US Wind class



Icebreakers Wind class

Heavily armed icebreakers which served from 1944 through the late 1970s in the United States Coast Guard. Three were loaned to the Soviet Navy while two others were built for the US Navy and a last one for the Royal Canadian Navy


6000full load (tn)
82length (m)
19.35beam (m)
7.85draught (m)
13max speed (knots)
12000power (shp)

6Naval Engine diesel

6Naval Gun single 20 mm
8Naval Gun single 40 mm
2Torpedo Launchers Depth charge rack

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
US USCG Sikorsky HH-52A Sea Guard 01
CA Royal Canadian Navy (1945-1968) Bell 47 13


US Ingalls Shipbuilding - 1
CA Marine Industries Limited - 1
US Western Pipe and Steel Company - 7

  List of Ships

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19441974USUSCGWAGB-278USCGC Staten Island
19441968USUSCGWAGB-279USCGC Eastwind
19441974USUSCGWAGB-280USCGC Southwind
19441988USUSCGWAGB-281USCGC Westwind
19451989USUSCGWAGB-282USCGC Northwind
19541987CACanadian Armed ForcesAW 50HMCS LabradorCGVM
19551966USUS NavyAGB-4USS GlacierNAAO
19661987 US USCG WAGB-4 USCGC Glacier
19661978USUSCGWAGB-283USCGC Burton Island

9 units


1943LaunchedLaunched US WAGB-281 USCGC Westwind as USS Westwind AGB-6
1944 US WAGB-278 USCGC Staten Island to Soviet Navy as Severny Veter
1944-jul-10Laid downLaid down US WAGB-282 USCGC Northwind
1945 US WAGB-281 USCGC Westwind to Soviet Union as Severni Polius
1945 US WAGB-280 USCGC Southwind to Soviet Navy as Kapitan Belusov
1945-jul-28CommissionedCommissioned US WAGB-282 USCGC Northwind
1946 US WAGB-283 USCGC Burton Island to US Navy as USS Burton Island AG-88
1946-dec-02DeploymentDeployment US WAGB-282 USCGC Northwind Left eastern USA for Antarctica deployment with Operation Highjump, USCG Sikorsky HNS-1 39043 embarked. Returned to US mid Apr 1947.
1950 US WAGB-280 USCGC Southwind to US Navy as USS Atka AGB-3
1951CommissionedCommissioned US WAGB-281 USCGC Westwind in USCG
1951 US WAGB-278 USCGC Staten Island to US Navy as USS Northwind AGB-5
1952 US WAGB-278 USCGC Staten Island renamed Staten Island
1953-aug-03Laid downLaid down US AGB-4 USS Glacier Yard No 580.
1954-jul-08CommissionedCommissioned CA AW 50 HMCS Labrador
1954-aug-27LaunchedLaunched US AGB-4 USS Glacier
1955-may-27CommissionedCommissioned US AGB-4 USS Glacier
1956-dec-31AircraftAircraft US WAGB-278 USCGC Staten Island Ships Flight Bell HTL-5 of HU-1 Det 31, crashed on deck, shortly after take off, in the Antarctic, during Operation Deep Freeze II.
1957 CA AW 50 HMCS Labrador as CGS Labrador
1957-jan-19AircraftAircraft US AGB-4 USS Glacier Ships Flight HO4S-3 138595 of HU-2 Det 69 crashed in Ross Sea
1959-feb-12AircraftAircraft US AGB-4 USS Glacier Ships Flight HRS-3 144257 of HU-2 Det 69, crashed on the ice after engine failure during a test flight, near to the ship.
1960-nov-21 US AGB-4 USS Glacier Departed Boston 13 Oct 1960 for passage to Lyttleton (reached 21 Nov) for her 6th Antarctic mission.
1962 CA AW 50 HMCS Labrador to Coast Guard as CCGS Labrador, call sign changed to CGGM
1965CommissionedCommissioned US WAGB-284 USCGC Edisto in USCG
1965-febCommissionedCommissioned US WAGB-278 USCGC Staten Island
1966CommissionedCommissioned US WAGB-280 USCGC Southwind to USCG
1966CommissionedCommissioned US WAGB-283 USCGC Burton Island in USCG
1966 US WAGB-281 USCGC Westwind Operation SUNEC
1966-jun-30Fate: transferedFate: transfered US AGB-4 USS Glacier to US Coast Guard
1966-julHomeportHomeport US WAGB-4 USCGC Glacier Relocated to Long Beach, CA
1966-jul-01CommissionedCommissioned US WAGB-4 USCGC Glacier ex US Navy USS Glacier
1972Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped US WAGB-279 USCGC Eastwind
1974DecommissionedDecommissioned US WAGB-280 USCGC Southwind
1974DecommissionedDecommissioned US WAGB-284 USCGC Edisto
1974-novDecommissionedDecommissioned US WAGB-278 USCGC Staten Island
1978DecommissionedDecommissioned US WAGB-283 USCGC Burton Island
1987DecommissionedDecommissioned CA AW 50 HMCS Labrador
1987-jul-07DecommissionedDecommissioned US WAGB-4 USCGC Glacier at Portland, OR
1987-jul-08 US WAGB-4 USCGC Glacier towed to Bremerton, to be stripped out and laid up
1988Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped CA AW 50 HMCS Labrador Sold for scrap.
1988-feb-28DecommissionedDecommissioned US WAGB-281 USCGC Westwind
1989-jan-20DecommissionedDecommissioned US WAGB-282 USCGC Northwind
1999Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped US WAGB-282 USCGC Northwind
2012-feb-12Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped US WAGB-4 USCGC Glacier sold for scrapping; reached Brownsville, TX on 19 Jun 2012

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