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    70-001 uh-60a 1974     73-21650: YUH-60 prototype f/f 17oct74; w/o 19may78 in the Housatonic +
    70-002 uh-60a     73-21651: US Army
    70-003 uh-60a     73-21652: US Army
    70-004 uh-60a     73-21653: US Army
    70-006 uh-60a     73-21654: US Army
    70-007 uh-60a     73-21655: US Army
    70-008 uh-60a     77-22714: US Army
    70-009 uh-60a     77-22715: US Army
    70-010 uh-60a     77-22716: Army; rebuilt as UH-60M 02-26978
    70-011 uh-60a     77-22717: US Army
    70-012 uh-60a     77-22718: US Army
US Department of Homeland Security 77-22718: CBP, conv to L type

US Department of Homeland Security 7-22718: Oct17 in Puerto Rico for Hurricane relief efforts
    70-013 uh-60a     77-22719: US Army
    70-014 uh-60a     77-22720: US Army
    70-015 uh-60a     77-22721: US Army
    70-016 uh-60a     77-22722: US Army
    70-019 uh-60a     77-22725: Army; rebuilt as UH-60M 04-26998
    70-028 uh-60a     78-22962: US Army
Brown Helicopter Inc N277BH: BHI from May15
    70-032 uh-60a     78-22969: US Army in 1990 236 MedCo.
Israeli Air Force 607: BuNo 78-22969
    70-034 uh-60a     78-22971: US Army; 1995 MTPC Cairns
    70-039 uh-60a     78-22973: US Army
Brown Helicopter Inc N530NW: BHI from Dec14
    70-037 uh-60a     78-22974: 1995 as C/1-223Avn /74F
    70-042 uh-60a 1978     78-22976: US Army; 2013 Co A, 2-135th AVN, CO ARNG
- N807WW: Withrotor Aviation Inc at Lakeview, OR Feb/Mar 2017

Billings Flying Service N807WW: Billings Flying Service Inc at Billings, MT Mar/Oct 201+

Lahak Aviation 4X-BEZ: Lahak Aviation from Oct17; First ever commercial UH-60A+

- 4X-BEZ: Nothing to do with lahak aviation and not owned by them

04mar18 13:40hr Z at the IAI ramp at Ben Gurion airpor+
    70-043 uh-60a     78-22977: US Army
Brown Helicopter Inc N995B: BHI from Jul15
    70-047 uh-60a     78-22984: US Army; Fort Campbell TF 160; w/o 30mar82 crashed in night +
    70-049 uh-60a     78-22986: US Army
Unical Defense Inc N166DQ: Unical Defense from Sep15
    70-052 uh-60a     78-22989: US Army
Unical Defense Inc N166AU: Unical Defense from Oct15
    70-056 uh-60a     78-22993: US Army; TF 160 w/o 26aug83 Christian County, Kentucky. 3 fa+
    70-059 uh-60a     78-22996: 1022nd Med Co. WY National Guard. w/o 16mar02 at 20m N Cheye+
    70-060 uh-60a     78-22997: US Army, medevac; 1980s pictured at Koksijde, Belgium ; to I+
Israeli Air Force 621: BuNo 78-22997. possible as 721
    70-061 uh-60a     78-22998: US Army
PJ Helicopters N804PJ: PJ Helicopters from Mar15; 12-14Mar18 pictured with Sim+
    70-062 uh-60a     78-22999: US Army; 160th SOAR w/o 04oct83 crashed in Caribbean Sea app+
    70-064 uh-60a     78-23001: US Army in 1990 236 MedCo.
Israeli Air Force 629: BuNo 78-23001
    70-065 uh-60a     78-23002: US Army; 160th SOAR w/o 25oct83 Operation Urgent Fury, Grena+
    70-079 uh-60a     78-23003: conv to YEH-60B prototype SOTAS (Stand-Off Target Acquisiti+
    70-069 uh-60l     78-23006: US Army; 2011 Co A 1-171st AVN GA ARNG
    70-070 uh-60a     78-23007: US Army; Dec11 Co C, 1-168th AVN, California Army National G+
PJ Helicopters N803PJ: PJ Helicopters from Mar15

