Westland Whirlwind

Derived from Sikorsky S-55 H-19

Construction Numbers

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
wa 1 har.1 1952 UK XA862 : f/f 12nov52 as Srs.1 G-AMJT; f/f 01aug53 as HAR.1; 705S+
29aug93 pictured at International Helicopter Museum, We+
The Yorkshire Helicopter Preservation Group discovered +
wa 2 har.1 1953 UK XA863 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.1, WA2, f/f 28Nov53; del Fleet A+
wa 3 har.1 1953 UK XA864 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.1, WA3, f/f 28Sep53; del MoD as +
wa 4 srs.1 1953 UK G-17-3 : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, f/f:1953; del Ministry of Sup+
FR 005 : sold SNCASE as 005, unk; del Aeronavale as 005, 15Apr54+
FR 8 000 220 : del ALAT as 8 000 220, 07Jan57.
FR BAG : xfer EA.ALAT as BAG, unk; suffered accident when overtu+
FR APZ : xfer ESAM, unk; xfer GALDIV 3, as APZ, unk; wfu: ??? TT+
wa 5 har.1 1954 UK XA865 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.1, WA5, f/f 12May54; del Royal N+
wa 6 har.1 1954 UK XA866 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.1, cn WA5, f/f 11Mar54; del Roya+
to Gosport Aug 1954, to Sembawang for RN and RAF hot we+
MX XA866 : Sold to The Donington Collection in 1973, still there b+
wa 7 har.1 1954 UK XA867 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.1, cn WA5, f/f 31Mar54; del ROya+
to Protector Flt/940 by Aug 1961, until crashed and w/o+
wa 8 har.1 1954 UK XA868 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.1, cn WA8, f/f 02Apr54; del Roya+
spent significant amount of its career either allocated+
MX XA868 : Acquired by the then British Rotorcraft Museum (now IHM+
Remains at Arnolds Scrapyard Horsham by 1984, still Jan+
wa 9 har.1 1954 UK XA869 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.1, cn WA9, f/f 01May54; del Roya+
wa 10 srs.1 1953 FR F-SEBG : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA10, ff:?; del SNCASE as+
FR 8 000 015 : del ALAT as 8 000 015, unk; xfer GH No1, Jul55-Mar59; x+
wa 11 srs.1 1953 FR F-SEBH : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA11, ff:?; del SNCASE as+
FR 8 000 016 : del ALAT as 8 000 016, unk; xfer GH No1, Jul55-Sep57; x+
WA 12 srs.1 1953 FR F-SEBI : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA12, ff:?; del SNCASE as+
FR 8 000 017 : del ALAT as 8 000 017, unk; xfer GH No1, Jul54[?]-27Apr+
wa 13 srs.1 1953 FR F-SEBJ : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA13, ff:?; del SNCASE as+
FR 8 000 018 : del ALAT as 8 000 018, unk; xfer GH No1, Jul55-Oct58; x+
wa 14 srs.1 1953 FR F-SEBK : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA14, ff:?; del SNCASE as+
FR 8 000 019 : del ALAT as 8 000 019, unk; xfer GH No1, Jul55.
FR BAK : xfer EA.ALAT as BAK, unk; xfer GALDIV 3, unk; wfu: ???+
wa 15 srs.1 1953 UK G-ANFH : Westland Oct53-Nov54
UK G-ANFH : BEA - delivered Yeovil EGHG to Gatwick EGKK 02Nov54
British European Airways Nov54-Apr64; BEA Helicoters Ap+
1964 featured in the closing scenes of The Beatles film+
1965 featured in You Must Be Joking in the scene where +
UK G-ANFH : Autair Helicopters Feb/Apr 1969
UK G-ANFH : Bristow Helicopters 10apr69-Sep77; 10feb73 pictured at +
21may77 at Redhill
UK G-ANFH : at Briitsh Rotorcraft Museum W-s-M by Jun 1979
May12 hull at International helicopter museum, Weston-S+
wa 16 har.1 1954 UK XA870 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.1, cn WA16, f/f 18May54; del Roy+
1955 one of the first two (along with XA866) Royal Navy+
701 Sq Protector Flt / 911 by Oct 1955, recoded /991 c +
UK XA870 : to Cornwall Aero Park by 1976, then as Flambards Experi+
wa 17 har.1 1954 UK XA871 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.1, cn WA17, f/f 30Sep54; del Roy+
wa 18 srs.1 1953 UK G-ANJS : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA18, ff: 1953; reg Westl+
wa 19 srs.1 1953 UK G-ANJT : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA19, ff: 1953; reg Westl+
