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  • News about MD Helicopters MD500

    Huntington Beach Police to Get New Helicopters, 28-Jul-21 : #HuntingtonBeach California Huntington Beach Police (HBPD) ordered 3 MD530F helicopters to be delivered in 2022. HBPD currently operates the quietest MD520N (No Tail Rotor) model

    MD530F Demonstrator in Midwest and South Tour, 15-Jul-21 : #tour The MD Helicopters MD530F equipped with Garmin G500 TXi enhanced glass cockpit will be in demonstration flight tour in Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, and Oklahoma from July 20 to August 11

    MDHI $44M Contracts to Support Afghans MD530F, 15-Jun-21 : #Afghanistan MD Helicopters received two $43.9M extension contracts to support Afghanistan’ MD530F Cayuse Warrior through December 2021 in Kabul, Al-Ain (UAE) and in Mesa, Arizona

    Lebanese Pilots First Training Class, 17-Mar-21 : #Lebanon Lebanese Air Force crews completed their first training class at MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI) Flight Training Academy in Mesa, Arizona

    New Contract for Afghan MD530F Helicopters, 05-Dec-20 : #contractors MD Helicopters awarded $34M US Army contract for maintenance, repairs, updates, and overhauls of the Afghanistan Air Force MD 530F Cayuse Warrior helicopter fleet

    MD500E to MD530F Conversion by MDHI, 03-Dec-20 : #MD530F MD Helicopters announces a MD500E to MD530F conversion for a Texas-based operator

    California Demo Tour for MD530F with G500[H] TXi, 26-Nov-20 : A MD Helicopters MD530F equipped with enhanced glass cockpit Garmin G500 [H] TXi will have a demo tour with test flights in the west coast from November 30 through December 4

    MD530F for Wildlife Protection, 18-Nov-20 : #NaturalResources An undisclosed U.S. state municipality agency has ordered their first ever helicopter for monitoring natural resources, wildlife populations and ecosystems. To be delivered next year in law enforcement configuration

    FMS MD530F for Afghanistan and Lebanon, 16-Oct-20 : MD Helicopters awarded Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contracts to support MD530F of Afghanistan Air Force ( retrofit 18 aircraft with Robertson crashworthy fuel systems, CWFS) and Lebanon (six new helicopters)

    Extra 250 lbs for MD530F MGTOW, 31-Aug-20 : #MD530F MD Helicopters granted Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification to increase internal max gross take-off weight (MGTOW) of the popular MD530F from 3,100 to 3,350 lbs ~ 1,406 to 1,510 kgs. MGTOW with external loads remains at 3,750 lbs ~ 1,700 kgs

    LMS Fuel Gauging System for MD500 Series, 11-May-20 : #CrashResistant Liquid Measurement Systems (LMS) from Vermont to provide a crash–resistant Fuel Gauging System for MD500E, MD520N and MD530F commercial helicopters that improves safety and survivability

    Kenya Received First Six MD530F, 18-Feb-20 : #MD530F The Kenya Defense Force (KFD) received the first 6 of 12 MD530F Cayuse Warrior combat helicopters. They are part of the 150 ordered by US Army under a 5-year $1.4B contract for allies and partner countries

    Gass Cockpit for MD500E and MD520N, 30-Jan-20 : Heli-Expo 2020 MD Helicopters announces the integration of digital, all-glass cockpit solutions for MD500E and MD520N based on the MD530F layout. FAA certification expected by Q3 2020 and deliveries to begin in 2021

    MD Helicopters at Heli-Expo 2020, 29-Jan-20 : Heli-Expo 2020 Md Helicopters displaying Fresno County Sheriff’s Office MD530F and Advanced MD530G Block II Light Scout Attack Helicopter at Heli-Expo 2020

    MD530G Block II Adding Elbit Weapons System, 08-Dec-19 : #Block2 MD Helicopter MD530G Scout Attack Helicopter with incorporate an Elbit’ integrated weapons system solution that will interface with helicopter glass cockpit

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