united kingdom HMD Devonport

Plymouth, England
United Kingdom


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1.8333 HMS Drake, England
1.9109 RN Hospital Stonehouse, England
2.5136 Long Room, England
2.6125 Trinity Pier, England
2.8 68 Central Park, England
2.9255 HMS Raleigh, Cornwall

50 22 42 secs N - 4 10 59 secs W

History of this Location

The Royal Navy has been associated with Plymouth and Devonport since before the 1500s. The Royal Dockyard itself was opened in 1691 to the south of the main site and work started further north on Naval Barracks in 1880.

A ten year major modernisation programme for Devonport Dockyard commenced in the early 1970s. Between Mar 1973 and 1977, No. 5, 6 and 7 Dock in No. 2 Basin were pumped dry and a covered Frigate complex constructed on the site of the old Keyham dock, to allow work to be done under cover. The new docks were flooded in early Jun 1976.

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List of ships built at HMD Devonport

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-Aircraft Carrier Majestic class
1961Frigate Type 12 Rothesay class
1962Frigate Type 81 Tribal class
1966Frigate Towed Array Exocet Leander class
1967Frigate Exocet Leander class
1970Frigate Seawolf Leander class

1944-sep-30UK R93 HMS Terrible Majestic class
1959-jul-20UK F126 HMS Plymouth Type 12 Rothesay class
1960-sep-19UK F133 HMS Tartar Type 81 Tribal class
1964-mar-25UK F28 HMS Cleopatra Towed Array Exocet Leander class
1965-oct-31UK F47 HMS Danae Exocet Leander class
1968-aug-8UK F71 HMS Scylla Seawolf Leander class

HMD Devonport News

Wildcat in First Deployment to Far East, 10-Jan-18 : #deployment Royal Navy type 23 frigate HMS Sutherland departed from Plymouth for a 7 months long mission to Australia, the Far East and the Gulf region. Is the first Wildcat HMA2 deployment to the region

HMS Ocean Departs for BALTOPS 2016, 02-Jun-16 : The Royal Navy’s Flagship HMS Ocean (L12) departed Devonport to take part in NATO exercise BALTOPS 2016 in the Baltic Sea with 16 allied and partner nations.


