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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    0087 ec135t1 1998     D-HEDY: HTM 2003-Jan08
    - CC-CFG: Chile, test serial D-HECG

    international flight ambulance D-HEDY: Internationale-Flug-Ambulanz (IFA) op by HTM Jun03

    noted at Nurnberg Nord

    noted at Leipzig Halle

    noted at Leipzig Halle

    German air rescue D-HEDY: DRF Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht, op by HTM 2006

    noted at Main-Klinik Ochsenfurt

    noted at UK Wuertzburg

    noted at ZK Suhl

    noted at Alzenau-Wasserlos

    Mont Blanc Helicopteres F-GUFB: Natixis Lease SA, France

    Mont Blanc Helicopteres for SAMU from Feb09

    emergency medical assistance service F-GUFB: SAMU from Feb09, op by Mont Blanc Helicopteres
    0035 ec135t1 1997     D-HEOY: HTM from 2000
    - I-HEMS: to D-HEOY

    international flight ambulance D-HEOY: IFA 2003/04, rtn to HTM

    noted at Leipzig Halle

    noted at the old Taunus Klinik ground level pad in Bad +

    noted as Breisgau

    noted at Erlangen

    noted at Ottobrunn

    German air rescue D-HEOY: noted as Christoph 41 at Leonberg

    noted at Suhl

    Schider Helicopter Service D-HEOY: Schider Helicopter Service 2009-2010, rtn to HTM

    noted at Langkampfen

    noted at UKH Innsbruck

    noted at Rosenheim rooftop pad

    Heliventure FTO / HelicopterFlights D-HEOY: Heliventure FTO / HelicopterFlights at Nijlen Heliport,+

    Helicopterflights at Antwerp

    Aug19 still

    25nov19 14:00 hs at UZ Gasthuisberg, Leuven, Belgium
    1067 ec135p2+ 2012     D-HHCF: HTM Mar15-Jul18
    Eurocopter Germany D-HECR: Eurocopter Germany Jul13, test serial D-HECH; Monaco nt+

    HeliCentre PH-WTG: HeliCentre from Aug19
    0420 ec135t2     D-HMFR: HTM 2005-2008
    EADS D-HMFR: EADS; 16- Berlin air show

    Kocoglu Aviation TC-HJD: Kocoglu Aviation 2009, conv to EC135T2+; Air ambulance +

    - TC-HJD: May/Aug 2015 for sale Eurocopter EC-135-T2 2005
    0786 ec135p2+     D-HTMA: HTM 2009
    0060 ec135p1 1998     D-HTMB: HTM from 2011, EC135P2 type
    German Local Police D-HBYC: PHuStBY. Edelweiss 3 1999-2011

    - N714GE: Polar Star Corp at Kalispell, MT from Jun20, P2+ type

    Nov19-Dec20 for sale Eurocopter EC-135-P2+ 1999 - price+
    0096 ec135p1     D-HTMC: HTM from 2011
    Eurocopter Germany D-HBYI: Eurocopter Germany; conv ec134p2
    0439 ec135p2     D-HTMD: HTM from 2013; P2+ type by Mar19
    FinnHEMS OH-HMK: Mediheli Finland 2005-2011

    Finnhems Finland 2012; pictured

    Eurocopter Germany D-HAAT: Eurocopter Germany May13, conv to 135P2
    0240 ec135p2 2002     D-HTMG: HTM from Feb15
    Swedish National Police SE-HPX: Polis 8-0946. d/d 2002
    0225 ec135p2 2002     D-HTMH: HTM from Nov15
    Swedish National Police SE-HPU: Polis 8-0944 d/d 2002; conv ec.135p2+

    pictured (pic1) as POLIS /944 at Linkoping-Malmen Flygd+
    0282 ec135p2 2003     D-HTMI: HTM from Nov15
    Swedish National Police SE-HPZ: Polis 8-0942. d/d 2003

    emergency landing at Barsebäck due engine problem
    0237 ec135p2     D-HTMJ: HTM from Nov15
    Swedish National Police SE-HPV: Polis 8-0945. d/d 2002
    0265 ec135p2 2002     D-HTMK: HTM from Nov15
    Swedish National Police SE-HPY: Polis 8-0941. d/d 2003
    0207 ec135p2 2001     D-HTML: HTM from Nov15; HEMS
    Swedish National Police SE-HPT: Polis 8-0947 2001-2015, test serial D-HECQ

    Flymed GmbH D-HTML: Flymed GmbH, op by HTM

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