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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
50140 mk516 PT 19610 : 50140/SAR10/516002. FAP Esq751
50141 hc.3 2000 UK ZJ126 : RAF 50141/RAF10 in June 2009 /K 28/78Sqn.
31Jul14 pictured (pic2) with 78 Sq/K markings on std si+
UK ZJ126 : hc.3i Apr15 HC.3i type asg 846Sqn
10sep17 pictured under heavy rain on ferry stop at San +
22mar18 23:45hs callsign REN5 flying round Braintree Es+
50142 mk410 IT MM81494 : Marina 2-15. 410003, c/n to be confirmed
Jun15 at Italian Blade in Viterbo
IT 50142 : 27mar18 at Venice for Joint Small Operation 2018
50143 hm.1 UK ZH855 : 50143/RN35; 02jul11 pictured as 824Sqn /83 at RAF Waddi+
16-24jun14 814Sqn./68 Nato Tiger Meet 2014
50144 mk410 IT MM81495 : Marina 2-16. 410004. 2005 in USA for VH-71 program
Exercise VEGA 2017 (part of Joint Stars 2017)
50145 mk512 DK M-508 : 50145/DEN08 d/d 16mar06; Esk 722 RESCUE 08. ex UK ZJ997
50146 mk413 IT MM81633 : Marina 2-18, 410006/UTY
Air Centric Personnel Recovery Operatives Course (APROC+
50147 hm.1 2001 UK ZH856 : d/d 20 Dec 2001, 814Sq/267 by Mar 2002 until Apr 2005, +
829Sq HQ Flt, in flying display at Devonport Navy Days +
50147/RN36 Royal Navy HM1; May 2011 pictured (top) at S+
26apr12 Falmouth exercise
hm.2 conv HM.2 type MCSP16; Feb14 820Sq /(0)13
13jul14 pictured (bot) on static display at Royal Inter+
17oct14 820Sqn embarked RFA Argus for Sierra Leone. Dis+
50148 mk512 2005 DK M-509 : 50148/DEN09 return to UK as ZJ998
RDAF; 16jul06 pictured (top) as /Rescue-09 at RAF Fairf+
UK ZJ998 : Delivered to RDAF as M-509.  Returned to UK on 29jun07+
2011 pictured (bot) as HC.3A type at RAF Benson
UK ZJ998 : Royal Navy; 03mar18 HC.3A type 845Sqn./AE visit Schipho+
50149 hc.3 2001 UK ZJ127 : RAF 50149/RAF11 in 2003 /L 28Sqn.
25feb17 rear fuselage and tail boom seen in storage yar+
UK ZJ127 : hc.4 conv to fully marinised HC.4
UK ZJ127 : hc.4 08jul17 /L pictured at RNAS Yeovilton Air Day 2017
50150 mk413 IT MM81634 : Marina 2-19, 410007/UTY, c/n to be confirmed; 12jan07 p+
50151 hm.1 UK ZH857 : 50151/RN37
hm.2 conv HM.2 type MCSP17; Jul14 829Sq
08jul17 as 824 NAS /86-CU pictured at RNAS Yeovilton Ai+
50152 mk516 PT 19611 : FAP, 516003/SAR1
FAP, 516003/SAR1; Sep06 pictured (top) with Esq751 Puma+
Jul12 HB2012 at Ovar airbase
23jul13 pictured (bot) during HB2013 at Ovar airbase
Jul14 HB2014 at Ovar airbase
50153 hc.3 2001 UK ZJ128 : 50153/RAF12; 2003 /M 28Sqn; 19aug06 pictured at Shoreha+
UK ZJ128 : 845 NAS / M. Deployed to Caribbean for huuricane relief+
50154 mk413 IT MM81635 : Marina 2-20, 410008/UTY, c/n to be confirmed
Jun18 pictured (pic2) as 1Grupelicot /2-20 at APROC 2+
50155 hm.1 2000 UK ZH858 : 50155/RN38; 2002-Apr05 as 829Sq Monmouth Flight
05sep09 as 829 NAS 04 Flt pictured (pic1) aboard HMS N+
Oct09 as 829 NAS (04) Northumberland Flt embarked HMS N+
2011 829Sqn /38
18apr11 as /538 pictured (pic2) at RNAS Culdrose
