3 day visit. First formal, inter-governmental visit of a British Warship in 40 years.
    2014-mar-31DeploymentNorth Western Approaches Exercise Joint Warrior 14-1 JW 14-1
    2014-oct-21DeploymentOperation Kipion departed HMNB Portsmouth for 6 month maritime security mission to Gulf and Indian Ocean, relieving HMS Northumberland. During latter part of deployment in 2015, joined with USS Carl Vinson carrier group and Charles de Gaulle in international operations against ISIS in Syria. Relieved by HMS Richmond and returned to HMNB Portsmouth on 15 May 2015.
    2015-dec-7Port VisitDover WD visit to Dover, with Ship Open to Visitors on 9 Dec. Departed 10 Dec.
    2016-may-12Port VisitWest India Dock (TQ) visit to London for capability demonstration prior to leaving for Battle of Jutland commemoration. (pic2) departing 16 May
    2016-jul-23DeploymentAmericas Cup Guardship for yacht race
    2016-sep-17Port VisitRoath Basin Britannia Quay visit to Cardiff, until 21 Sep
    2017-janRefitHMD Devonport LIFEX CAMM (M) Sea Ceptor Life extension refit at HMD Devonport until c Aug 2018, in preparation for her role in the Carrier Strike deployment, due May 2021.
    2019-junAircraftBaltic Protector Assigned Wildcat HMA.2 ZZ533 as 215 Kent Flight (c/s Pegasus), for Exercise Baltic Protector.
    2019-aug-12DeploymentDeparted HMNB Portsmouth for Persian Gulf to relieve HMS Duncan, with 815 NAS 215 Flt Wildcat embarked. Returned to Portsmouth on 12 Dec 2019 at South Railway Jetty.
    2020-apr-14DeploymentDeparted HMNB Portsmouth for UK Home Waters deployment. Merlin HM.2 of Mohawk Flt 814 NAS embarked.
    2020-sep-21DeploymentNorth Western Approaches JW 20-2 Exercise Joint Warrior 20-2 Participated in Ex Joint Warrior 20-2 off NW Scotland. Wildcat HMA.2 of 815 NAS 206 Flt embarked.
    2021-apr-28NEWS UK Carrier Strike Group to Visit 40 Countries
    2021-may-1DeploymentHMNB Portsmouth departed HMNB Portsmouth for Exercise Strike Warrior and Operation Fortis 21 as part the HMS Queen Elizabeth Carrier Strike Group. 206 Flt Wildcat HMA.2 embarked.
    2021-jun-1Port VisitESPuerto de Alicante CSG21 detached from CSG21 to visit Alicante
    2021-jul-7DeploymentEGSuez Canal CSG21 Transit of Suez Canal from Mediterranean, with CSG21 main force.
    2022-sep-27DeploymentJW22-2 departed Portsmouth for passage north to prepare for Ex Joint Warrior 22-2.



        from Type 23 Duke class
    3600light (tn)
    4200full load (tn)
    133length (m)
    16.10beam (m)
    5.50draught (m)
    7800range (nm)
    28max speed (knots)
    4Naval Engine diesel - Paxman Valenta 12CM
    2Naval Engine electric motors
    2Naval Engine gas turbine - Rolls Royce Spey
    2Naval Engine propulsion system: CODLAG
    2Missile Launcher Mk 141 quad Harpoon
    1Missile Launcher Sea Wolf
    2Naval Gun single 30 mm
    1Naval Gun Mk.8 Mod 1 4.5 inch
    4Chaff and decoys Seagnat
    1Chaff and decoys towed decoy Type 182
    1Chaff and decoys towed decoy Type 2070 Talisman
    2Naval Radar fire direction radar Type 911
    1Naval Radar navigation radar Type 1007
    1Naval Radar surface and low level air search radar Type 996
    1Sonar towed array sonar Type 2031
    1Sonar hull mounted sonar Type 2050



        Typical Max
    UK Royal Navy AW EH101 11
    UK Royal Navy Westland Lynx 11
    UK Royal Navy AW AW159 Wildcat HMA2 10

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    



    UK Yarrow, Scotstoun

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