Northrop-Grumman MQ-8A/B Fire Scout
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2006 to present


US Navy MQ-8A/B Fire Scout

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HSC-23 Makes History with MQ-8B Drones, 15-Aug-17 : US Navy’s HSC-23 trained handed off two autonomous, radar-equipped MQ-8B Fire Scout helicopters between multiple ground stations, a program first.

HSC-23 Detachment on USS Coronado, 03-Feb-17 : US Navy Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 23’s MH-60S Seahawk and MQ-8B Fire Scout drone embarked on USS Coronado (LCS-4) Littoral combat ship on deployment with the 7th Fleet in Singapore

USS Coronado Deploys with Next-Gen UAV Controls, 27-Apr-16 : USS Coronado (LCS-4) new unmanned helicopter control system brings flexible mission control to first US Navy littoral missions.

MQ-8B Fire Scout on Coast Guard Ship for First Time, 16-Dec-14 : Northrop Grumman, US Coast Guard and US Navy flew the MQ-8B Fire Scout unmanned helicopter on the Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Bertholf (WMSL 750) near Los Angeles, Dec. 5, 2014.

New advanced radar for the MQ-8B Fire Scout, 17-Jun-14 : SAN DIEGO, CA – Northrop Grumman Corporation and the U.S. Navy demonstrated a new multimode maritime surveillance radar on the MQ-8B Fire Scout unmanned helicopter that will drastically enhance long-range imaging and search capabilities for Navy commanders.

MQ-8B and MH-60R tested on Littoral Combat Ship, 11-Jun-14 : SAN DIEGO – Northrop Grumman Corporation and the U.S. Navy successfully flew the unmanned MQ-8B Fire Scout simultaneously with the MH-60R Sea Hawk helicopter for the first time.

MQ-8B Fire Scout overhauling at Jacksonville Florida, 04-Apr-14 : JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Artisans at Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE) Detachment (DET) Mayport are diligently overhauling several MQ-8B Fire Scout Vertical Take-Off and Landing Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (VTUAV) to meet the deployment needs of the fleet.

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    rq-8a     166400: US Navy; 31dec08 Stricken from US Navy list; Preserved at Na+
    rq-8a     166401: US Navy; 31dec08 Stricken from US Navy list
    rq-8a     166414: US Navy; 31dec08 Stricken from US Navy list
    rq-8a     166415: US Navy
    rq-8a     166416: US Navy; w/o unk; to be preserved at Evergreen Museum at McM+
    mq-8b     166821: US Navy o/o; Northrop Grumman fake ?
    N-1 mq-8b     167784: US Navy; Dec09 HSL-42 det.7
    N-2 mq-8b     167785: US Navy; Dec09 HSL-42 det.7
    N-3 mq-8b     167786: US Navy;
    N-4 mq-8b     167787: US Navy; Feb11 HSL-42 det.7
    N-5 mq-8b     167788: US Navy; 06apr12 Striken from US Navy list
    N-6 mq-8b     167789: US Navy
    N-7 mq-8b     167790: US Navy
    N-8 mq-8b     167791: US Navy
    N-9 mq-8b     167792: US Navy
    N-10 mq-8b     167986: US Navy
    N-11 mq-8b     167987: US Navy; 26jul12 Striken from US Navy list
    N-12 mq-8b     167988: US Navy; 13dec12 Striken from US Navy list
    N-13 mq-8b     168210: US Navy
    N-14 mq-8b     168211: US Navy; 22jun11 Striken from US Navy list
    N-15 mq-8b     168212: US Navy; Feb11 HSL-42 det.7 /N-15
    N-16 mq-8b     168213: US Navy
    N-17 mq-8b     168441: US Navy
    N-18 mq-8b     168442: US Navy
    N-19 mq-8b     168443: US Navy
    N-20 mq-8b     168444: 17jul16 pictured hangared on USS Coronado (LCS 4) ‪during+
    N-21 mq-8b     168445: USN; Apr14 HSM-35
    N-22 mq-8b     168446: USN; Aug15 HSM-35
    N-23 mq-8b     168447: USN
    N-24 mq-8b     168448: USN
    N-25 mq-8b     168449: US Navy
    N-26 mq-8b     168450: US Navy
    N-27 mq-8b     168451: US Navy
    N-28 mq-8b     168452: USN
    N-29 mq-8b     168453: US Navy; 29may15 as HSM-35 /47 on USS Fort Worth (LCS 3) moo+

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