27jul12 as /83 pictured (pic3) at Falmouth, Cornwall
50156 mk413 2009 IT MM81636 : Marina 2-21 410009/UTY; 12jan07 pictured with 1 Gruppo +
Jun15 at Italian Blade in Viterbo; UTI/ASH type
50157 mk512 DK M-510 : 50157/DEN10 d/d 28aug06; Esk 722 RESCUE 10. ex UK ZJ999
24oct13 pictured at NAF El Centro, USA
28jul15 at Odense universitetshospital
50158 mk516 PT 19612 : FAP Esq751
10jul12 pictured during HB2012 at Ovar airbase
50159 hm.1 UK ZH859 : 50159/RN39, 824Sqn /854; w/o 30mar04 crashed at RNAS Cu+
50160 mk512 2005 DK M-511 : 50160/DEN11 return to UK as ZK001
UK ZK001 : Delivered to RDAF as M-511.  Returned to the UK on 29j+
Jul12 78Sqn /28
23jul12 pictured (pic1) in Union Jack Burst special li+
hc.3a 21aug13 HC.3A type 28/78Sqn./AF Geilenkirchen dep. next+
23jan15 type HC.3A 28 Sqn /AF at Shawbury
15may15 pictured (pic2) at Newquay airport
UK ZK001 : Royal Navy; 03mar18 HC.3A type 845 Sqn /AF visit Schiph+
Jun18 pictured (pic3) as HC.3A type /AF at APROC 2018 i+
50161 mk512 DK M-512 : 50161/DEN12 d/d 17nov06; Esk 722 RESCUE 12. ex UK ZK00+
24oct13 pictured at NAF El Centro, USA
29aug17 over Derbyshire, England
50162 mk512 DK M-513 : 50162/DEN13 d/d 19jan07; Esk 722 RESCUE 13. ex UK ZK003
21jul13 pictured at RIAT 2013 RAF Fairford, UK
50164 hm.1 2002 UK ZH860 : 50164/RN40. 829 sqn; 16may11 pictured (pic1) at NATO Ti+
08Jul06 814 NAS / 269 pictured (pic2) in the static di+
hm.2 conv HM.2 type MCSP27; Sep14 820Sq /(0)16
10sep17 pictured (pic3) in Tiger c/s asg 814Sq on the E+
50165 mk512 DK M-514 : 50165/DEN14 d/d 02feb07; Esk 722 RESCUE 14. ex UK ZK004+
50167 hc.3 2001 UK ZJ129 : RN; 01may05 pictured as 28Sqn /N at Abingdon
2007 28Sqn./N
UK ZJ129 : 08jan16 846Sqn./N at Nantes direction South
08jan16 846Sqn./N at Bordeaux direction Spain
hc.3i HC.3I type; 10jan16 visit to Gibraltar with ZJ121.
UK ZJ129 : hc.4 May18 /N conv to HC.4 completed for delivery to 845 NA+
50168 hm.1 UK ZH861 : RN 50168/RN41.; 2003 824Sqn.; 2009 824Sqn./84
21jul13 pictured (pic1) at RIAT 2013 RAF Fairford
24jul13 pictured (pic2) as 829 NAS /10-NL at RNAS Culdr+
2016 HM2 type 829Sq
50169 hc.3 2001 UK ZJ130 : 08mar03 HC.3 type 28Sqd./O at Rotterdam
RAF; 2007 28Sqn./O
28/78 Sq/O by Oct 2009. Part of 1st detachment of RAF M+
21jul13 pictured (pic1) as /O at RIAT 2013 RAF Fairford
UK ZJ130 : hc.3i 02jul16 pictured (pic2) as 846Sq /O at RNAS Yeovilton d+
50171 hm.1 UK ZH862 : RN 50171/RN42; 2003 824Sqn ; 2004 820Sqn /CU-010
17jul10 pictured at the Royal International Air Tattoo +
hm.2 conv HM.2 type MCSP05; Feb13 824Sqn /(5)82
50172 mk110 IT MM81726 : Marina 2-23, UK G-17-022
15apr16 pictured in Lampedusa carrying High Representat+
50173 hc.3 2001 UK ZJ131 : RAF Merlin HC.3 28Sqn./P; 11may07 pictured at Elwood H+
1419 Flt /P by Jun 2009; returned to UK to MDMF Culdros+
UK ZJ131 : hc.3i final Merlin delivered from RAF Benson to 845 NAS at Ye+
50175 hm.1 2002 UK ZH863 : 820Sq /11 aboard HMS Ocean during Navy Days 2009
RN; 2011 829Sqn.
