Naval Engine


Derivatives / Succeeded by
-- NL diesel - electric Stork Wartsila 12SW28
-- UK diesel - electric Paxman 12YJCZ

  Used by

0NO ST-253 ROV class support ship AO 4
1964IN Darshak (1959) class support ship AO 2
1982JP Shirase class icebreakers AW 6
1984UK Challenger class support ship AO 5
1993FI Fennica class icebreakers AW 2
1994NO Marjata (1994) class support ship AO 2
2000UK Triton class corvette FS 2
2001NO Svalbard class icebreakers AW 2
2015NL Joint Support Ship class support ship AO 5
2017US Lewis B Puller Class landing ship/platform dock L 0
2018NO UT540WP class support ship AO 1
2019RO MRSO (1) class support ship AO 1
2019UK RRS Sir David Attenborough support ship AO 2
2020CA Harry deWolf class icebreakers AW 2

  In Service

NZ Royal New Zealand Navy
IN Indian Navy
JP Japanese Navy
UK Royal Navy
FI Finnish Navy
NO Royal Norwegian Navy
AU Australian Customs and Border Protection Service
NO Norwegian Coast Guard
NL Royal Netherlands Navy
US US Navy
UK Her Majesty's Government
UK Royal Fleet Auxiliary
CA Canadian Armed Forces

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