27jul16 flying over the Sand fire near LA

04aug16 flying over Cold Fire, Lake Berryessa, CA
    70-075 uh-60a     78-23012: juh-60a US Army; conv JUH-60A; to NASA
National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA-760: NASA JUH-60A type, ex 78-23012
    70-076 uh-60a     78-23013: US Army type:YEH-60B NVESD
    70-081 uh-60a     78-23015: w/o 28feb91. shot down over Iraq in rescue mission: 5 KIA, 3+
    70-084 uh-60a     79-23267: US Army; 158 101AVN w/o 05aug82 crashed into a military bus +
    70-094 uh-60a     79-23277: US Army
Brown Helicopter Inc N153BH: BHI from Jul15
    70-095 uh-60a 1980     79-23278: US Army
PJ Helicopters N802PJ: PJ Helicopters at Red Bluff, CA from Mar15

Feb17 Used to airlift boulders to reinforce damaged spi+
    70-098 uh-60a     79-23281: US Army
Brown Helicopter Inc N5778B: BHI from Jul15
    70-100 uh-60a     79-23283: UH-60A Del US Army
    70-102 uh-60a     79-23285: US Army
Brown Helicopter Inc N534XS: BHI from Jan15
    70-106 uh-60a     79-23289: US Army; 1995 C/1-223Avn./89A
    70-110 uh-60a 1979     79-23293: US Army
EP Aviation N856AR: EP Aviation from Aug16

- N856AR: Apr17, sold Sikorsky UH-60 1979
    70-121 uh-60a     79-23304: del US Army
    70-123 uh-60a     79-23306: del US Army
    70-125 uh-60a     79-23308: US Army; 1998 1022nd MedCo, WY ARNG; 2004 C(-)/5-159th AVN, +
Afghan Air Force ?: AAF, UH-60A+ type; 18sep17 via C-17 from Huntsville Int+
    70-127 uh-60a     79-23310: US Army
Brown Helicopter Inc N527KB: BHI from Oct14
    70-130 uh-60a     79-23313: 17dec13 pictured as /Coyote13 2-285th AVN, Arizona Army Nati+
Brown Helicopter Inc N162BH: BHI from May15
    70-131 uh-60a     79-23314: US Army
    70-132 uh-60a     79-23315: US Army
    70-133 uh-60a     79-23316: US Army
    70-134 uh-60a     79-23317: US Army
    70-135 uh-60a     79-23318: US Army
    70-136 uh-60a     79-23319: US Army
Brown Helicopter Inc N5773B: BHI from Jul15
    70-137 uh-60a     79-23320: US Army
US Department of Homeland Security 79-23320: CBP, conv to L type
    70-138 uh-60a     79-23321: US Army
US Department of Homeland Security 79-23321: CBP conv to L type

26jul17 pictured at Whitman Regional airport, Oshkosh, +
    70-139 uh-60a     79-23322: US Army
    70-140 uh-60a     79-23323: US Army
    70-141 uh-60a     79-23324: US Army; 2-82 AVN w/o 04mar82 crash at Fort Bragg, North Car+
    70-142 uh-60a     79-23325: US Army
Brown Helicopter Inc N179BH: BHI from May15
    70-148 uh-60a     79-23331: US Army; 1995 C/1-223Avn./31B
    70-150 uh-60a     79-23333: US Army; Dec11 Co C, 1-168th AVN, California Army National G+
Brown Helicopter Inc N540JS: BHI from Feb15
    70-154 uh-60a     79-23337: US Army; 2009 B/1-140Avn.
    70-155 uh-60a     79-23338: 2011 2-285th AVN, Arizona Army National Guard; 16jan14 pictu+
    70-164 uh-60a     79-23347: US Army
Brown Helicopter Inc N646DB: BHI from Jan16
    70-168 uh-60a     79-23351: US Army
Brown Helicopter Inc N5397F: BHI from Feb15
    70-171 uh-60a 1979     79-23353: US Army
Brainerd Helicopters Inc N13FH: Brainerd Helicopters Inc at Leesburg, FL Nov14-Deb16, c+

