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Building for 2015 Bristow SAR contract began in Mar 2014. SAR service commenced from 1 Apr 2015 with S-92
On May 2019, AW189 helicopters will replace S-92 at Inverness as detailed in the original contract. The new callsign will be Rescue 151 and Rescue 152 opposed to 951 / 952. The outgoing S-92 will head to Sumburgh to replace those ones based there which are Gap SAR aircraft

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News of Inverness sector

Coastguard Inverness Switched to AW189, 01-May-19 : #Inverness HM Coastguard UKSAR base at Inverness, Scotland operated by Bristow received two AW189 to replace the S-92 which have been in use since 2015

Inverness Marks 500 Missions in 18 Months, 09-Nov-16 : HM Coastguard S-92 helicopter base in Inverness, operated by Bristow, completed 500th mission since launch on 1 April 2015

Inverness UK SAR Helicopter Service Launched, 17-Mar-15 : The launch of the Inverness civilian UK search and rescue (SAR) helicopter service was marked today (Tuesday 17 March) in a ceremony held at the new SAR base at Inverness Airport.


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Inverness sector List of helicopters

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
92-0166 s-92a 2011 G-MCGA : Feb13 Based at Inverness airport for line training before delivery to Sumb+
Sikorsky Helicopters N166J : Sikorsky 2011
Bristow G-MCGA : Bristow Jan13-May18
Bristow Norway AS LN-OIE : Bristow Norway from May18
: 15dec18 on the old AIS MMSI at Hammerfest
92-0167 s-92a 2011 G-MCGB : Originally purchased for 'Gap' SAR contract. Deployed at the Sumburgh SAR +
Sikorsky Helicopters N167G : Sikorsky 2011
Bristow G-MCGB : Bristow from Feb13, GAP SAR contract. d/d 23feb13 Aberdeen
92-0171 s-92a 2012 G-MCGD : 30sep16 at Inverness
Sikorsky Helicopters N971E : Sikorsky 2012
Bristow G-MCGD : Bristow from Jun13, for Coast Guard
92-0222 s-92a 2013 G-MCGF : 17mar15 SAR service launched ceremony at Inverness
: 25aug15 pictured (pic1) Scottish Secretary David Mundell with Bristow crew+
: Sep 2016: Inverness based, Rescue 951 night landing at ARI.
: Nov18 still based at Inverness Callsign CoastGuard /Rescue 951
: 09apr19, MCA operating from Inverness
: 24apr19 as Inverness /Rescue951 pictured (pic2) (pic3) assisting Lochaber +
: 01may19 departed Inverness being replaced by AW189
Bristow US N222XC : Bristow US from Mar14
Bristow G-MCGF : Bristow from Oct14
92-0235 s-92a 2014 G-MCGI : 17mar15 SAR service launched ceremony at Inverness
: 06apr19 as Inverness /Rescue951 pictured (pic2) assisting the Lochaber m+
: 01may19 departed Inverness being replaced by AW189
Sikorsky Helicopters N235U : Sikorsky
Bristow G-MCGI : Bristow from Dec14
89001 aw189 2014 G-MCGM : 07may19 new asg at Inverness Sector
: 11may19 /Rescue151 pictured (pic3) at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary during+
AgustaWestland UK G-MCGM : AgustaWestland UK Nov14-Jan15, test serial I-EASN
Bristow G-MCGM : Bristow Helicopters from 19jan15

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