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  • switzerland Air Glaciers

    Air Glaciers SA

    air glaciers

    1965 to present    


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    1965/    SionLSGS


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    2003/    EC120B
    1971/    SA315B Lama
    1966/    Alouette III
    1965/    47

    Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    1426 47j 1957 HB-XAU: Air Glaciers from 1sep1965 to may1968 toward new owner HeliSwiss
    Heliswiss International AG HB-XAU: HeliSwiss from 3may1968 to w/o jun1971
    1259 se3160 1965 HB-XCB: Air Glaciers; from 1966 in 1986/1987 cnvt. to type:SA316B
    1443 se3160 1967 HB-XCM: Air-Glaciers from Oct67; w/o 26dec93 at Roc de la Tsa, VS cant 2016; cabi+
    2321 sa315b 1973 HB-XEO: Air Glaciers from Mar75; Feb13 reached 16,000 flight hours; w/o 30aug16 pi+
    - F-BUYA: SA Hemet Exploration Oct73-Feb75
    2436 sa315b HB-XFE: Air Glaciers; loan OE-EXB; scr
    2445 sa315b 1976 HB-XFX: from 1976 to 1980 to Air Glaciers
    HB-XFX: Air Glaciers from 1980 to 1981 ex owner(s) ??? to owner(s) ???
    Air Zermatt AG HB-XFX: from 1981 to 1982 ex Air Glaciers to Air Zermatt
    Air Zermatt AG HB-XFX: Air Zermatt from 1982 ex owner(s) ??? on 10 July 2004 w/o
    2349 sa315b 1973 HB-XGP: Air Glaciers Jun77-Jan92; 1979 video ABBA music group helicopter ride fro+
    HB-XGP: Air Glaciers Nov09-Apr14; wfu
    Heliswiss International AG HB-XDZ: Heliswiss Apr73; w/o 15feb74 at Hungerliwald; rebuilt
    - F-BVUG: Gyrafrance SA at Fréjorgues Airport, Jul74-May77; to Aerospatiale
    - HB-XGP: Trans Heli SA Jan92-Nov09
    2265 sa316b 1975 HB-XNW: Air Glaciers from Mar83; w/o 20jun96 at Trienthutte; canc 2009
    - N49543: toward 1983 to HB-XNW
    1071 se3160 1962 HB-XNZ: Air-Glaciers Jun87-May13; wfu
    Royal Danish Navy M-071: RDN d/d 23jan63 last flight 01dec82; to civ as HB-XNZ
    Royal Danish Air Force M-071: Transferred to Navy in Apr 1977.
    - HB-XNZ: Rhein Helikopter Jul83-Jun87; conv to SA316B
    1019 se3160 1962 HB-XOE: Air-Glaciers Jun83-May13
    Royal Danish Navy M-019: RDN d/d 08jun62 last flight 01dec82; to civ as HB-XOE
    Royal Danish Navy M-019: Esk 722, at Culdrose Air Show, Static Display 25 Jul 1979
    Royal Danish Air Force M-019: Transferred to Navy in Apr
    - LX-AAA: Luxembourg 1983, for Switzerland
    1439 se3160 1967 HB-XOF: Air-Glaciers Dec83-Jun14; wfu
    Royal Danish Navy M-439: RDN d/d 10apr67 last flight 13may82; to civ HB-XOF
    Royal Danish Air Force M-439: Transferred to Navy in Apr 1977.
    2400 sa315b 1974 HB-XRD: Air Glaciers from Jul03-Sep03 toward new owner Heli TV
    - OE-EXV: toward HB-XRD
    Heli-TV SA HB-XRD: from 1988 - Jul02 ex OE-EXV toward new owner Heli TV
    Heli-TV SA HB-XRD: Heli TV from Jul02-Jul03 toward new owner Air Glaciers
    Heli-TV SA HB-XRD: Heli TV from Sep03
    2490 sa315b 1977 HB-XRF: Air Glaciers from Jun99
    HB-XRF: pictured at Sion during WEF Annual meeting
    - N49524: to G-BMUA
    PDG Helicopters G-BMUA: Dollar Air Services Ltd Jun/Aug 1986
    Air Grischa Helikopter AG HB-XRF: Air Grischa Sep86-May88
    Air Grischa Helikopter AG HB-XRF: Air Grischa Apr89-Jun99
    - OE-KXD: Austria Jun88-Apr89
    2309 sa315b 1972 HB-XRN: Air Glaciers Apr87-Jun11; 1994 Featured in the Thierry Donard film Pushin+
    - N6390: USA 1972?-1987
    2407 sa315b HB-XTN: Air Glaciers; ex N62345; scr
    2633 sa315b 1982 HB-XTO: Air Glaciers from Mar89; 2013 still
    - LN-OTE: Norway, to HB-XTO
    2334 sa315b HB-XVL: Air Glaciers; ex N62250
    2522 sa315b 1978 HB-XZU: Air Glaciers from 31may07
    - JA9190: 1979 to 1993; to HB-XZU
    HELOG HB-XZU: Helog sep93 to 31may07; ex JA9190
    1336 EC120B 2002 HB-ZEP: Air Glaciers Jan03-May17
    Eurocopter France F-WWPO: Eurocopter, to HB-ZEP
    - HB-ZEP: Héli-Lausanne SA from May17
    19 C/N found in this Organisation.