united kingdom HMS Raleigh

Torpoint, Cornwall
United Kingdom


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2.9 75 HMD Devonport, England
3.1 41 HMS Drake, England
3.7245 Tregantle Range, Cornwall
4.6 88 RN Hospital Stonehouse, England
4.7103 Long Room, England
5.0 99 Trinity Pier, England

1940 to present

50° 22' 18'' N - 4° 13' 23.5'' W
2.3 nm SW of Tamar Bridges
Elevation: 52 feet

History of this Location

HMS Raleigh
HMS Raleigh was established in Jan 1940 to provide basic training for RN recruits, on a sloping site adjacent to St Johns Lake, Millbrook, near Torpoint. By 1959 it had become the primary entry point for all non-officer recruits.

The hardstanding must have had one its busiest days on 13 May 1982, when 20 Wessex HU.5 of newly formed 847 Sq arrived in three sections, prior to joining mv Atlantic Causeway in Plymouth Sound later that day for her departure to the South Atlantic .

With the growing pressure on budgets, like HMS Sultan in Gosport, HMS Raleigh has grown through centralisation of training activities. After an extensive rebuilding programme throughout the 1970s, WRNS training moved in from HMS Dauntless, followed in 1983 by the Supply School relocation from HMS Pembroke and the assumption of basic training for the artificer apprentices at adjacent HMS Fisgard. Further consolidation followed with the transfer of the Submarine School from Gosport in 2000 and the Military Training school in 2001 from the ex gunnery school at HMS Cambridge, to the east of Plymouth. In 2008 and 2009 work commenced in stages on 4 new accommodation blocks and by Jun 2010 this had been completed.

Against a background of the Oct 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review, with a smaller Royal Navy to accept its output, the annual intake has halved to around 1100 in 2011. With a similar knock on to officer training at BRNC Dartmouth the UK MoD has already begun denying that the two sites will merge.
A land based installation of the Rolls Royce Heavy Replenishment at Sea (HRAS) system for rapid dry store transfer to the Queen Elizabeth class carriers has been operating since 2014, to train personnel and prove procedures.

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List of units at HMS Raleigh

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2012/    FOSTSA365 Dauphin 2 1997/   

HMS Raleigh News

First Aid Ground Training, 15-Feb-16 : a Royal Navy decommissioned Lynx helicopter has arrived at HMS Raleigh to add realism to First Aid training


02-apr-8217-jun-82Operation Corporate

List of aircraft and events at HMS Raleigh

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By Date | By Serial

Lynx HAS2XZ726 feb16
SA341B Gazelle AH.1XZ338 28jun79
Sea King HC.4ZF118 dec15
Wessex HAS.1XP150 78
Wessex HC.2XR523 03
Wessex HU.5XS479 13may82
Wessex HU.5XS488 13may82
Wessex HU.5XS506 13may82
Wessex HU.5XS507 13may82
Wessex HU.5XS514 13may82
Wessex HU.5XS515 13may82
Wessex HU.5XS516 13may82
Wessex HU.5XS518 13may82
Wessex HU.5XT466 13may82
Wessex HU.5XT469 13may82
Wessex HU.5XT471 13may82
Wessex HU.5XT472 13may82
Wessex HU.5XT475 13may82
Wessex HU.5XT480 13may82
Wessex HU.5XT484 02dec81
Wessex HU.5XT486 13may82
Wessex HU.5XT755 13may82
Wessex HU.5XT757 13may82
Wessex HU.5XT759 13may82
Wessex HU.5XT766 13may82
Wessex HU.5XT773 13may82

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