50175/RN43; 20mar12 pictured on HMS St Albans in the Po+
50177 hc.3 2001 UK ZJ132 : RAF Merlin HC.3; 06may12 pictured at Abingdon Air Show
UK ZJ132 : hc.3i Royal Navy HC3i; 30jun17 /Q RNAS Yeovilton
29 Aug 2017 845 NAS/Q embarked HMS Ocean for 4 month M+
22 Sep 2017 joined Caribbean relief effort when ship ar+
50179 hm.1 2002 UK ZH864 : RN 50179/RN44 d/d 05 Dec 2002 Final RN airframe from f+
2003 824Sqn.; 2004 820Sqn./CU-011
19jul11 pictured (pic1) as 820Sqn /17 being towed at RN+
May12 as 820Sqd /17 at RNAS Yeovilton
hm.2 conv HM.2 type MCSP14; Sep14 820Sq /(0)12
820Sq /17 Sep 2014 visited Gibraltar while operating fr+
17oct14 820Sqn embarked RFA Argus for Sierra Leone
06apr15 pictured (pic3) disembarked for RNAS Culdrose f+
50181 hc.3 2001 UK ZJ133 : RAF 50181/RAF17 in 2009 28Sqn.
10/11nov12 on display at Aviation Nation, Nellis AFB, N+
15mar14 28/78Sqn./R departure next day
50183 hc.3 2001 UK ZJ134 : RAF
1419 Flt /S, in Iraq Jun 2009; MDMF Culdrose on 9 Jul 2+
23apr13 seen at the west coast of Wales
UK ZJ134 : RN; Oct16 846Sq /S in Bavaria, Germany
50187 hc.3 2001 UK ZJ135 : RAF HC.3; 27aug09 pictured (pic1) at RAF Benson
UK ZJ135 : 846Sq by Mar16
16jun16 on my radar in South Wales the past few nights
hc.3i 02jul16 pictured (pic2) as 846Sq /T at RNAS Yeovilton d+
50191 hc.3 2001 UK ZJ136 : RAF HC.3 d/d 29apr02
23may11 pictured as /U at RAF Benson.
UK ZJ136 : hc.3i Dec15 HC.3i type asg 846Sqn
One of two 846 NAS Merlin HC.3i /U assigned to support +
50195 hc.3 2002 UK ZJ137 : RAF 50195/RAF21.; 2003 28Sqn./W
UK ZJ137 : hc.3i Jan16 HC.3i type asg 846Sqn
hc.3i 02jul16 pictured as 846 NAS /W at RNAS Yeovilton during+
50199 hc.3 2002 UK ZJ138 : RAF HC.3 d/d 22nov02; w/o 23jun10 heavy landing at Ca+
50222 mk512 DK M-515 : 50222/DEN15 d/d 05Jun09; UK test serial ZK160
50223 mk512 DK M-516 : 50223/DEN16; d/d 24Jul09; UK ZK161
50224 mk512 DK M-517 : 50224/DEN17; d/d 21Aug09; UK ZK162
50225 mk512 DK M-518 : 50225/DEN18 d/d 08Oct09, UK test serial ZK163
11oct14 seriously damaged 13km E Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghan+
50226 mk512 DK M-519 : 50226/DEN19; d/d 29Oct09; UK ZK164
18mar14 visit Gilze Rijen
50227 mk512 2010 DK M-520 : 50227/DEN20; d/d 20Jan10; UK ZK165
Aug15 Esk 722 as /Rescue20
50228 aw101.610 UK G-17-610 : AgustaWestland UK test serial AW101 Mk610 for Algeria
DZ AN-01 : Algerian Naval Forces; UK G-17-610, ZR328
50229 aw101.610 UK ZR329 : UK test serial AW101 Mk610 for Algeria
DZ AN-02 : Algerian Naval Forces d/d 23may11; UK G-17-611, ZR329
50230 aw101.610 UK ZR330 : UK test serial AW101 Mk610 for Algeria
DZ AN-03 : Algerian Naval Forces; UK G-17-612, ZR330
50231 aw101.610 UK ZR331 : UK test serial AW101 Mk610 for Algeria; 31may11 picture+
DZ AN-04 : Algerian Naval Forces d/d 14feb12; UK G-17-613, ZR331
50232 aw101.610 UK ZR332 : UK test serial AW101 Mk610 for Algeria
DZ AN-05 : Algerian Naval Forces d/d 24may11; UK G-17-614, ZR332
