1997 to present    

DDG-71 USS Ross

US US Navy

DDG-71 USS Ross

MMSI: 368938000
Flight Deck:
Call Sign:
Shipyard: Ingalls Shipbuilding


History of US USS Ross DDG-71

1995-apr-10Laid downLaid down
2014-junHomeportHomeport ES Rota Naval Base Homebased at NAVSTA Rota as part of Forward deployed naval forces (FDNF)
2014-sep-05Port VisitPort Visit RO Constanta Naval Base visited Constanța
2015-oct-03DeploymentDeployment UK North Western Approaches Exercise Joint Warrior 15-2 participated in JW 15-2 off north west coast of Scotland
2016-sepDeploymentDeployment Eastern Mediterranean Opération Chammal Part of French Carrier Group against ISIS
2016-oct-24AircraftAircraft Eastern Mediterranean Escorting Charles de Gaulle during operations against ISIS. French Panther 486 aboard
2017-apr-07DeploymentDeployment Syria gas attack retaliation launched Tomahawk missiles against al Sharyat airbase in Syria, while operating with US 6th Fleet from Eastern Mediterranean, with USS Porter.
2018-mar-24Port VisitPort Visit UK HMD Devonport Visited Devonport
2019-jun-09DeploymentDeployment BALTOPS 19 participated in BALTOPS 19, exercising with HSM-70.
2020-sepDeploymentDeployment participated in Joint Exercise in high arctic with KNM Thor Heyerdahl, HMS Sutherland and RFA Tidespring.
2020-oct-04DeploymentDeployment UK North Western Approaches JW 20-2 Exercise Joint Warrior 20-2 Participated in Ex Joint Warrior 20-2 off NW Scotland
2021-may Formidable Shield 2021

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Arleigh Burke Flight I class
6800light (tn)
8800full load (tn)
154length (m)
20beam (m)
9.40draught (m)
4400range (nm)
31max speed (knots)
100000power (shp)

4Naval Engine gas turbine - General Electric LM2500

2Missile Launcher Mk 141 quad Harpoon
2Missile Launcher Mk 41 VLS

2Naval Gun Mark 38 25 mm
1Naval Gun Mark 45 5/54 inch (127mm)
2Close-In Weapon System CIWS Phalanx 20 mm
2Torpedo Launchers Mk 32 triple-tube 324mm
1Chaff and decoys AN/SLQ-25 Nixie
1Chaff and decoys AN/SLQ-32 EW
1Chaff and decoys AN/SLQ-39 chaff buoys
1Chaff and decoys Mark 36 SRBOC

1Naval Radar air search radar AN/SPY-1 AEGIS
1Naval Radar surface search radar AN/SPS-67
1Naval Radar surface search radar AN/SPS-73
1Sonar hull mounted sonar AN/SQS-53
1Sonar towed array sonar AN/SQR-19

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
Landing platform only. No hangar
US US Navy Sikorsky S-70 H-60 01


US Ingalls Shipbuilding,

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