Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil

AS350BA Ecureuil


Aerospatiale AS350BA Ecureuil

Powered by a Arriel 1B engine and fitted with wider chord AS355 main rotor blades and tail rotor servo.
Post 1992 airframes listed under Eurocopter

List of Operators of Aerospatiale AS350BA Ecureuil

From Organisation with model AS350BA Ecureuil
france Gendarmerie Nationale
    AS350 Ecureuil 36 1978/   
canada Blackcomb Helicopters
    AS350 Ecureuil 8 1994/12
australia Channel Seven Perth

usa Coastal Helicopters
    AS350 Ecureuil
usa State of Alaska
    AS350 Ecureuil
Construction Numbers on database of AS350BA Ecureuil


Construction Numbers

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1017 1978 FR F-WZFA : as350b Aerospatiale toward SE-HIA
SE SE-HIA : from 1978 ex F-WZFA toward LN-OMY
NO LN-OMY : from 1993 ex SE-HIA
NO LN-OMY : Helitrans; w/o 05dec12 declared missing on route from +
1056 1978 NO LN-ORK : as350b Fjord Air, ren European Helicopter Center
SE SE-JDE : 1995-1997, rtn to LN-ORK
NO LN-ORK : Conv to as.350ba; 2004 NorCopter; 2005 Air Alpha Gree+
NO LN-ORK : MidtNorsk Helikopterservice, noted 2009
1127 1979 US N35977 : as350d to N57954
US N57954 : Temsco Helicopters Inc, Alaska from Nov85; conv to as35+
Oct13 at Juneau, Alaska
1191 1980 US N3599X : as350d from 1980 to 1988 original built as AS350D ASTAR to F-G+
FR F-GIPN : from 1988 to 1996 in this time conv AS350BA ex N3599X t+
GR SX-HDO : from 1996 to 1999 ex F-GIPN to F-GUPF
FR F-GUPF : from 1999 ex SX-HDO
1200 FR F-GCFQ : as350b HeliFrance, noted 2004-2006
FR F-GCFQ : Ixair, noted 2008-2011, AS350BA type
MA CN-HBA : Heliconia from Mar12
1294 1981 US N3612S : as350d to N150BH
CA C-FNFU : rtn to N150BH
US N150BH : as350b Ryan Helicopters Jun96-Mar98, ex N3612S, AS350B type
LC J6-AAM : St Lucia Helicopters from Mar98, ex N150BH, AS.350BA ty+
1467 1981 NO LN-OTC : as350b From 1981 to 1888
FR F-GHCO : From 1888 to 2002
FR F-MJCZ : Converted as AS350BA in 2002 SAG Lyon
Oct03 AS350BA type asg SAG Villacoublay FM-JCZ
1476 1982 US N5793P : as350d conv to as350ba; 14nov09 impact terrain near Doyle, Ca+
1650 1982 CO HK-2905P : as350b Colombia HK-2905X, to N321HC
US N321DK : Aerospatiale Helicopter Corp at Grand Prairie, TX Oct90+
NZ ZK-HRK : New Zealand, to C-GSKI
CA C-GSKI : Blackcomb Helicopters Ltd Jun97-Apr01
CA C-FHHY : Highland Helicopters Ltd from Apr01
1669 1982 FR F-GEJB : as350b Heli France, ntu JA9342, 2001 to Germany; conv to AS.3+
DE D-HFCE : 2004 Heli-Flight Dresden; 2008 Aeroheli Internationa+
DE D-HFCE Heli-Flight : 16/20may06 Berlin air show
Apr13 pictured at Husum
1691 1983 FR F-MJCE : as350b From 1983 to 1996
FR F-MCSC : From 1996 to 2001 (Overseas)
FR F-MJCF : Converted as AS350BA in 2001
Oct03 AS350BA type SAG Villacoublay FM-JCF
1827 1984 FR 1827 : as350b Aerospatiale F-.... unknown to ZK-HZK
NZ ZK-HZK : cnvt. to AS350BA type
AS350BA type to F-OISV
SG F-OISV : ESEA AS350BA type from Jan07
19-24feb08 AS350BA type ESEA at Singapore Airshow
