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    News of air medical ambulances services and Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19)

    Cabri Maintenance During COVID-19, 28-Jul-20 : #coronavirus Precision Support Services a the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) workshop in Oregon, completes multiple remote Guimbal Cabri Annuals remote maintenances during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

    Wysong Provided Essential Services During Quarantine, 26-Jul-20 : #coronavirus Wysong helicopter workshop in Tennessee has completed over 20 aircraft including overhauls and repairs during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic for ambulances, law enforcement and government operators

    Pandemic Affects Preowned Sales, 20-Jul-20 : #coronavirus Aero Asset reports deteriorating market for preowned twin-engine helicopters during second quarter. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and oil crash stress the marketplace

    Indian Air Force Developed ARPIT Pod, 12-Jul-20 : #ARPIT The Airborne Rescue Pod for Isolated Transportation (ARPIT), a indigenously developed stretcher to evacuate Coronavirus (COVID-19) patients, entered service in the Indian Air Force (IAF)

    Contagion Risks for Helicopter Crews, 09-Jul-20 : #contagion German air ambulance operator DRF released study findings of how high is the potential risk from released droplets by infectious patients for the helicopter crew

    Skin Temperature Thermal Camera, 08-Jul-20 : #SkinTemperature FLIR Systems launched modified thermal cameras specified for elevated skin temperature screening. The line of FLIR EST thermal solutions include enhanced screening mode to offer fast, safe and simplified frontline screening

    Airbus First e-Delivery in Asia Pacific Region, 07-Jul-20 : #coronavirus Airbus delivered the first helicopter, an H130, by the e-acceptance process due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the Asia Pacific region to Jakarta-based commercial air service operator PT Smart Cakrawala Aviation of Indonesia

    Airbus Distance Learning due to COVID-19, 30-Jun-20 : #DistanceLearning Airbus is supporting operators with distance learning solutions due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Around 25 distance learning solutions are available to customers around the world

    RAF Pumas Supported Scottish Ambulance Service, 14-Jun-20 : #coronavirus Three RAF Puma deployed to Kinloss to support the Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) in the Coronavirus (COVID-19) fight head back to RAF Benson after 3 months in Scotland

    Helijet Adding More Helicopter Flights in BC, 05-Jun-20 : #coronavirus Helijet adding more helicopter scheduled flights between the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island from next Monday due decrease of quarantine measures against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in British Columbia

    03-Jun-20 - Airbus First e-Delivery Goes to Helitrans #coronavirus
    29-May-20 - AW139 Against COVID-19 in Canada #coronavirus
    27-May-20 - USS Theodore Roosevelt Returned to Sea #coronavirus
    25-May-20 - Navy Squadron Maintains Readiness During COVID-19 #coronavirus
    22-May-20 - Helicopter Operators Against COVID-19 #coronavirus
    22-May-20 - MDHI Humanitarian Flights to Navajo Nation #coronavirus
    21-May-20 - RAF Chinook Personnel Volunteering in NHS #coronavirus
    17-May-20 - COVID-19 Isolation Modules for Ansat #coronavirus
    15-May-20 - Austrian Black Hawk new Medical Kit #BlackHawk
    11-May-20 - Bell Training Academy Adapts to the COVID-19 Crisis #coronavirus
    06-May-20 - Devon Air Ambulance Safety Measures Against COVID-19 #coronavirus
    30-Apr-20 - Leonardo Helicopters during CODIV-19 Crisis #coronavirus
    29-Apr-20 - Leonardo UK Adapts to COVID-19 Pandemic #coronavirus
    28-Apr-20 - Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act #coronavirus
    28-Apr-20 - Antiviral Face Shield for Offshore Sector #coronavirus
    27-Apr-20 - Spain Super Pumas Ready Against COVID-19 #coronavirus
    26-Apr-20 - LifePort is Distributor of EpiShuttle in USA and Canada #coronavirus
    21-Apr-20 - PhilJets Evacuated Tourists Stranded in the Philippines #coronavirus
    21-Apr-20 - RACQ LifeFlight Rescue Flying in the Face of COVID-19 #coronavirus
    21-Apr-20 - Airbus Support During Coronavirus Pandemic #coronavirus
    18-Apr-20 - Crew Barrier System for Bell Helicopters #coronavirus
    17-Apr-20 - Malaysia Deploys H225M Against Coronavirus #coronavirus
    15-Apr-20 - FlightSafety’s Innovation During Coronavirus Crisis #coronavirus
    15-Apr-20 - Bell Canada Supports Healthcare Efforts #coronavirus
    14-Apr-20 - GWAAC Ambulance with the NHS Against COVID-19 #coronavirus
    10-Apr-20 - DRF’ New H145 Debuts EpiShuttle Stretcher #coronavirus
    10-Apr-20 - Super Puma for COVID-19 Patients in Northern Norway #coronavirus
    09-Apr-20 - Air Ambulances Requests $363M Emergency Fund #coronavirus
    07-Apr-20 - Appareo Producing Emergency Ventilators #ventilators
    06-Apr-20 - AeroBrigham Statement on COVID-19 #Coronavirus
    06-Apr-20 - Royal Navy Helicopters Supporting the NHS #coronavirus
    05-Apr-20 - Bell Chemical Lab Produces Hand Sanitizer #coronavirus
    04-Apr-20 - Airbus Producing Protective Medical Equipment #coronavirus
    04-Apr-20 - Irish ICRR Grounding Air Ambulance due Lack of Support #coronavirus
    03-Apr-20 - Helicopter Coloring Books for the Quarantine #coloring
    02-Apr-20 - No Charge Flights for Health Care Responders in BC #coronavirus
    02-Apr-20 - Omni Health Team Medical Helicopters Against COVID-19 #coronavirus
    02-Apr-20 - Heli-One Statement on Coronavirus #coronavirus
    01-Apr-20 - Ornge Expanding Services due to Coronavirus #coronavirus
    30-Mar-20 - Airbus Statement on Coronavirus Situation #coronavirus
    30-Mar-20 - Leonardo Statement on Coronavirus Outbreak #coronavirus
    28-Mar-20 - Boeing Welcomes Congress CARES Act #coronavirus
    28-Mar-20 - Lockheed Martin Statement on Coronavirus #coronavirus
    27-Mar-20 - Brazilian Omni Adapts Medical Helicopter for Coronavirus #coronavirus
    27-Mar-20 - DRF Adds Isolation Stretchers Against Coronavirus #coronavirus
    26-Mar-20 - US Congress Aids Part 135/145 Aircraft Business #Coronavirus
    25-Mar-20 - Bristow Response to Coronavirus in the Caribbean #coronavirus
    25-Mar-20 - CAMTS Relaxes Standards During Coronavirus Outbreak #coronavirus
    20-Mar-20 - Bristow Helicopters Response to Coronavirus #coronavirus
    18-Mar-20 - EBACE 2020 Cancelled due Coronavirus Outbreak #EBACE2020
    25-Feb-20 - Coronavirus Delays Penzance AW139 #Penzance

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