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    france Eurocopter France

    1995 to 2013

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    Delivery of the first Belgian NH90, 21-Dec-12 : NHI is proud to announce the delivery to the Belgian Defence Forces of the first NH90 Tactical Transport Helicopter.


    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    1995/    Eurocopter MarignaneMarseille Marignane

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    1063 mrh90     F-ZVLF: 1063/TAUA01
    Australian Army A40-001: Army; Dec12 5 Avn Regt
    1241 tth 2012     F-ZWBC: NHI/Eurocopter toward NZ3305
    Royal New Zealand Air Force NZ3305: RNZAF

    at RNZAF Ohakea

    pictured (pic1) at RNZAF Base Ohakea as 3 Sq / 05, in +

    pictured (pic2) asg HMNZS Canterbury (L421) landing i+
    1257 tth 2012     F-ZWBE: NHI/Eurocopter toward RN05
    Belgian Air Force RN05: TBEA01 f/f Sep12, test serial F-ZWBE

    BAF d/d Dec12 18Sqn

    pictured (pic1) at Brussels for Belgium National Day

    02oct13 d/d 1 Wing, 18 Sqn in beauvechain

    at home base Beauvechain. c/n confirmed 1257

    pictured (pic2) at Beauvechain during THPU 2015

    pictured (pic3) at RIAT 2015, UK

    pictured (pic4) at Beauvechain, Belgium during Heliday+

    deployed by An-124 to Gabon for 4 weeks for exercise T+

    1265 tth     F-ZWBT: NHI/Eurocopter
    Royal New Zealand Air Force NZ3307: RNZAF, TNZA07 test serial F-ZWBT, d/d Feb14

    pictured at RNZAF Base Ohakea as 3 Sq / 07, in prepara+
    1206 tth 2011     F-ZWDD: NHI/Eurocopter toward NZ3302
    Royal New Zealand Air Force NZ3302: RNZAF, TNZA02 test serial F-ZWDD

    del to NZ 6 Dec 2011, for 3 Sq.

    SAR training with NZ Police at Turangi

    06jan19 pictured (pic2) first of three NH90 by RAAF C-1+
    1207 tth 2012     F-ZWDO: NHI/Eurocopter to NZ3303
    Royal New Zealand Air Force NZ3303: RNZAF, TNZA03 test serial F-ZWDO

    RNZAF d/d 01Oct012, for 3 Sq.

    Mar16 pictured (pic1) in Fiji for relief operations af+

    21oct16 pictured (pic2) at Mount Taranaki after the re+
    1208 tth 2012     F-ZWDR: NHI/Eurocopter toward NZ3304
    Royal New Zealand Air Force NZ3304: RNZAF, TNZA04 test serial F-ZWDR

    del to NZ 1 Oct 2012, for 3 Sq.
    1229 tth 2013     F-ZWDV: NHI/Eurocopter France, to NZ3306
    Royal New Zealand Air Force NZ3306: RNZAF, TNZA06 test serial F-ZWDV

    d/d RNZAF, for 3 Sq

    pictured (pic2) at RNZAF Base Ohakea as 3 Sq / 06.
    1242 tth     F-ZWFE: Eurocopter France FAMET TTH 02
    Spanish Army Aviation HT.29-02: GSPA02 2012 Eurocopter Albacete as HU.29-02; 2016 still
    1215 tth     F-ZWRE: Eurocopter France FAMET TTH 01 f/f 17dec10
    Spanish Army Aviation HT.29-01: FAMET 2011 demo

    Airbus Helicopters France F-ZWDD: Marignane

    Airbus Helicopters Spain GSPA-01: Jul11 at Eurocopter Albacete as NH90 GSPA Army, picture+

    Ejercito del Aire SAR prototype f/f 20dec17

    Spanish Air Force ?: Ejercito del Aire prototype with Airbus Albacete
    1012 tth 2005     F-ZWTG: Eurocopter France f/f 18mar05; Jun05 at Le Bourget, Paris ai+
    Swedish Armed Forces 141041: 1012/BSWA001 Hkp14A, reser 146058

    Swedish Armed Forces 146058: Hkp14F /58 grey livery; 2019 3.Hkpskv
    PT1 1995     F-ZWTH: Eurocopter f/f 15dec95
    AgustaWestland Italy MMX612: 2009 pictured as NFH type on Paris Le Bourget Air Show,+

    First flight with the T700-T6E engine flown by Experime+
    1032 tth     F-ZWTH: Eurocopter France; 05jul06 pictured (pic3) at Marignane, Fra+
    Airbus Helicopters France F-ZWBJ: Sep14 Airbus Helicopters France as ES891

    Hellenic Army Aviation ES891: Army Apr17
    PT2 1996     F-ZWTI: second test model
    1155 tth     F-ZWTJ: Eurocopter toward 623
    Royal Air Force of Oman 623: TOMF04, test serial F-ZWTJ
    PT3 1998     F-ZWTJ: 2005 at Paris air show as /H256
    1018 nfh     F-ZWTO: Eurocopter; to FN as 1
    French Navy 1: 1018/NFRS001; Marine Nationale
    1177 tth 2011     F-ZWTU: NHI/Eurocopter France for New Zealand
    Royal New Zealand Air Force NZ3301: RNZAF, TNZA01 test serial F-ZWTU

    del to NZ 6 Dec 2011, for 3 Sq

    3 Sq working from Kaikoura on at least 16 Nov