List of UAVs


USLockheed Martin Indago

1997 JPYamaha RMAX

2000 USNorthrop-Grumman MQ-8A/B Fire Scout269C / 300

2002 USBoeing A160 Hummingbird

2005 ATSchiebel Camcopter S-100

2008 SECybAero APID

2009 NLGeocopter GC-201

2009 SESaab Skeldar

2009 ILTactical Robotics AirMule / Cormorant

2010 USBell Fire-X

2012 USSikorsky OPV Black Hawk

2013 USNorthrop-Grumman MQ-8C Fire Scout407

2014 USNorthrop-Grumman Rotary-Bat

2014 Airbus TANAN

2016 RURussian Helicopters Tiltrotor

2016 Leonardo AWHERO

2018 Airbus VSR700Cabri G2

2018 RURussian Helicopters VRT300

2018 CALaflamme AĆ©ro LX300

2019 USBoeing PAV

2019 Airbus CityAirbus

2019 USBell APT 70

2020 USNASA Mars Helicopter

2020 CHDufour Aerospace Aero2

2020 ESAlpha Unmanned Systems Alpha 900

2021 USKaman K-MAX Titan

2021 RURussian Helicopters BAS-200

2022 Airbus Cargo Copter

2023 USSikorsky HEX

2023 SIPipistrel Nuuva V300

2024 USKaman KARGO UAV

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