2012 to present    

D35 HMS Dragon

UK Royal Navy

IMO: 4907866
Flight Deck: DN
Call Sign: GMIA
Shipyard: Kvaerner (Govan)


History of UK HMS Dragon D35

2005-decLaid downLaid down at Scotstoun.
2008-nov-17LaunchedLaunched from Govan
2011-sep-01HomeportHomeport Arrived in HMNB Portsmouth after extensive fitting out on the Clyde.
2012-mar-15Port VisitPort Visit first visit to Cardiff for 5 day stay.
2012-apr-20CommissionedCommissioned at HMNB Portsmouth
2012-apr-27Port VisitPort Visit Cruise Terminal visited Liverpool (at Cruise Liner Terminal) until 29 Apr.
2012-nov-03AircraftAircraft Lynx ZF560. Lynx callsign is Flametrap
2012-nov-09Port VisitPort Visit visited Fowey (in Cornwall), until 11 Nov 2012
2013-mar-19DeploymentDeployment Gulf of Aden Operation Kipion Departed HMNB Portsmouth on her maiden deployment for 7 month (planned) counter piracy and maritime security operations around the Middle East and Indian Ocean. Relieved HMS Monmouth, on station in Gulf of Aden, on 24 Apr. Operating initially with 2x Lynx HMA.8 embarked (815 NAS 226 Flt and later 219 Flt), 219 Flt was later re-assigned to RFA Cardigan Bay on station. Relieved on station by HMS Montrose on 19 Sep and after re-tasking in Mediterranean on home leg, returned on 22 Nov.
2013-augDeploymentDeployment exercising with USS Nimitz and its carrier group in Gulf of Oman.
2013-nov-10Port VisitPort Visit MT Grand Harbour / il-Port il-Kbir / Valletta first visit of Type 45 to Malta
2014-mar-14AircraftAircraft First of type landing for 700W Sq Wildcat HMA.2 ZZ377, while operating in Irish Sea.
2014-mar-31DeploymentDeployment North Western Approaches Wildcat Trials Exercise Joint Warrior 14-1 with Wildcat HMA.2 ZZ377 of 700W NAS embarked for further pre-operational trials
2014-may-14Port VisitPort Visit Roath Basin Cardiff arrived in Cardiff for 5 day visit
2014-oct-27DeploymentDeployment South Atlantic Atlantic Patrol Task (South) departed HMNB Portsmouth for 7 month Atlantic Patrol Task (South) maritime security deployment. 815 NAS Lynx HMA.8 ZD252/455 embarked for deployment. Relieved HMS Iron Duke on station. Relieved in turn by HMS Lancaster and returned to Portsmouth 6 May 2015
2014-dec-02DeploymentDeployment CL Valparaíso Vina del Mar Exponaval 2014 attended Exponaval 2014, alongside at Valparaiso
2015-feb-06Port VisitPort Visit ZA Simon Town Naval Dockyard Maintenance period visited Simons Town, in company with RFA Gold Rover. Departed 27 Feb.
2015-apr-23Port VisitPort Visit visit to Casablanca
2015-julRefitRefit start of 12 month refit at HMD Portsmouth, left dry dock mid Jan 2016 after hull and machinery overhaul. Still to complete work on electric propulsion, weapons systems, sensors and communications, living quarters.
2017-feb-11DeploymentDeployment Clyde Challenger Rescue Rescued 14 crew from de-masted racing yacht Clyde Challenger in the North Atlantic.
2018-aprAircraftAircraft assigned 815 NAS Wildcat HMA.2 ZZ381 by Apr 2018
2018-sepDeploymentDeployment Departed HMNB Portsmouth for Middle East deployment. Returned on 12 Apr 2019.
2018-sepAircraftAircraft OM Port of Duqm assigned 815 NAS 212 Flight Wildcat HMA.2 ZZ516 by Sep 2018 (returned to Yeovilton 11 Apr 2019).
2018-octDeploymentDeployment OM Port of Duqm Exercise Saif Sareea 3 Participating in Joint UK-Omani Ex SS3 and as escort for Task Group Flagship HMS Albion.
2018-octDeploymentDeployment EG Suez Canal escorted RFA Lyme Bay through Suez Canal and Red Sea for their participation in Exercise Saif Sareea 3 in Oman.
2018-oct-28NEWS Royal Navy Exercise Saif Sareea 3 off Oman
2019-sep-26DeploymentDeployment WESTLANT19 Operating with HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Northumberland and RFA Tideforce during WESTLANT19, off US east coast. 815 NAS 212 Flt Wildcat embarked. Returned to HMNB Portsmouth on 2 Dec 2019.
2020-sep-16DeploymentDeployment LRG(X) part of Littoral Response Group (Experimental) deployment with HMS Albion and RFA Lyme Bay for exercises across Mediterranean, North Africa and Black Sea. 815 NAS 212 Flt Wildcat HMA.2 embarked. Returned to HMNB Portsmouth on 21 Nov.
2020-oct-15Port VisitPort Visit GE Batumi Naval Base Hosted by Georgia Coast Guard on visit to Batumi, until 18 Oct.
2021-mayDeploymentDeployment Formidable Shield 2021
2021-nov-14Port VisitPort Visit FR Arsenal de Toulon (naval base) visiting Toulon Naval Base

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Type 45 Daring class
7500light (tn)
8100full load (tn)
152.40length (m)
21.20beam (m)
7.40draught (m)
7000range (nm)
29max speed (knots)

2Naval Engine gas turbine - Rolls Royce WR21
2Naval Engine diesel - Wärtsilä VASA32

8Missile Launcher Aster VLS

1Naval Gun Mk.8 Mod 1 4.5 inch

1Naval Radar long range search S1850M

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
Landing platform only. No hangar
UK Royal Navy AW EH101 12
UK Royal Navy Westland Lynx 12
UK Royal Navy AW AW159 Wildcat HMA2 12


UK Kvaerner (Govan), Govan

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