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  • D-11 Capitan Prat

    CL Chilean Navy

    1970 to 1981 - UK Royal Navy - D21 HMS Norfolk    

    1982 to 2006    


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    Flight Deck:
    Call Sign: CCPT
    See Also: C Brooklyn class CL-03
    FFG Jacob van Heemskerck class FFG-11


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    History of UK D21 HMS Norfolk

    1966-mar-15Laid downUKSwan Hunter Yard No. 2019
    1970-octAircraft737 Sq Wessex HAS.3 XP140/407-NF assigned to Norfolk Flt, until c Jan 1972
    1972RefitMM38 Exocet single launcher 2 year refit, to remove B turret and replace with 4x MM38 Exocet launchers (see main picture, above)
    1973-febAircraft737 Sq Wessex HAS.3 XM328/407-NF assigned to Norfolk Flt, until c Sep 1974
    1974-feb-20Port VisitMVGan Anchorage arrived in Gan for short visit to receive VIPs from HMS Fife
    1974-sepAircraft737 Sq Wessex HAS.3 XP137/407-NF assigned to Norfolk Flt, until c Jan 1975
    1975-janAircraft737 Sq Wessex HAS.3 XM837/407-NF assigned to Norfolk Flt, until c Mar 1981
    1979-may-8Deploymentdeparted HMNB Portsmouth as Flagship of Task Group 317.8 for 7 month Indian Ocean and Far East group deployment in company with HMS Achilles, HMS Arethusa and HMS Falmouth, supported by RFA Black Rover, RFA Olmeda and RFA Regent. This group joined with the Devonport group of HMS Arrow and HMS Dido, returned to UK 14 Dec 1979.
    1980Deployed to the Aegean Sea
    1980Deployed to Aegean Sea 1980: I was a US Army soldier stationed in Izmir Turkey in 1980. HMS Norfolk made a Port-of-Call to Izmir where I met up with several sailors from the Norfolk and carried on with them for several days until they departed. I still have the HMS Norfolk plaque they gave me when they left.
    1982-apr-6Fate: transferedto Chile as Capitan Prat

    History of CL D-11 Capitan Prat

    1982-apr-6Commissionedex UK RN HMS Norfolk
    2009Fate: scrappedtowed to Mexico to be scrapped



        from County class
    5440light (tn)
    6200full load (tn)
    158.70length (m)
    16.50beam (m)
    6.10draught (m)
    30max speed (knots)
    60000power (shp)
    4Naval Engine gas turbine
    2Naval Engine propulsion system: COSAG
    2Naval Engine steam turbines
    2Missile Launcher Sea Cat
    1Missile Launcher Sea Slug
    2Naval Gun Mark 6 4.5 inch (twin 114mm)
    2Naval Gun single 20 mm
    1Naval Radar air search radar Type 965
    1Naval Radar navigation radar Type 978
    1Naval Radar air direction radar Type 277
    1Naval Radar fire direction radar Type 901
    1Naval Radar fire direction radar Type 903
    1Naval Radar surface and low level air search radar Type 992



        Typical Max
    CL Chilean Navy SNIA SA319B Alouette III 11
    CL Chilean Navy SNIA AS332 Super Puma 12
    CL Chilean Navy Bell 206 11

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    

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