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  • 2000 to present

    Specialist Aviation Services MD902 Explorer

    Operated on behalf Air Ambulances services

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    SAS Renewed Support to London Air Ambulance, 26-Feb-21 : #MD902 Specialist Aviation Services (SAS) signed 3-year renewal maintenance contract for London’s Air Ambulance (LAA) two MD902 medical helicopters.

    Wiltshire Air Ambulance Gets SAS MD902, 12-Jan-19 : #Wiltshire Wiltshire Air Ambulance resumed flights January 11 with a MD902 provided by Specialist Aviation Services. The Charity’ Bell 429 is grounded since January 2 when operator Heli Charter Ltd went into voluntary liquidation

    UK CAA Approval for White Phosphor Goggles on MD902, 16-Nov-15 : ASU of Idaho, USA and UK Specialist Aviation Services (SAS) announced obtained CAA approval for the use of White Phosphor night vision goggles (NVGs) on the MD 902 Explorer.

    Magpas Ambulance Commences Night Operations, 06-Oct-15 : Helitech 2015 Specialist Aviation Services will commence night operations on behalf of Magpas Air Ambulance based in Cambridgeshire, England from later this month

    SAS Wins Luxembourg MD902 Maintenance Contract, 26-Sep-10 : #maintenance Specialist Aviation Services (SAS) signed contract with Luxemboug Air Rescue for the maintenance of their MD902 helicopters including the one operated by the Police

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    900/00053 1997     G-WPAS: Video monitoring Hellenic sea borders under FRONTEX mission +
    UK Police Forces G-WPAS: Wiltshire Police/Ambulance, noted 2002; Wiltshire Polic+

    UK Air Ambulances G-WPAS: Wiltshire Air Ambulance (WAACT) 2013, pictured (pic1) (+

    Luxembourg Air rescue LX-HSR: Luxembourg from Sep17

    rescue helicopter
    900/00056 1998     G-PASS: SAS / Police Aviation Services at Gloucestershire Oct98-Feb0+
        G-KAAT: SAS / Police Aviation Services at Gloucestershire from Feb00
    MD Helicopters N9234P: McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Co Apr/Oct 1998

    UK Police Forces G-PASS: Sussex Police, noted sep99

    UK Air Ambulances G-KAAT: Served with Kent Air Ambulance since Mar 2000

    Kent Air Ambulance, noted 2002

    14 Aug 2005. Kent Air Ambulance, made an appearance at +

    pictured, op by SAS
    900/00057 1998     G-BXZK: SAS Jul17-Mar18
    mcdonnell douglas N9238T: McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Co, Aug98

    UK Police Forces G-BXZK: Dorset Police Aug98-Jul13

    West Yorkshire Police Jul13-2014

    NPAS 2014-2016, West Yorkshire

    Retired from NPAS 2016 after working 18 year labour int+

    Eastern Atlantic Helicopters G-BXZK: Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Ltd Nov16-Jul17

    Hungarian Police R905: Hungarian Police from 2018
    900/00062 1998     G-KSSH: Police Aviation Services at Gloucestershire Jul/Sep 2007
    - N3063T: First Security Bank trustee at Salt Lake City, UT Mar/O+

    UK Police Forces G-WMID: West Midlands Police Authority Oct99-Jul07

    UK Air Ambulances G-KSSH: Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance Sep07-?, op by SAS

    Wiltshire Air Ambulance (WAACT) 11jan/04apr 2019, op by+

    28jun19 as /Helimed 10 in Exeter
    900/00074 2000     G-LNAA: SAS/Police Aviation Services Air Ambulance Sep00-Aug15
        G-SASR: SAS from Aug15
    MD Helicopters N7030B: MD Helicopters, to G-76-074

    UK Air Ambulances G-LNAA: Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance (LNAACT) Nov00, op by Polic+

    LNAACT at Waddington

    Kent Air Ambulance

    UK Air Ambulances G-SASR: Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance (DSAA) by Jul18

    Wiltshire Air Ambulance, op by SAS; replace G-KSSH, pi+

    at Southampton General Hospital

    02aug19 20:15 hs landed at Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset

    10oct19 attended crash accident between cyclist bike an+

    08nov19 attended Police Station to recover casualty at +

    20nov19 15:45 hs took off from Newark on Trent Tennis C+

    Village green Datchworth, Hertfordshire
    900/00078 2000     G-YPOL: SAS Jul17-Mar18
    MD Helicopters N7038S: MD Helicopters