wa 20 har.4 1954 UK XD163 : har10 Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, WA20, f/f: 15Jul54; del Royal+
Originally built in 1954 at Yeovil, Somerset as a 12-se+
XD163 : acquired by The Helicopter Museum in Apr 1991. Under re+
wa 21 har.4 1954 UK XD164 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA21, f/f:21May54; del RA+
1439 Flt by May 1975 until c Nov 1957
wa 22 har.4 1954 UK XD165 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA22, f/f:09Jul54; del RA+
18sep71 D Flight 202Sqn Whirlwind HAR10 type pictured +
wa 23 srs.1 1953 UK G-ANJU : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA23, ff: 1953; reg Westl+
wa 24 srs.1 1954 UK G-ANJV : Westland 16Dec53-30Sep54; del South Georgia Company Ltd+
UK G-ANJV : srs.3 Bristow Helicopters 05Jul61, conv to Whirlwind Ser.3 19+
BM VR-BET : Helicopter Rentals, Bermuda 08Jan74-1977
UK VR-BET : Bristow 1977-1981; donated Helicopter Museum, Weston-su+
UK G-ANJV : 17apr10 pictured at the IHM Weston-Super-Mare Museum
wa 25 har.4 1954 UK XD182 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA25, f/f:13Aug54; del RA+
c.1958 pictured at sea in mid-rescue. Pilot was F/Lt +
17apr80 noted at RAF Odiham
wa 26 har.4 1954 UK XD183 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA26, f/f:20Jul54; del RA+
wa 27 har.4 1954 UK XD184 : Westland Whirlwind Ser.2, c/n WA27, f/f: 13Aug54; del R+
228 Sq by 1962
har10 conv HAR.10, XD184, unk; wfu as i/a, 8787M, unk; pres. +
RAF; Mar.93 pictured HAR.10 type preserved in 84 Sqn co+
UK 8787M : as RAF Akrotiri gate guard, from Sep 1983 (still here 1+
wa 28 har.4 1954 UK XD185 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA28, f/f:09Aug54; del RA+
wa 29 har.4 1954 UK XD186 : har10 RAF f/f Aug 1954, d/d Nov 1954 to 155 Sq; crashed 11 Se+
UK 8730M : Assigned a maintenance serial 8730M in May 1982 and on +
UK XD186 : preserved Hermeskeil Air Museum, Germany as RAF Rescue +
wa 30 har.4 1954 UK XD187 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA30, ff: 22Aug54; del RA+
w/o 2 Apr 1957, force landed after fuel exhausted in Jo+
wa 31 har.4 1954 UK XD188 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA31, ff: 30Aug54; del RA+
wa 32 srs.1 1954 UK XD207 : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA32, ordered by MoS as X+
NO LN-ORL : del Hvalfangstselskapet Globus Norway as LN-ORL, 1954?;+
wa 33 har.4 1954 UK XD777 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA33, ff: 21Oct54; ntu Ro+
UK XJ407 : har10 del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.4, XJ407, 03Nov54;+
32 Sq, visited the Air Tattoo, 23 Jun 1979
UK G-BKHB : har10 wfu & xfer UK as G-BKHB, unk.
US N7013H : har10 sold US N7013H, 15Jun88; w/o Aug88.
wa 34 har.4 1954 UK XD778 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA34, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ408 : ff: 27Oct54; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.4, XJ+
wa 35 har.4 1954 UK XD779 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA35, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ409 : har10 ff: 03Nov54; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.4, XJ+
RAF: Whirlwind HAR.10 noted in storage at RAF Wroughton+
wa 36 har.4 1954 UK XD780 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA36, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ410 : har10 ff: 05Nov54; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.4, XJ+
wa 37 har.4 1954 UK XD781 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA37, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ411 : har10 ff: 13Nov54; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.4, XJ+
wa 38 har.4 1954 UK XD782 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA38, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ412 : har10 ff: 15Nov54; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.4, XJ+
wa 39 srs.1 UK G-ANUK : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA39, ff:?; del Bristow H+
srs.3 conv to Whirlwind Ser.3, unk.
