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    EC725 Caracal


    News about Eurocopter EC725 Caracal

    Brazilian Helicopter Aerial Refueling Ready, 09-Nov-20 : #refueling Brazilian Air Force (FAB) completed certification of aerial refueling of Helibras H-36 Caracal (Airbus EC725BR / H225M) helicopter from KC-130 Hercules tanker started in 2018. Brazil becomes the first country in South America with the ability to refuel helicopters in flight. Will continue next year with the new KC-390

    Brazilian Air Force Caracal in Deck Training, 11-Aug-20 : #deck Brazilian Air Force Caracal crews were qualified in search and rescue (SAR) mission in collaboration with the a Navy patrol ship. Brazil is responsible for SAR coverage of a vast area of the Atlantic Ocean

    Malaysia Deploys H225M Against Coronavirus, 17-Apr-20 : #coronavirus The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF/TUDM) deploys its Airbus H225M/EC725 helicopters in the fight against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

    UNITAS LX in Rio de Janeiro, 02-Sep-19 : #UNITAS Naval Forces from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Great Britain, Japan, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal and the United States took part of atlantic phase of annual amphibious exercise UNITAS LX at Ilha da Marambia, Brazil

    Caracal Helicopter Aerial Refueling in Brazil, 18-Dec-18 : #REVO Brazilian Air Force in aerial refueling campaign of their H225M / EC725BR Caracal helicopters with KC-130H Hercules tanker as part of first phase of REVO certification

    H225M/EC725 Reaches 100,000 Flight Hours, 05-Oct-18 : #H225M The world fleet of 88 H225M / EC725 used by France, Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand soars past the 100,000 flight hour milestone since entering service in 2006

    Helibras Delivers 31st Caracal of H-XBR Program, 03-Sep-18 : #H225M Helibras delivered the 31st of 50 Airbus H225M helicopters (or H-36 Caracal as is locally known) assembled in Brazil to the air force Puma squadron. First with Spectrolab Searchlight

    Cope Taufan 18 USAF Exercise in Malaysia, 18-Jul-18 : #exercise US Air Force 36th Airlift Squadron and the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) kick off Exercise Cope Taufan 18 (CT18) at Subang Air Base

    13,000 Flight Hours for Malaysian H225M Fleet, 17-Apr-18 : The 12 Royal Malaysian Air Force EC725 achieved 13,000 flight hours since entered service in 2012. Serial M55-02 recognized in ceremony by Airbus during the DSA 2018 exhibition

    Mission Planning Software for Caracal, 09-Apr-18 : The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) developed a mission planning software for the EC725BR / H225M Caracal to be used by the 3 armed forces

    Airbus HCare for Brazilian and Mexican H225M, 05-Apr-18 : FIDAE 2018 Airbus signs largest HCare Smart contracts in Latin America for 50 (30 delivered) Brazilian armed forces EC725BR and 11 Mexican air force EC725 valued 125 million euros

    10,000 Flight Hours for Brazilian Air Force’ Caracal, 27-Sep-17 : The Força Aérea Brasileira 10 Helibras EC725BR / H225M helicopters, called H-36 Caracal, reaches 10,000 flight hours in 6 years of operations. Eight more are scheduled to be delivered to the FAB

    Brazilian Navy Received First CSAR H225M, 22-Jun-17 : Helibras delivered the first of three H225M/EC725, named UH-15A Super Cougar, in Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) configuration to the HU-2 Squadron of the Brazilian Navy

    Helibras Delivers Two More Caracal, 23-May-17 : Helibras delivered 2 EC725BR / H225M to Brazilian Armed Forces, the 9th to the Army and the 12th to the Air Force. The Navy operates 7. Two more scheduled for this year and number 50 and last by 2022

    10,000 flying hours for Malaysian H225M, 22-Mar-17 : LIMA 2017 Airbus Helicopters held a ceremony during LIMA 2017 to celebrate the 10,000 safe flying hours for the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s fleet of 12 EC725AP/H225M helicopters in service since 2012

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