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  • united kingdom London Oxford Airport

    Oxford, Oxfordshire, England

    United Kingdom

    List of aircraft and events at Kidlington

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    By Date | By Serial

    1964-oct-07 BEASBEAS 305 G-ASXF
    1972-nov-09 Accident B-2 G-ATJY
    1973-may CSE Aviation 206B-2 G-BAYA
    1974-oct-74 BEAS 212 G-BCPY
    1978-apr G I Airframe B-2 G-ASEW
    1978-apr G I Airframe Sioux XT175
    1978-may G I Airframe HAR3 G-BDBZ
    1992-sep McAlpine Helicopters AS355F1 G-NWPA
    1994-apr McAlpine Helicopters AS355F1 G-BPRG
    1994-jun McAlpine Helicopters AS355F1 G-NAAS
    2004-may-14 206B-2 G-UEST
    2004-jul-04 A109E 5N-BGX
    2005-apr-16 EC135T1 G-ETHU
    2006-jun-24 AS355F1 G-WIRE
    2007-jul-08 AS350B3 G-WHAM
    2008-mar Eurocopter UK EC135T2+ G-DVAA
    2008-may-07 Eurocopter UK EC135T2 G-EWRT
    2012-may Force Aérienne Belge MK48 RS02
    2012-may-01 AirMed and Rescue 2012RAF 412EP ZJ241
    2012-may-01 AirMed and Rescue 2012Aéronautique Navale EC225LP 2741
    2012-may-02 AirMed and Rescue 2012Force Aérienne Belge MK48 RS02
    2013-jul-16 RAF SA330E XW209
    2015-apr-20 S-76C G-URSA
    2015-apr-22 S-76C G-PACO
    2016-oct-10 Airtelis EC135T3 F-HTRV
    2017-may-16 Cabri G2 G-CKCI
    2017-sep-30 Airbus Helicopters UK EC135T3 G-CKEU
    2017-oct-18 Airbus Helicopters UK EC135T3 G-CKJU
    2017-nov Airbus Helicopters UK EC135T3 G-CKJX
    2018-mar-19 EC155B1 M-HELI
    2018-mar-19 Ministry of Defence (MoD) H145 ZM502
    2018-jul AW109S G-SAFA
    2018-aug-02 Skymedia AG AW139 T7-LSS
    2018-oct-23 VisitingEH03.067 AS332L1 2235
    2018-nov UK Police Forces EC135T2 G-POLF
    2019-nov UK Police Forces EC135P2+ G-CPAS
    2019-nov UK Police Forces EC135T2 G-POLF
    2020-apr-02 AW109E G-ZIPE
    2020-apr-12 UK Air Ambulances AW169 G-PICU
    2020-apr-19 Airbus Helicopters UK AS332L2 G-CHCY
    2020-may-14 AW109SP G-CHFD

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