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  • CA St. Laurent class

    CA Prestonian class


    Destroyer St. Laurent class

    First major warships designed and built in Canada were similar to the British Type 12 Whitby class but with American equipment. They were refitted from destroyer escorts (DDE) to helicopter-capable ships (DDH) in mid-60s. All but St. Laurent received a second refit during the 1980s known as DELEX ( Destroyer Life Extension ) which give them new electronics, machinery, and hull upgrades. 14 ships were planned but production shift to the Restigouche_class after the seventh unit.

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    CA Restigouche class 1958
                            CA Mackenzie class 1962
                                                    CA Annapolis class 1964
                                                                            CA FF City class 1992
    CA St. Laurent DDH class 1963


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    2800full load (tn)
    113.10length (m)
    12.80beam (m)
    4draught (m)
    4750range (nm)
    28max speed (knots)
    3Naval Engine boilers
    2Naval Engine steam turbines
    2Naval Gun Mark 33 3/50 inch (twin 76 mm)
    2Naval Gun single 40 mm
    2Rocket Launcher ASW mortar Mk 10 Limbo


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        Typical Max
    No Landing platform


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    CA Burrard Dry Dock - North Vancouver2
    CA Canadian Vickers - Maisonneuve district2
    CA Halifax Shipyards - 2
    CA Marine Industries Limited - 1

    List of Ships

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        Sorted by Year Filter:     Hide Transfers     Hide deriv.    
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 205HMCS St. LaurentCGXG19551963
    St. Laurent DDH class DDH 205 HMCS St. Laurent 19631974
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 206HMCS SaguenayCZFX19561965
    St. Laurent DDH class DDH 206 HMCS Saguenay 19651990
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 229HMCS OttawaCZCW19561964
    St. Laurent DDH class DDH 229 HMCS Ottawa 19641992
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 234HMCS AssiniboineCGJL19561963
    St. Laurent DDH class DDH 234 HMCS Assiniboine 19631988
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 207HMCS SkeenaCGWP19571965
    St. Laurent DDH class DDH 207 HMCS Skeena 19651993
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 230HMCS MargareeCGNJ - ME19571965
    St. Laurent DDH class DDH 230 HMCS Margaree 19651992
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 233HMCS FraserCZFG19571966
    St. Laurent DDH class DDH 233 HMCS Fraser 19661994
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 256Restigouche class HMCS St. CroixCGJI19581974
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 257Restigouche class HMCS RestigoucheCZDE19581994
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 235Restigouche class HMCS ChaudiereCZGJ19591974
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 236Restigouche class HMCS GatineauCGWF19591996
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 258Restigouche class HMCS KootenayCGKG19591995
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 259Restigouche class HMCS Terra NovaCZJV19591997
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 260Restigouche class HMCS ColumbiaCGJR19591974
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 261Mackenzie class HMCS Mackenzie19621993
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 262Mackenzie class HMCS Saskatchewan19631994
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 263Mackenzie class HMCS Yukon19631992
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDE 264Mackenzie class HMCS Qu Appelle19631994
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDH 265Annapolis class HMCS AnnapolisCGKB - AS19641996
    CACanadian Armed ForcesDDH 266Annapolis class HMCS NipigonCGZP - NN19641998
    CACanadian Armed ForcesFFH 330City class HMCS HalifaxCGAP1992--
    CACanadian Armed ForcesFFH 331City class HMCS VancouverCGAR - VR1993--
    CACanadian Armed ForcesFFH 333City class HMCS TorontoCGAD1993--
    CACanadian Armed ForcesFFH 334City class HMCS ReginaCGAE1993--
    CACanadian Armed ForcesFFH 332City class HMCS Ville de QuebecCGAC - VC1994--
    CACanadian Armed ForcesFFH 336City class HMCS MontrealCGAG1994--
    CACanadian Armed ForcesFFH 337City class HMCS FrederictonCGAN1994--
    CACanadian Armed ForcesFFH 335City class HMCS CalgaryCGAF1995--
    CACanadian Armed ForcesFFH 339City class HMCS CharlottetownCGAJ1995--
    CACanadian Armed ForcesFFH 338City class HMCS WinnipegCGAI - WG1996--
    CACanadian Armed ForcesFFH 340City class HMCS St. John sCGAK1996--
    CACanadian Armed ForcesFFH 341City class HMCS OttawaCGAL1996--

    32 units


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    1950-nov-22Laid downCA DDE 205 HMCS St. Laurent
    1951-apr-4Laid downCA DDE 206 HMCS Saguenay
    1951-jun-1Laid downCA DDE 207 HMCS Skeena
    1951-jun-8Laid downCA DDE 229 HMCS Ottawa
    1951-sep-12Laid downCA DDE 230 HMCS Margaree
    1951-nov-30LaunchedCA DDE 205 HMCS St. Laurent
    1951-dec-11Laid downCA DDE 233 HMCS Fraser
    1952-may-19Laid downCA DDE 234 HMCS Assiniboine
    1952-aug-19LaunchedCA DDE 207 HMCS Skeena
    1953-feb-19LaunchedCA DDE 233 HMCS Fraser
    1953-apr-29LaunchedCA DDE 229 HMCS Ottawa
    1953-jul-30LaunchedCA DDE 206 HMCS Saguenay
    1954-feb-12LaunchedCA DDE 234 HMCS Assiniboine
    1955-oct-29CommissionedCA DDE 205 HMCS St. Laurent
    1956-mar-29LaunchedCA DDE 230 HMCS Margaree
    1956-aug-16CommissionedCA DDE 234 HMCS Assiniboine
    1956-nov-10CommissionedCA DDE 229 HMCS Ottawa
    1956-dec-15CommissionedCA DDE 206 HMCS Saguenay
    1957TrialsCA DDE 229 HMCS Ottawa fitted with experimental flight deck for first-of-type trials with a helicopter.
    1957-mar-30CommissionedCA DDE 207 HMCS Skeena
    1957-jun-28CommissionedCA DDE 233 HMCS Fraser
    1957-oct-5CommissionedCA DDE 230 HMCS Margaree
    1963DecommissionedCA DDE 205 HMCS St. Laurent
    1963RefitCA DDE 205 HMCS St. Laurent as DDH
    1963DecommissionedCA DDE 229 HMCS Ottawa
    1963DecommissionedCA DDE 234 HMCS Assiniboine
    1963RefitCA DDE 234 HMCS Assiniboine as DDH
    1963-may-24RefitCA DDE 229 HMCS Ottawa as DDH
    1964RefitCA DDE 230 HMCS Margaree as DDH, for CH-124A operations, completed 1965
    1964-sepRefitCA DDE 207 HMCS Skeena for conversion to DDH at Davie Shipbuilders. Added a landing platform for CH-124 use.
    1965DecommissionedCA DDE 206 HMCS Saguenay
    1965RefitCA DDE 206 HMCS Saguenay as DDH
    1965DecommissionedCA DDE 207 HMCS Skeena
    1965DecommissionedCA DDE 230 HMCS Margaree
    1966DecommissionedCA DDE 233 HMCS Fraser
    1966RefitCA DDE 233 HMCS Fraser as DDH

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