ESEA AS350BA type to Jun08 to RP-C2295
RP RP-C2295 : AS350BA type
1871 DE D-HHFZ Helicopter Flug Service : as350b HFS; Jan88 used in the 1988 Dakar rally (seen on televi+
conv AS.350BA; conv AS.350B2; to CS-HDK
PT CS-HDK : Heliportugal; as350b2 type; ex D-HHFZ; to 5N-BHS
NG 5N-BHS : Caverton Helicopters; ex CS-HDK
1895 AU VH-TVG : as350b conv to as350ba; Nov09 pictured at Perth city, Austral+
1905 1986 US N37AW : as350b 1986-Jun88
FR F-GHSN : conv to BA type
UK G-TATS : Air Medina Ltd May01-Dec04
Milford Aviation Services Dec04-Aug05
private Aug05-Oct14 18jun13 pictured at Ascot heliport
Helitrain Ltd from Oct14
10may15 at Wolverhampton
17may15 at Cardiff Airport 16
1916 1986 FR F-MJCC : as350b Gendarmerie Nationale FM-JCC
Oct03 SAG Toulouse
Converted as AS350BA in 2005
2045 1987 FR F-MJCP : as350b Gendarmerie /JCP; cnvt. in 1999 to AS350BA
2003 SAG Rennes; 2009 SAG Tours
2091 1988 CA C-GQSW : as350b Blackcomb AS350BA type Dec07-May08
2189 1988 JP JA9808 : as350b to ZK-HJW
MY 9M-BAZ : to N612LH
UK G-LHPL : London Helicopters Centres May99-Jan00
UK G-LHPL : Lloyd Helicopters Jan00-Jan04, BA type
AU VH-XHR : Lloyd Australia 2004
US N612LH : Lloyd Helicopters May/Jun 2004
CA C-GSLK : as350b2 Eagle Copters Maintenance Ltd July 2004, B2 type
CA C-GSLK : Skyline Helicopters Jul04-Apr08
CA C-GXLD : Thebacha Helicopters from Apr08
2259 1989 JP JA9843 : as350b to ZK-HKQ
NZ ZK-HKQ : New Zealand, to N788AC
US N788AC : conv to AS.50BA type; Erickson Air-crane Dec07-Jul10
MY 9M-LOG : Erickson Air-Crane Malaysia from Jan11
2295 1989 CA C-FYYA : as350b Blackcomb AS350BA type Aug96-Feb01
2347 US N808HD : 13nov10 at Las Vegas
2391 1990 US N31AS : to N422B
US N422B : to N406AM
US N406AM : Aris Inc at Kahului, HI from Mar03; Air Maui by May16
2407 1990 JP JA6041 : as350b Japan, to VH-XKW
AU VH-XKW : Australia, to VH-ENX
22jul08 pictured at Jandakot Airport, Australia
CA C-FDKI : Memento Mori Investments Ltd at Toronto, ON Jul/Oct 14
US N427U : Wells Fargo Bank from Oct14; Apr15 Upper Limit Aviation+
- : Nov15-Feb16, sold Eurocopter 1990 AS350BA / FX2, Heli-+
2516 1991 JP JA6103 : as350b
US N609LH : Lloyd Helicopters Nov97-Jan98
LC J6-AAN : St Lucia Helicopters, conv to AS.350BA type; 30nov05 +
US N330MG : Southern Aircraft Consultancy Trustee, UK from Jun12
2517 1991 AR LV-WBN : to CP-2335
BO CP-2335 : to C-GCHX
CA C-GCHX : Custom Helicopters Ltd from Dec05
CA C-GCHX : Coast Guard
2526 1991 US N350HM : Starship Partners Llc at Grand Canyon, AZ from Oct99
US N360CH : Coastal Helicopters from Sep12
2544 1991 US N4AK : Aris Inc at Kahului, HI from Jan94; Air Maui by 2016
2546 1991 CA C-FNJY : Heli-Max Ltd at Trois-Rivieres, Quebec Jun92-Nov94
Les Helicopteres Abitibi Ltee at La Sarre, Quebec Apr99+
D.F. Capital Ltd at Victoria, BC Jul10-Jul11; conv to B+
Heli Explore Inc at La Sarre, Quebec Jul11-Jul12
CA C-FNJY : Aurora Helicopters from Jul12
2560 TH 18202 : KASET
30 C/N.

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