    UK Police Forces G-YPOL: West Yorkshire Police Oct00-Apr13

    NPAS Apr13-Jul17; Bournemouth by Apr16; pictured

    Hungarian Police R907: Hungarian Police from 2018
    900/00079 2000     G-GNAA: SAS Air Ambulance
        G-EHAA: SAS at Gloucestershire Airport by
    MD Helicopters N70279: MD Helicopters Sep00-Jan01

    Schreiner Airways PH-RVD: Schreiner 2003-2004

    UK Air Ambulances G-EHAA: Police Aviation Services Ltd from May10

    Herts and Essex Air Ambulance (EHAAT) op by Police (Med+

    Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance (LNAACT) at Staverton
    900/00081 2000     G-HAAT: Police Aviation Services Ltd at Staverton from ; then Specia+
    MD Helicopters N7033K: MD Helicopters Nov/Dec 2000

    UK Police Forces G-GMPS: Greater Manchester Police Authority (GMP) Jan01-Aug08 /+

    UK Air Ambulances G-HAAT: Herts and Essex Air Ambulance (EHAAT), op by Police Avi+

    at North Weald still Essex + Herts air ambulance tit+

    Aug19-Mar20 for sale McDonnell Douglas 900 2000 ; 10,11+
    900/00085 2001     G-COTH: at Red Bull Air race, Ascot, Berkshire
    MD Helicopters N7033V: MD Helicopters, to N3PD

    State of New York N3PD: SCPD Suffolk County Police, canc 2006

    - N3ND: Shier Aviation at San Diego, CA Jun07-Jul07

    Lake View Jets at Wilmington, DE Jul07-Nov09

    Action Aviation at Wilmington, DE Noc09-Dec10

    Trinity House G-COTH: Trinity House from 05jan11, op by SAS

    Trinity House Lighthouse Service; pictured (pic1) at C+
    900/00103 2002     G-SASO: Police Aviation Services Ltd Mar14-Jul15; SAS
        G-CIOS: SAS from Jul15
    MD Helicopters N70035: MD Helicopters, PH-PXE ntu

    - N1811: to N5646

    US Department of Justice N5646: US Dept of Justice at Fort Worth, TX Jun06-Feb14; FBI /+

    UK Air Ambulances G-SASO: Cornwall Air Ambulance Nov14, op by SAS

    UK Air Ambulances G-CIOS: Cornwall Air Ambulance by Jan 2018, from Specialist Avi+

    900/00121 2007     G-HMDX: SAS from Dec12
    MD Helicopters N91160: MD Helicopters Jun07

    State of California N902RN: CALSTAR Sep08-Dec12

    UK Air Ambulances G-HMDX: Magpas Air Ambulance from 2013, op by SAS; pictured

    In use by Mid Anglia General Practitioner Accident Serv+

    Apr/May 2020 Air Ambulance used in the Bournemouth, Dor+

    In flight, from Nottingham NQT to Waddington, Lincs.

    Swanage, Dorset
    900/00122 2007     G-GMPX: SAS from Jul17
    MD Helicopters N9114R: MD Helicopters Jun07

    UK Police Forces G-GMPX: Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Jan08-Feb13; pictured +

    Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire / NPAS+

    Hungarian Police R910: Hungarian police by Sep18
    900/00124 2008     G-CNWL: SAS from Oct14, op for Cornwall Ambulance
    MD Helicopters N9027N: MD Helicopters, to N902FN

    - N902FN: Us Bancorp Equipment Finance Inc at Portland, OR Oct08-+

    - G-CIGX: Police Aviation Services Ltd Jun/Oct 14

    UK Air Ambulances G-CNWL: Cornwall Air Ambulance from Oct14, op by SAS

    Cornwall Air Ambulance; pictured (pic2) at London Heli+
    900/00134 2009     G-LNCT: SAS/Police Aviation Services Ltd Aug10-Jun17
        G-EHEM: SAS from Jun17
    State of Utah N40483: Bank of Utah Jul/Aug 2010, Germany ntu, to G-LNCT

    UK Air Ambulances G-LNCT: Nov 2010, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulanc+

    Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance (LNAACT); pictured (pic1) +

    Essex & Herts Air Ambulance (EHAAT) from , replacing G+

    UK Air Ambulances G-EHEM: Essex Air Ambulance (EHAAT); operating from Earls Colne+

    Jul19 asg EHAAT pictured (pic2), op by SAS
    14 C/N.

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