wa 40 har.4 1954 UK XD783 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA40, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ413 : ff: 23Nov54 as XD783; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind +
wa 41 har.4 1954 UK XD784 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA41, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ414 : har10 RAF f/f/ 24Nov54 as XD784, d/d 03Dec54 as Whirlwind HAR+
Early Jun67 pictured (top) during training exercise. M+
w/o 22jun67 asg 202 Sqn Flight based at Coltishall, bro+
wa 42 har.4 1954 UK XD795 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA42, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ426 : har10 ff: 14Dec54; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.4, XJ+
har10 Ditched while with 22 Sq, following fire indications, o+
wa 43 har.4 1954 UK XD796 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA43, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ427 : f/f 16Dec54, d/l RAF as Whirlwind HAR.4 XJ412 12Jan55;+
wa 44 har.4 1954 UK XD797 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA44, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ428 : har10 ff: 20Dec54; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.4, XJ+
wa 45 har.4 1955 UK XD798 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA45, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ429 : har10 ff: 14Jan55; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.4, XJ+
har10 20may73 HAR.10 type pictured at Seething Airshow, Norfo+
wa 46 har.4 1955 UK XD799 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA46, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ430 : har10 ff: 20Jan55; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.4, XJ+
275 Sq A Flt by Sep 1959
wa 47 har.4 1955 UK XD800 : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA47, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ431 : ff: 31May55; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.4, XJ+
wa 48 har.4 1955 UK XD801 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA48, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ432 : har10 ff: 11Feb55; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.4, XJ+
har10 XD801 ntu. Loaned to Queens Flight (as HC.2 ?) 1958-59,+
wa 49 har.4 1955 UK XD802 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA49, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ433 : har10 ff: 18Feb55; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.2, XJ+
wa 50 har.2 1955 UK XD803 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA50, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ434 : ff: 22Feb55; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.2, XJ+
wa 51 har.4 1955 UK XD804 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA51, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ435 : har10 ff: 03Mar55; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.2, XJ+
Jun73 pictured as VIP type with 32 (The Royal) Squadron+
wa 52 har.2 1955 UK XD805 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA52, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ436 : har.2 ff: 18Mar55; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.2, XJ+
HAR.2 Ditched off Selsey Bill 30 Aug 1955 during SAR de+
wa 53 har.4 1955 UK XD806 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA53, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ437 : har10 ff: 30Mar55; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.2, XJ+
har10 84 Sq A Flt/Clubs by 1982, GI Akrotiri for BDRT, to 878+
WA 54 srs.1 1955 UK G-17-3 : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA54, ff: 1955; reg Minis+
UK G-ANZN : reg Westland as G-ANZN, 22Feb55.
VP-BAF : reg Bahamas as VP-BAF, 11Jul55; rereg as VP-BBF, unk; w+
wa 55 srs.1 1955 UK G-17-4 : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA55, ff: 1955; reg Minis+
UK G-ANZO : reg Westland as G-ANZO, 22Feb55.
VP-BAG : reg Bahamas as VP-BAG, 11Jul55; w/o unk.
wa 56 srs.1 1955 UK G-AOCF : Westland Whirlwind Ser.1, c/n WA56, ff:?; del British E+
wa 57 har3 1954 UK XD763 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA57, ntu Royal Navy FAA +
UK XJ393 : ff: as XD763, 24Sep54; del Royal Navy FAA as XJ393, unk+
UK XJ393 : TRE Defford Mar 1956, RRE Pershore Sep 1957
UK XJ393 : AES Arbroath Feb 1961 as A2538, AES Lee-on-Solent Mar 1+
XJ393 Torbay Aircraft Museum : at Torbay Aircraft Museum, until c 1982
roadside cafe near Pulborough by 1989, scrapped 1993
wa 58 har3 1955 UK XD764 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA58, ntu Royal Navy FAA +
UK XJ394 : ff: 15Jul55; del Royal Navy FAA as XJ394, 10Oct57; b/u +
wa 59 har3 1955 UK XD765 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA59, ntu Royal Navy FAA +
UK XJ395 : ff: 09Jul55; del Royal Navy FAA as XJ395, 16Jan56; w/o +
wa 60 har3 1955 UK XD766 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA60, ntu Royal Navy FAA +
UK XJ396 : har.5 ff: 28Aug55, del Royal Navy FAA as XJ394, 11Jun56; conv+
wa 61 har3 1955 UK XD767 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA61, ntu Royal Navy FAA +
UK XJ397 : ff: 18Jul55; del Royal Navy FAA as XJ397, unk; w/o 29Ap+
815Sq/309 Jan 1959 until ditched in Portland Harbour 29+
wa 62 har3 1955 UK XD768 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA62, ntu Royal Navy FAA +
UK XJ398 : ff: 04May57; del Royal Navy FAA as XJ398, unk.
