united kingdom Cotswold / Kemble

Kemble, Wiltshire, England

United Kingdom


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6.7309 Aston Down, England
9.6075 South Cerney, England
16.8200EGDV Hullavington, England
18.6166EGDL RAF Lyneham, England
19.0084EGVA Fairford, England
25.0331 Gloucester Royal, England

1938 to present

51° 40' 5.15'' N - 2° 3' 24.98'' W
Elevation: 435 feet

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List of units at Cotswold / Kemble

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
Starspeed Training

Cotswold / Kemble News

United Kingdom 17th Guimbal G2 Cabri, 14-Mar-16 : Cotswold Helicopter Centre delivered the 17th Guimbal G2 Cabri for the United Kingdom market, handing over the 4th to Helicentre Aviation

15th Guimbal G2 Cabri Arrived in the UK, 22-Feb-16 : The 15th Guimbal G2 Cabri for a UK customer has arrived in the UK after a delivery flight from the factory in France.

Starspeed Course on Automation, 07-Dec-15 : New helicopters are exciting state-of-the-art aircraft, increasingly sophisticated, having a high level of automation. UK based Starspeed Ltd developed a new course, training pilots in this new technology.

Nova Systems to Share H135 with Starspeed, 17-Jul-15 : Based at Starspeed’s Gloucestershire Training facility at Kemble airport, the H135 (EC-135) helicopter will be used by Nova for equipment trials and by Starspeed for charter and training operations.

List of aircraft and events at Cotswold / Kemble

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By Date | By Serial

1982-sep-09 US US Air ForceUH-1N69-6606
2002-feb PreservedAerospace BristolType 173XF785
2002-sep-01 SA341D Gazelle HT.3XX382 / M
2002-sep-01 WaspG-KAWW / XT781
2003-jun-15 WaspXT435 / 430
2003-jun-15 WaspG-KAWW / XT781
2004-jun-19 CH-47C ChinookZA680
2004-jun-19 CH-47D ChinookZA680
2004-jun-19 CH-47D ChinookZA677
2004-jun-20 SE3130 Alouette IIG-BVSD / V-54
2004-jun-20 WaspG-BYCX
2005-jun-17 412EPZJ234 / S
2005-jun-19 AS350BB EcureuilZJ276
2005-jun-19 SE3130 Alouette IIG-BVSD / V-54
2006-jun-18 412EPZJ708 / K
2006-jun-18 Lynx HAS3ZD257 / 672
2006-jun-18 Lynx HAS3SZF563 / 670
2006-jun-18 MD369E / MD500ESE-HNZ
2006-jun-18 MD369E / MD500EG-MRRR
2006-jun-18 Merlin HM.1ZH828 / CU
2006-jun-24 206B-3 Jet RangerG-XBOX
2007-jun-17 CH-47D ChinookZA677 / AF
2007-jun-17 Lynx HAS2XZ254
2007-jun-17 MD369E / MD500EG-RISK
2007-jun-17 Merlin HC.3ZJ120 / D
2007-jun-17 SE3130 Alouette IIG-BVSD / V-54
2008-jun-14 SA365N2 Dauphin 2G-LCPL
2008-jun-15 412EPZJ703
2008-jun-15 AS350BB EcureuilZJ255
2008-jun-15 CH-47D ChinookZA682
2008-jun-15 Lynx HAS2XZ250 / 635
2008-jun-15 MD369E / MD500EG-RISK
2008-jun-15 MD369E / MD500EG-MRRR
2008-jun-15 SE3130 Alouette IIG-BVSD / V-54
2009-jun-19 Lynx HAS2XZ730 / 632
2009-jun-20 WaspG-BZPP / XT793/456
2009-jun-21 412EPZJ237 / T
2009-jun-21 AS350BB EcureuilZJ265 / 65
2009-jun-21 AW109E PowerZR322
2009-jun-21 Lynx HAS3SZF562 / 645
2009-jun-21 Merlin HC.3ZJ123 / G
2009-jun-21 R44 RavenG-RAVN
2009-jun-21 WAH-64 ApacheZJ222
2009-aug-02 SE3130 Alouette IIG-BVSD / V-54
2010-jun-18 Lynx HAS2XZ697
2010-jun-20 412EPZJ707 / O
2010-jun-20 EH101 Mk.512ZJ994 / AC
2010-oct-25 206L-3 Long RangerG-ODCC
2011-apr-02 EC135P2+G-KLNK
2011-may-10 A119 KoalaN119HH
2011-may-19 206B-3 Jet RangerN8040T
2011-jun-18 Merlin HC.3ZJ120 / D
2011-jun-19 412EPZJ707 / O
2011-jun-19 Lynx HAS2XZ722
2011-jun-19 Lynx HAS3ZD257
2011-aug-03 AS355F Ecureuil 2G-BPRJ
2012-mar-01 Cabri G2G-UIMB
2012-mar-05 AS355F Ecureuil 2G-WDKR
2013-feb-17 R22 Beta IIG-CBXN
2014-apr-13 SE3130 Alouette IIG-BVSD / V-54
2014-may-14 Cabri G2G-UIMB
2015-mar-03 Cabri G2G-FPEH
2016-feb-21 SA341D Gazelle HT.3G-CBSK
2016-apr A109E PowerG-JRSL
2016-oct-12 430N430V
2018-mar-28 Starspeed LtdEC145M-ALFA
2018-apr-01 Starspeed LtdEC145M-ALFA
2020-may-16 MAAC /HLE06EC135T2+G-OMAA

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