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  • Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin 2
    belgium NHV

    Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen

    1997 to present

    List of Aircraft

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    6841 as365n3 2009     CS-HHR: NHV from Aug11
    Heliportugal F-OJTU: Heliportugal Feb09-Dec10

    Heliportugal CS-HHR: Heliportugal from Jan/Aug 2011
    6540 as365n3 1998     OO-NHC: Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen from 2006; 2009 leased to +
    Heli-Union F-GIZU: Heli Union, to EP-HDS

    - EP-HDS: Iran, from late 1998

    Heli-Union F-GXXB: Heli Union, 2006 to OO-NHC

    French Navy F-HCHN: FN May09-Jun11; 35F Flew in parade Quatorze Juillet 20+

    19 pictured (pic1) with 35F and navy livery at meeting+

    Ivorian Police TU-VHX: pictured (pic3) in Ivory Coast police colours with NHV+
    6831 as365n3     OO-NHD: NHV, test serial F-WWOO; pictured at Perpignan, France
    French Navy OO-NHD: picture in French Navy livery at Ostend for 22S
    6843 as365n3     OO-NHE: NHV, test serial F-WWOO
    6881 as365n3     OO-NHG: NHV/Noordzee Helikopters from Oct09, test serial F-WWON
    IAS 9G-NHG: IAS Accra by 2014

    arrived at Ostend, Belgium ( back to NHV? )

    According to locals 9G-NHG arrived at Ostend for mainte+
    6891 as365n3     OO-NHH: NHV/Noordzee Helikopters from Oct09, test serial F-WWOB
    IAS 9G-NHH: IAS Accra, ex OO-NHH
    6842 ec155b1 2009     OO-NHJ: pictured (pic1) at SaxonAir ramp at Norwich, UK
    6876 ec155b1 2009     OO-NHK: NHV, test serial F-WWOM
    6740 as365n3 2006     OO-NHM: NHV 2011
    Aero Contractors Nigeria 5N-BJP: Aero Contractors, test serials F-WWOK, F-WQVT

    Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-FYRC: CHC Global Operations Mar09-Nov10
    6783 as365n3     OO-NHN: NHV from 2011?
    Heli-Union F-WQSR: Heli Union Dec07, test serial F-WQDP,

    SonAir Airline Services D2-EWF: Sonair 2008-2010?

    French Navy OO-NHN: Marine Nationale; Oct18 asg 22S
    6809 as365n3     OO-NHO: NHV from May11; arrived disassembled in truck at Ostend
    Heli-Union F-WQAI: Heli Union Dec07, test serial F-WWOY

    SonAir Airline Services D2-EWH: Sonair 2008-2010

    French Navy OO-NHO: Marine Nationale from 2018; May18 as 22S
    6762 ec155b1 2007     OO-NHP: 10Aug12 registered NHV
    Bristow G-ISSU: Bristow Mar07; Jul12 to Belgium

    - G-ISSU: 31Jul07 Milestoe Aviation (Wilmington Trust)
    6778 ec155b1 2007     OO-NHQ: NHV d/d 17Aug12, ex G-ISST; Oct12 new yellow livery
    Bristow G-ISST: Bristow Jun07-Aug12
    6735 ec155b1     OO-NHT: NHV, by Feb15
    Eurocopter France F-WWOB: Eurocopter France, to PH-SHN

    CHC Helicopters Netherlands bv PH-SHN: CHC from 2006
    6665 as365n3 2004     OO-NHU: Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen , test serial F-WWOS; 21may1+
    6510 as365n3     OO-NHV: NHV; returned back after lease French Navy
    RESCUE 06
    French Navy F-GVHN: FN Feb09-Jun10 35F; The first of 2 AS365 leased to fill+
    6706 as365n3 2005     OO-NHX: NHV from 2007
    DanCopter OY-HMO: DanCopter 2005-2007, test serial F-WWOA; Faroe isles, "+
    6754 as365n3 2006     OO-NHY: NHV, test serial F-WWOI
    French Navy OO-NHY: Marine Nationale; Jan19 asg 22S in full Aeronavale live+
    6450 as365n2 1992     OO-NHZ: pictured again (bot) at Ostend now with Equipe Medicale (HE+
    - G-BUTR: Ringmore Ltd Feb/Jul 1993, test serial F-WYMM

    - ZS-RDL: South Africa, to N4H

    - N4H: Otter Corp at Seattle, WA Aug00-May03
    6681 ec155b1     OO-NSH: NHV; in full NHV colours at Norwich, UK
    Eurocopter France F-WWOU: Eurocopter, to 4K-AZ44

    Azerbaijan Airlines 4K-AZ44: AZAL, to D-HAZA

    - D-HAZA: Germany unknown; at Kassel Calden
    6420 as365n2 1991     OO-NSZ: NHV; Dutch Coastguard from Apr14; at SAR meet, Leeuwarden
    Eurocopter France F-WYMR: Eurocopter France, to JA6677

    All Nippon Helicopter JA6677: ANH 1991-2002

    DanCopter OY-HLL: Dan Copter 2003, SE-JGU ntu

    Airlift AS LN-OCO: Helicopter Transportation Group AS/SEB Finans AB Mar04-+

    Airlift Sysselmannen Nov06-Oct09

    Blueway LN-OCO: Blueway Nov09-Apr14
    6871 ec155b1 2009     OY-HJB: pictured (pic2) at Norwich, UK
    DanCopter OY-HJB: 900th Dauphin family aircraft; Dancopter from 2009, han+

    pictured (pic1) at De Kooy, Netherlands during Heldair+

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