50233 aw101.610 DZ AN-06 : Algerian Naval Forces d/d 30jul11; UK G-17-615, ZR333
50239 AW101 640 UK ZR334 : AgustaWestland, for Saudi Arabia; 06dec13 pictured at Y+
SA HMH-1 : Saudi VIP
50240 AW101 640 UK ZR335 : AgustaWestland, for Saudi Arabia
24apr14 pictured at Yeovil
SA HMH-2 : Saudi VIP
10nov15 at Mardan Palace, Muratpaşa/Antalya, Turkey
50241 AW101 VVIP 2013 UK ZR336 : AW101 643 type for Turkmenistan
TM EZ-S714 : Turkmenistan Airliners d/d 29mar13
50242 AW101 641 UK ZR338 : jul12 AgustaWestland./IND 01
IN ZW-4301 : India Air Force d/d 18dec12, test serial ZR338; Jan14 s+
50243 AW101 641 UK ZR339 : AgustaWestland UK jul12 /IND 02
AW101 VVIP Originally order for the Indian Air Force; 24sep13 pict+
03oct14 pictured (pic2) at Newquay
50244 AW101 641 2012 UK ZR340 : jul12 AgustaWestland./IND 03
IN ZW-4303 : India Air Force d/d 28dec12, test serial ZR340; Jan14 s+
50245 AW101 VVIP 2012 UK ZR337 : AW101 643 type for Turkmenistan
TM EZ-S715 : Turkmenistan Airliners d/d 16jun12; 05aug12 rtn to UK
11mar17 10:00 at 9001 ft over Leuven, Belgium heading S+
12mar17 at Łódź, Poland for refueling
50246 AW101 641 2012 UK ZR341 : IND04 UK test serial AW101 Mk641 for India
IN ZW-4304 : India Air Force d/d 21dec12, test serial ZR341; Jan14 s+
50247 AW101 641 UK ZR342 : IND05 UK test serial AW101 Mk641 for India; 30oct12 pic+
50248 AW101 641 2012 UK ZR343 : IND06 UK test serial AW101 Mk641 for India
AW101 VVIP conv to VVIP type
04sep14 pictured as transport from UK Prime Minister Da+
50249 AW101 642 2013 UK ZR350 : AgustaWestland, VIP for Argelia; 13nov13 pictured (pic1+
DZ 7T-WVB : Algerian airforce VIP 2014; 05dec13 refuel stop at Perp+
02jul16 picture (pic2) in refuel stop at Perpignan, Fra+
50250 AW101 642 2013 UK ZR351 : AgustaWestland, for Algeria; 20nov13 pictured at Yeovil
DZ 7T-WVD : Algerian airforce VIP 2014; 05dec13 refuel stop at Perp+
50251 AW101 641 UK ZR344 : IND07 UK test serial AW101 Mk641 for India as ZW-4307. +
NG 280 : AW101 VVIP Nigeria Air Force VIP Aug14
30sep14 pictured at Newquay before delivery
01oct14 parked at the Diamond Hangar, Stansted Airport,+
50252 AW101 641 UK ZR345 : IND08 UK test serial AW101 Mk641 for India
16feb15 pictured (pic1) at Newquay airport
17feb15 14.49 landed at Battersea Heliport, London and +
NG 281 : AW101 VVIP Nigeria VIP; w/o 24nov16 pictured (pic2); crashed on l+
50253 AW101 641 UK ZR346 : IND09 UK test serial AW101 Mk641 for India
50254 AW101 641 UK ZR347 : IND10 UK test serial AW101 Mk641 for India as ZW-4310. +
AZ 4K-Ai010 : Azerbaijan
50255 AW101 641 UK ZR348 : IND11 UK test serial AW101 Mk641 for India
50256 AW101 641 UK ZR349 : IND12 UK test serial AW101 Mk641 for India
50257 hh-101a 2014 UK ZR352 : AgustaWestland UK, AMI/CSAR01; 04feb14 pictured (pic1) +
20mar14 pictured (pic2) in AMI livery at Yeovil
14jul14 pictured (pic3) at FIA14, HH-101 CSAR AMI type