02-apr-8217-jun-82Operation Corporate

List of aircraft and events at HMD Devonport

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By Date | By Serial

Point class mv Eddystone 08aug19
OL class A122 RFA Olwen aug65
OL class A123 RFA Olna 27aug66
OL class A124 RFA Olmeda 04feb82
Reliant class (1983) A131 RFA Reliant 31may82
Hecla class A133 HMS Hecla 27aug66 26aug67
Tide class A136 RFA Tidespring 20dec19
Hecla class A137 HMS Hecate 27aug66
Hecla class A138 HMS Herald 87
Ocean class A140 PHM Atlantico 01aug18
Protector class A146 HMS Protector 54
Rover class A268 RFA Green Rover 27aug77
Retainer class A329 RFA Retainer 27aug66
Ness class A344 RFA Stromness 29aug81
Regent class A486 RFA Regent 26aug67
Improved Tide class A75 RFA Tidespring 28jul89
Protecteur class AOR 509 HMCS Protecteur 05jun82
Wichita class AOR-4 USS Savannah 24sep82
Tiger class C20 HMS Tiger 05aug61 01aug64 aug65 27aug66 26aug67
CH-124 Sea King12413 05jun82
CH-124 Sea King12414 05jun82
CH-124 Sea King12430 05dec81
CH-46A152567 24sep82
CH-46D153335 24sep82
CH-46F156450 11feb82
CH-46F156456 11feb82
CH-46F156467 11feb82
CH-46F157726 11feb82
County class D02 HMS Devonshire 01aug64 27aug66 26aug67
Type 42 (Batch 1 and 2) class D108 HMS Cardiff 29aug81
County class D18 HMS Antrim 29aug81
Type 45 Daring class D36 HMS Defender 10sep13
Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class DDG-109 USS Jason Dunham 31jul15
Arleigh Burke Flight I class DDG-71 USS Ross 24mar18
Arleigh Burke Flight II class DDG-75 USS Donald Cook 03apr15
Annapolis class DDH 266 HMCS Nipigon 05dec81
Ikara Leander class F10 HMS Aurora 29aug81
Type 12 Rothesay class F101 HMS Yarmouth aug65
Ikara Leander class F104 HMS Dido 29aug81
Ikara Leander class F109 HMS Leander 27aug77
Type 12 Rothesay class F113 HMS Falmouth 26aug67
Ikara Leander class F114 HMS Ajax 27aug77 29aug81
Type 12 Rothesay class F115 HMS Berwick 27aug77
Broad Beam Leander class F12 HMS Achilles 27aug77
Type 81 Tribal class F125 HMS Mohawk 27aug77
Exocet Leander class F127 HMS Penelope 01aug64 aug65
Type 81 Tribal class F133 HMS Tartar 05aug61 may82
Ikara Leander class F15 HMS Euryalus 27aug66 27aug77
Type 21 Amazon class F169 HMS Amazon 27aug77
Type 21 Amazon class F170 HMS Antelope 29aug81
Type 21 Amazon class F171 HMS Active 28jul89
Type 21 Amazon class F172 HMS Ambuscade 29aug81
Type 21 Amazon class F173 HMS Arrow 27aug77 28jul89
Type 21 Amazon class F174 HMS Alacrity 27aug77 28jul89
Type 21 Amazon class F184 HMS Ardent 29aug81
Type 21 Amazon class F185 HMS Avenger 28jul89
F 123 Brandenburg class F215 Brandenburg 10sep13
F 123 Brandenburg class F218 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 08nov19
F 125 Baden-Württemberg class F222 Baden-Wurttemberg 25aug19
Type 23 Duke class F229 HMS Lancaster mar17
Type 23 Duke class F234 HMS Iron Duke 15jan19
Type 23 Duke class F238 HMS Northumberland 05sep09
Towed Array Exocet Leander class F28 HMS Cleopatra 26aug67 27aug77 29aug81 24jan92
Fridtjof Nansen class F311 KNM Roald Amundsen 28jan16
Fridtjof Nansen class F312 KNM Otto Sverdrup 02feb17
Fridtjof Nansen class F314 KNM Thor Heyerdahl 18jan19
Ikara Leander class F39 HMS Naiad 29aug81
Towed Array Exocet Leander class F40 HMS Sirius 27aug77 28jul89
Towed Array Exocet Leander class F42 HMS Phoebe 27aug66 27aug77 28jul89
Exocet Leander class F47 HMS Danae 27aug66 27aug77 29aug81 28aug89
Type 15 class F53 HMS Undaunted aug60
Towed Array Exocet Leander class F56 HMS Argonaut 27aug77
Seawolf Leander class F60 HMS Jupiter 29aug81
Van Speijk class F805 Hr. Ms. van Nes 29aug81
Kortenaer class F808 Hr.Ms. Callenburgh 06nov81
Type 23 Duke class F82 HMS Somerset 05sep09
Type 22 (Batch 3) Cornwall class F86 HMS Campbeltown 28jul89
Type 22 (Batch 1) Broadsword class F88 HMS Broadsword 15may79
Type 22 (Batch 1) Broadsword class F89 HMS Battleaxe 29aug81 89
Type 22 (Batch 1) Broadsword class F90 HMS Brilliant 29aug81 28jul89
Type 22 (Batch 1) Broadsword class F91 HMS Brazen 06oct82
Karel Doorman class F931 Louise-Marie 24apr12
Type 22 (Batch 2) Boxer class F95 HMS London 28jul89
Type 22 (Batch 3) Cornwall class F99 HMS Cornwall 95
Knox class FF-1084 USS McCandless 05oct82
Scott class H131 HMS Scott 21oct13
Fearless class L10 HMS Fearless 26aug78
Ocean class L12 HMS Ocean 05sep09 27mar18
Albion class L14 HMS Albion mar17
Albion class L15 HMS Bulwark 05sep09
Blue Ridge class LCC-20 USS Mount Whitney 17jul10
San Antonio class LPD-21 USS New York 13nov18
Iwo Jima class LPH-7 USS Guadalcanal 11feb82
Lynx HAS2XZ246 15may79
Lynx HAS2XZ735 12feb82
Lynx HAS3SZF557 29may14
Lynx mk27271 06nov81
Merlin HM.1ZH846 10sep13
Merlin HM.1ZH856 05sep09
Merlin HM.1ZH858 05sep09
Merlin HM.1ZH863 05sep09
NH90 NFHN-088 21feb19
NH90 NFHN-110 13mar17
River (Batch 2) class P222 HMS Forth 09apr19
Holland class (OPV) P842 Hr.Ms. Friesland 08dec12 31may15
Holland class (OPV) P843 Zr. Ms. Groningen 08dec12 21feb19
Audacious class R05 HMS Eagle aug60 05aug61 01aug64 27aug66
Audacious class R09 HMS Ark Royal 05aug61 01aug64 26aug67 27aug77
Improved Centaur class R12 HMS Hermes 01aug64 aug65 01mar71 27aug77
Colossus class R68 HMS Ocean dec53
Colossus class R71 HMAS Vengeance 13nov52
SA316B Alouette IIIM-1 24apr12
SA316B Alouette IIIM-3 08dec12
SA341B Gazelle AH.1XX402 05apr82
SA341B Gazelle AH.1XX411 05apr82
SA341B Gazelle AH.1XX412 05apr82
SA341B Gazelle AH.1XZ326 05apr82
SA341B Gazelle AH.1ZA730 05apr82
SA341B Gazelle AH.1ZA776 05apr82
Scout AH.1XP893 26aug78
Sea King HAS.1XV649 03apr82
Sea King HAS.5ZA130 05sep09
Sea King HAS.5ZE418 05sep09
Sea King HC.4ZB507 05sep09
Super Lynx mk88a83+24 29may14
UH-1N159195 11feb82
UH-1N159196 11feb82
UH-1N159683 11feb82
UH-1N160440 11feb82
UH-1N160443 11feb82
UH-1N160446 11feb82
UH-1N160447 11feb82
UH-1N160450 11feb82
UH-1N160452 11feb82
UH-1N160454 11feb82
UH-1N160456 11feb82
UH-1N160457 11feb82
UH-1N160827 11feb82
UH-2B151321 05oct82
Wessex HU.5XT449 06mar82
Wessex HU.5XT470 06mar82

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