BHI One Llc at Leesburg, FL from Dec16

26apr18 pictured at Marathon Airport, FL
    70-174 uh-60a     80-23416:
    70-175 uh-60a     80-23417: US Army
Brown Helicopter Inc N553ES: BHI from Apr15
    70-177 uh-60a     80-23419: US Army
Brown Helicopter Inc N534WS: BHI from Jan15
    70-178 uh-60a     80-23420: US Army
Brown Helicopter Inc N530JS: BHI from Nov14
    70-179 uh-60a 1981     80-23421: US Army
Northwest Helicopters N536XN: Northwest Helicopters from Jan15; 13nov17 pictured at V+
    70-182 uh-60a     80-23424: US Army
Brown Helicopter Inc N562EB: BHI from Jun15
    70-186 uh-60a     80-23428: US Army; 1997 CCAD
    70-188 uh-60a     80-23430: US Army
Rogerson Kratos N685DN: Rogerson Kratos at Pasadena, CA from Dec16
    70-189 uh-60a     80-23431: US Army; 1997 CCAD
    70-197 uh-60a 1980     80-23439: US Army
- N60FW: Ace Aeronautics LLC at Huntsville, Alabama from Nov15; +
    70-200 uh-60a     80-23442: US Army
Brown Helicopter Inc N527NB: BHI from Oct14
    70-201 uh-60a     80-23443: US Army; 1997 CCAD
    70-203 uh-60a 1980     80-23445: US Army
Unical Defense Inc N166DP: Unical Defense at City of Industry, CA Oct/Dec 2015

Skycore Aviation N166DP: SCA Group Llc at Chesapeake, VA from Dec15; Skycore Av+
    70-204 uh-60a 1980     80-23446: US Army; D Co 1-137 AVN; May16 GSA Auctions at Huntsville, A+
Billings Flying Service N986AJ: Billings Flying Service at Billings, MT Jul16-Oct17

Leading Edge Aviation South Africa ZT-RGA: Leading Edge Aviation at Nelspruit from Oct17 pictured;+
    70-209 uh-60a     80-23451: US Army
Unical Defense Inc N160CU: Unical Defense from Dec15
    70-210 uh-60a     80-23452: US Army
Brown Helicopter Inc N596YB: BHI from Sep15
    70-216 uh-60a     80-23458: US Army. Sep09 at Dhi Qar Province, Iraq
    70-217 uh-60a     80-23459: US Army. jun09 medevac
    70-218 uh-60a     80-23460: US Army; May09 C/12th AVN. home base
    70-219 uh-60a     80-23461: US Army; 2009 B/1-140Avn.
    70-230 uh-60a     80-23472: US Army
Rogerson Kratos N684DN: Rogerson Kratos at Pasadena, CA from Dec16
    70-235 uh-60a     80-23477: del US Army
    70-237 uh-60a     80-23479: US Army
Unical Defense Inc N160DP: Unical Defense from Oct15
    70-243 uh-60a     80-23485: US Army; 2000 C/2-142AVN NY ArNG.
    70-250 uh-60a     80-23492: US Army; 2006 2-135th AVN Nebraska Army National Guard
- N230AA: Aircraft Investment Holdings Llc at Enterprise, AL from+

State of Alabama N230AA: Arista Aviation Enterprise, AL by Mar17
    70-254 uh-60a     80-23496: US Army
Brown Helicopter Inc N240BH: BHI from May15
    70-257 uh-60a     80-23499: US Army
Unical Defense Inc N160BQ: Unical Defense from Oct15
    70-263 uh-60a     80-23505: Dec11 Co C, 1-168th AVN, California Army National Guard
    70-265 uh-60a     80-23507: US Army; to US Navy as 823507
United States Naval Aviation 823507: USN USNTPS ex 80-23507; 12nov99 damaged, rtn ?

Unical Defense Inc N160CD: Unical Defense from Dec15; 24feb18 pictured arriving to+

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