IT MM81864 : AMI 15-01
04sep15 pictured (pic4) at Udine city, 55th Anniversary+
03oct15 at Trapani for Exercise Trident Juncture 2015 ;+
07oct15 pictured (pic5) at Cervia airport, Associazione+
09oct15 15° Stormo Cervia, Italy
04sep17 pictured (pic6) at Targi Kielce, Poland for MSP+
50258 hh-101a 2014 UK ZR353 : AgustaWestland UK, AMI/CSAR02
IT MM81865 : AMI 15-02 Jun14
50259 hh-101a 2015 IT MM81866 : AMI 15-03 Jul15, test serial ZR354
Opening of the European Personnel Recovery Center COA +
04sep15 pictured (pic2) at Udine city Italy 55th Anniv+
10sep15 at AgustaWestland Training Center and 72 Stormo+
07oct15 pictured (pic3) at Cervia Airport during AAA V+
50260 hh-101a 2015 IT MM81867 : AMI 15-04, test serial ZR355 Oct15
50261 hh-101a 2016 IT MM81868 : AMI 15-05, test serial ZR356; 11jul16 pictured (pic1) (+
26aug17 pictured (pic3) at Jesolo city Venice (ITA) Int+
50262 AW101 612 2016 NO 0262 : Norway f/f 21mar16, test serial ZZ100
50263 hh-101a 2016 IT MM81869 : AMI 15-06 test serial ZR357 at Exercise Ca.STA march 2+
Exercise VEGA 2017 (part of Joint Stars 2017)
11may18 pictured at Istrana airport Treviso city for 1+
Jun18 as /15-06 at APROC 2018 in Gilze-Rijen
50264 AW101 612 NO 0264 : Norway f/f 17aug16, test serial ZZ101
50265 AW101 612 2017 UK ZZ102 : AgustaWestland Yeovil Feb17
NO 0265 : Second Norwegian AW101; 19jan18 pictured departing Yeov+
50268 AW101 612 NO 0268 : First Norwegian AW101 delivered, , test serial ZZ103; 1+
24nov17 overturned during a ground run , no injuries; r+
50270 AW101 612 NO 0270 : Norway, test serial ZZ104
50273 AW101 612 NO 0273 : Norway, test serial ZZ105
50275 AW101 612 NO 0275 : Norway, test serial ZZ106
50276 AW101 612 NO 0276 : Norway, test serial ZZ107
50277 AW101 612 NO 0277 : Norway, test serial ZZ108
50278 AW101 612 NO 0278 : Norway, test serial ZZ109
50279 AW101 612 NO 0279 : Norway, test serial ZZ110
50280 AW101 612 NO 0280 : Norway, test serial ZZ111
50281 AW101 612 NO 0281 : Norway, test serial ZZ112
50282 AW101 612 NO 0282 : Norway, test serial ZZ113
50283 AW101 612 NO 0283 : Norway, test serial ZZ114
50284 AW101 612 NO 0284 : Norway, test serial ZZ115
PP-1 vh-71 2008 UK G-17-101 : Agusta-Westland EH-101 Mk.519, c/n PP-1, ff 22Sep08; dp+
PP-2 vh-71 2008 UK G-17-102 : Agusta-Westland EH-101 Mk.519, c/n PP-2, ff?; status un+
PP-3 vh-71 2008 UK G-17-103 : Agusta-Westland EH-101 Mk.519, c/n PP-3, ff 29Nov08; de+
PP-4 vh-71 2009 UK G-17-104 : Agusta-Westland EH-101 Mk.519, c/n PP-4, ff 13Jan09; de+
PP-5 vh-71 2009 UK G-17-105 : Agusta-Westland EH-101 Mk.519, c/n PP-5, ff 28Apr09; de+
TV-2 vh-71 2007 UK G-17-002 : Agusta-Westland EH-101 Mk.519, c/n TV-2, ff 03Jul07; de+
TV-3 vh-71 2008 UK G-17-003 : Agusta-Westland EH-101 Mk.519, c/n TV-3, ff 27Feb08; de+
TV-4 vh-71 2008 UK G-17-004 : Agusta-Westland EH-101 Mk.519, c/n TV-4, ff 19Mar08; re+

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