UK XJ398 : Held by Westland as engines trials aircraft and never i+
UK G-BDBZ : Apr 1975 Reg G-BDBZ to Autair, Luton
Ground Training School at Kidlington May 1978, still th+
XJ398 : From Kidlington to Yorkshire Air Museum 25 Aug 1999. Re+
May 2002 into storage at RAF Benson. To Doncaster 1 Apr+
UK G-BDBZ : to G-BDBZ, unk; pres. AeroVenture, Doncaster, UK.
wa 63 har3 1955 UK XD769 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA63, ntu Royal Navy FAA +
UK XJ399 : ff: 09Aug55; del Royal Navy FAA as XJ399, 01Sep55; w/o +
701 Sq P (HMS Protector) Flt by Sep 1955, until c mid O+
Severed tail boom in landing accident aboard HMS Victor+
RNAY Donibristle (road) Feb 1958; RNAY Fleetlands (road+
RNAY Fleetlands (road) Dec 1966; AES Arbroath (road) as+
To AES Lee-on-Solent (road) by Apr 1970. Gone by Oct 19+
tailboom noted on dump at RAE Farnborough (original or +
wa 64 har3 1955 UK XD770 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA64, ntu Royal Navy FAA +
UK XJ400 : ff: 10Aug55; del Royal Navy FAA as XJ394, 31Aug55; w/o +
845Sq/X by Dec 1955, 845Sq/Z by Oct 1956. Ran out of fu+
wa 65 har3 1955 UK XD771 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA65, ntu Royal Navy FAA +
UK XJ401 : ff: 24Aug55; del Royal Navy FAA as XJ401, 13Sep55.
UK G-AYTK : srs.3 wfu & conv Ser.3, Bristow UK as G-AYTK, unk.
to G-AYTK by Feb 1971, to Bermuda as VR-BFG by Oct 1974
UK VR-BFG : srs.3 reg Bermuda as VR-BFG, unk; b/u Redhill, UK, 1978.
AU VH-BFG : srs.3 reg Bristow Australia as VH-BFG, unk.
wa 66 har3 1955 UK XD772 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA66, ntu Royal Navy FAA +
UK XJ402 : ff: 11Sep55; del Royal Navy FAA as XJ402, 21Sep55; wfu +
UK XJ402 : Trials at Yeovil until Apr 1958.
UK XJ402 : 701 Sq/723 by Jun 1958; 771Sq/751-PO Jul 1961 still by +
To RNEC Manadon Mar 1967 became GI A2572, departed Feb +
To FAA Mus Feb 1976 (but reduced to components ?). Yeov+
wa 67 har3 1955 UK XG572 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA67, ff: 09Sep55; del Ro+
wa 68 har3 1955 UK XG573 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA68, ff: 09Sep55; del Ro+
wa 69 har3 1955 UK XG574 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA69, ff: 15Aug55; del Ro+
wa 70 har3 1955 UK XG575 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA70, ff: 17Aug55; del Ro+
wa 71 har3 1955 UK XG576 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA71, ff: 16Aug55; del Ro+
UK G-AYNP : srs.3 sold Bristow UK as G-AYNP, unk; conv Ser.3, unk; lsd Co+
wa 72 har3 1956 UK XG577 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA72, ff: 28Mar56; del Ro+
XG577 : Preserved at Loughborough Leicestershire Aviation Museu+
UK XG577 : to Leconfield dump as 9050M (date ?); scrapped 2001
wa 73 har3 1956 UK XG578 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA73, ff: 29Mar56; del Ro+
wa 74 har3 1955 UK XG579 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA74, ff: 10Oct55; del Ro+
to Warrior SAR Flt/993-J, Nov 1956 for Grapple deployme+
815Sq/304 Jan 1959 until ditched off Portland on 21 Apr+
wa 75 har3 1955 UK XG580 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA75, ff: 24Oct55; del Ro+
wa 76 har3 1955 UK XG581 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA76, ff: 25Oct55; del Ro+
wa 77 har3 1956 UK XG582 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA77, ff: 16Feb56; del Ro+
wa 78 har3 1955 UK XG583 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA78, ff: 24Feb56; del Ro+
UK G-BAGD : srs.3 sold UK as G-BAGD, unk; conv Ser.3, unk; to VR-BES, unk+
wa 79 har3 1956 UK XG584 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA79, ff: 23Mar56; del Ro+
to Warrior SAR Flt/994-J, Nov 1956 for Grapple deployme+
815Sq/306 Feb 1959 until ditched in Portland Harbour 20+
wa 80 har3 1956 UK XG585 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA80, ff: 26Mar56; del Ro+
UK XG585 : Parts recovery - Wrecked
wa 81 har3 1956 UK XG586 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA81, ff: 10Oct56; del Ro+
wa 82 har3 1956 UK XG587 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA82, ff: 23Sep56; del Ro+
UK G-AYYI : srs.3 wfu & xfer Bristow, UK as G-AYYI, unk; conv Whirlwind S+
NG 5N-AIS : srs.3 xfer Bristow Nigeria as 5N-AIS, unk; scr, unk.
