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  • Wiltshire

    UK United Kingdom

    List of last seen helicopters in Wiltshire

    Airbus HelicoptersAHH125 / AS350B3e Ecureuil 8485 BDN33 / G-ETPH
    AgustaWestlandAWAW139 31497 CASTLE07 / G-LAWA

    List of helicopters operators in Wiltshire

    3 Flight AAC Netheravon
    6 Flight AAC Netheravon
    653 Squadron AAC Netheravon
    656 Squadron AAC Netheravon
    658 Squadron AAC Netheravon
    663 Squadron AAC Netheravon
    666 Squadron (Volunteers) AAC Netheravon
    744 Squadron Boscombe Down
    826 Squadron Boscombe Down
    Aeroplane & Armaments Experimental Establishment Boscombe Down
    Aircraft & Armament Evaluation Establishment Boscombe Down
    Boscombe Down Aviation Collection Boscombe Down
        Old Sarum
    Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering MoD Lyneham
    Defence Evaluation and Research Agency Boscombe Down
    Empire Test Pilots School Boscombe Down
    Helicopter Development Unit Old Sarum
    Joint Warfare Establishment Old Sarum
    School of Army Co-operation Old Sarum
    Starspeed Training Cotswold / Kemble
    Wiltshire Air Ambulance Devizes
        Outmarsh Farm
    Wiltshire Police Devizes

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