1968 to 1997    

LPH-11 USS New Orleans

US US Navy

Flight Deck:
Call Sign:
Shipyard: Philadelphia Naval Shipyard
See Also: L San Antonio class LPD-18


History of US USS New Orleans LPH-11

1966-mar-01Laid downLaid down
1969-mar-03 Arrived at her homeport San Diego by way of the Panama Canal
1969-jul-22 Commander COMPHIBRON ONE transferred his pennant from USS Dubuque LPD-8
1969-jul-29DeploymentDeployment NAS North Island assigned to Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 361
departed North Island for S Vietnam with 18 CH-53A of HMH-361.
1969-aug Flagship for Amphibious Ready Group Bravo
1969-aug-27 Offloaded 18 CH-53As from HMM-361 to join MAG-36 at Phu Bai
1969-oct Operation Keystone Cardinal
1969-oct Offloaded Battalion Landing Team 2-26
1970 Marines of the 26th Regiment boarded at Da Nang for trip back home
1970-mar-12 Docked at Da Nang
1970-aug Provided support and security for President Nixon visit to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
1971 Mike Douglas TV Show filmed onboard
1971-feb-09 Apollo 14 astronauts quarantined on Pacific Carrier. Sea kings 152123, 152121
1971-feb-09 Helicopters of HS-6 and frogmen of UDT-11 made recovery
1973-mar-28 Operation End Sweep, neutralized mines in Haiphong Harbor with Navy and Marine CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopters
1973-jul-26 Transfer 13 CH-53s from Cubi Point as substitutes for HMM-165 s CH-46s, equiped with ALE-29 flare dispensers to counter heat-seeking missles, (MAU s aviation element - 13 CH-53s, 4 CH-46s, 4 AH-IJs and 2 UH-IEs)
1973-aug-06 Departed Subic Bay reaching Gulf of Thailand in four days, MAU, 1st Battalion 4th Marines and HMM-165
1973-sep-25 Skylab 2 astronauts sleep aboard as ship arrives in San Diego
1974-jan-04 Underway for Skylab IV mission
1974-feb-08 Recovered astronauts Gibson, Pogue and Carr about an hour after splashdown, 176 miles from San Diego, California
1974-apr-06 31st MAU s LPH unit swap complete from LPH-3
1974-jun-22 Returned to Subic Bay from Okinawa where HMM-164 replaced HMH-462
1975-jul At Pearl Harbor, lowered Apollo capsule to the dock
1975-jul-24 Apollo lands 6.2 miles from recovery ship, 330 miles west of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, craft lowered by crane onto deck
1977-sepPort VisitPort Visit JP Yokosuka Naval Base U.S. Naval Base Yokosuka, Japan
1977-sep-28 AV-8 Harrier jet landed on the deck, then rose and roared off, near the coast of Okinawa
1977-oct 3rd Battalion 4th Marines onboard, WESTPAC 77
1977-oct-11 UNREP with USS San Jose (AFS-7)
1977-nov-01Port VisitPort Visit RP Subic Bay Harbour Pierside Subic Bay, Philippines
1977-dec-07HomeportHomeport Naval Base San Diego Moored NAV STA San Diego Pier
1978-jun-07 WESTPAC 78 June 7-Oct.5, 4 months
1978-jul-31Port VisitPort Visit HK Hong Kong Port Port visit Hong Kong after typhoon hit
1978-oct-05 Arrived at San Diego from WESTPAC 78
1979 In the fall of 79, HS-2 participated in amphibious operations with a multi-nation task force
1979-octPort VisitPort Visit CA Coal Harbour Kernel Potlatch II, Vancouver, Canada
1980-mar Arabian Sea West Pac-Indian Ocean, Gulf of Oman
1980-may-23 U/W WESTPAC
1980-may-30DeploymentDeployment Arabian Sea Operation Eagles Claw HMM-262 Flying Tigers flew aboard and joined a detachment of four AH-1T from HMA-169 to conduct operations in the Northern Arabian Gulf in response to the hostage crisis in Iran
1980-jul Typhoon Kim means stand down, Philippines
1980-aug-19 Miss America Troop arrives by helicopter
1980-sepPort VisitPort Visit KE Port Mombasa Port Mombasa, Kenya after 33 day patrol
1980-sep-02 Shellback Initiation Ceremony
1980-sep-18Port VisitPort Visit IO Diego Garcia Port Inport Diego Garcia, for 8 hrs to refuel
1980-sep-27Port VisitPort Visit AU Fremantle Harbour Fremantle-Perth, Australia, Sept.27-Oct. 2
1980-nov-13 NS Pearl Harbor Inport Pearl Harbor, Hawaii where Tiger Cruise 80 started Nov. 15th
1980-nov-22HomeportHomeport Naval Base San Diego Arrive in San Diego, end of WESTPAC 80
1991 Cross-decked MH-53E helicopters and equipment from the USS Tripoli in the Persian Gulf
1993-sep Operation Restore Hope, Mogadishu, Somalia
1993-sep-03 Underway WESTPAC 93-94
1994-nov Portions of the movie Apollo 13 filmed onboard
1995-augAircraftAircraft CH-46 157693 ditched on sea near Jordan
1995-aug-17 Persian Gulf Dispatched to station off Kuwait
1995-dec-22 Returned from WESTPAC with more than 4,000 sailors and marines, the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit
1997 Decommissioned after 90,000 helicopter landings and traveling 750,000 miles
2010-jul-10Fate: sunkFate: sunk as a target during RIMPAC

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Iwo Jima class
11000light (tn)
18400full load (tn)
180length (m)
26beam (m)
8.20draught (m)
22max speed (knots)
22000power (shp)

2Naval Engine boilers
1Naval Engine steam turbines

2Close-In Weapon System CIWS Phalanx 20 mm

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
US USMC B-V 107M H-46 Sea Knight 825
US USMC Sikorsky S-65 H-53 40
US USMC Bell 209 AH-1 Cobra 40
US USMC Bell UH-1N 20


US Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, League Island

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