wa 83 har3 1956 UK XG588 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA83, ff: 30Sep56; del Ro+
to Warrior SAR Flt/995-J, Nov 1956 for Grapple deployme+
UK G-BAMH : srs.3 Bristow Helicopters from 1969; Jan/Oct 1973 as Whirlwin+
BM VR-BEP : Bermuda, ex G-BAMH
XG588 : preserved at East Midlands Aeropark as RAF SAR aircraft
wa 84 has7 1956 UK XG589 : Westland Whirlwind HAS.7, c/n WA84, ff: 17Oct56; del Ro+
wa 85 has7 1956 UK XG590 : Westland Whirlwind HAS.7, c/n WA85, ff: 08Nov56; del Ro+
wa 86 has7 1957 UK XG591 : Westland Whirlwind HAS.7, c/n WA86, ff: 31May57; del Ro+
wa 87 has7 1957 UK XG592 : Westland Whirlwind HAS.7, c/n WA87, ff: 24Apr57; del Ro+
RN during service served with (earliest first) 700NAS, +
wa 88 has7 1957 UK XG593 : Westland Whirlwind HAS.7, c/n WA88, ff: 24Apr57; del Ro+
wa 89 has7 1957 UK XG594 : Westland Whirlwind HAS.7, c/n WA89, ff: 27Apr57; del Ro+
Preserved Strathallan Aircraft Collection 1982
To National Museum of Flight, East Fortune Aug 1991 as +
wa 90 has7 1957 UK XG595 : Westland Whirlwind HAS.7, c/n WA90, ff: 30Apr57; del Ro+
wa 91 has7 1957 UK XG596 : RN type HAS.7 ; 24jul93 pictured preserved at Internati+
dd 24 May 1957 to 700Sq as /508-H, 737Sq/775-PO by Feb+
XG596 : at British Rotorcraft Museum (now IHM) 25 Jun 1979
Apr13 at The Helicopter Museum, Weston super Mare
wa 92 has7 1957 UK XG597 : Westland Whirlwind HAS.7, c/n WA92, ff: 15May57; reject+
UK XG597 : Used by Westland as a trials and training airframe unti+
XG597 British Aircraft Corporation : Used for SAR by English Electric (later BAC) at Warton.
wa 93 har.5 1957 UK XJ445 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.5, c/n WA93, ff: 15Oct57; del Ro+
FAA - Displayed at SBAC Farnborough Sep68 - HAR10 ?
wa 94 har.2 1955 UK XJ723 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.2, c/n WA94, ff:03Oct55; del Roy+
XJ723 : Unk to Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Base (OPITB+
UK XJ723 : May93 loaned to Montrose Aerodrome Museum Society for d+
XJ723 : 2007 sold by Montrose Aerodrome Museum Society to Newc+
Sep17 At Dallachy awaiting move to Morayvia for restora+
wa 95 har.2 1955 UK XJ724 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.2, c/n WA95, ff:28Oct55; del Roy+
228Sq by Sep 1963
c. 1966/67 pictured at RAF Leuchars with named crew sho+
wa 96 har.2 1955 UK XJ725 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.2, c/n WA96, ff:19Dec55; del Roy+
wa 97 har.2 1955 UK XJ726 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.2, c/n WA97, ff:22Dec55; del Roy+
XJ726 : ex Wroughton. To Nene Valley Aviation Society, Feb 1982+
wa 98 har.2 1955 UK XJ727 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.2, c/n WA98, ff:29Dec55; del Roy+
wa 99 har.2 1956 UK XJ728 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.2, c/n WA99, ff: 18Jan56; del Ro+
wa/h/167 has7 1957 UK XK940 : Westland Whirlwind HAS.7, c/n WA/H/167, ff: 02Sep57; de+
HAS.7 824Sqn/334-C Feb 1960 until Dec 1961, to 825 NAS.
HAS.7 825 NAS/314-V Dec 1961, replacing XN381 on unit s+
UK G-AYXT : del Autair, Luton as G-AYXT, 01Jul72?; pres. Weston-sup+
1980s completely rebuilt by Jim Wilkie and returned to +

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