1994 to present    

A387 RFA Fort Victoria

UK Royal Fleet Auxiliary

A387 RFA Fort Victoria

IMO: 8606032
MMSI: 233135000
Flight Deck: FV
Call Sign: GACE
Shipyard: Harland and Wolff


History of UK RFA Fort Victoria A387

1988-apr-04Laid downLaid down Yard No 1727
1990-jun-12LaunchedLaunched As of Oct 2019, this was the last non-warship Naval vessel actually built in Belfast (others had undergone maintenance / refit).
1994-junCommissionedCommissioned commissioning delayed by IRA bombing
1998-jul-17Port VisitPort Visit visit to Latakia in company with HMS Marlborough
1999-feb-01RefitRefit Rosyth CIWS Phalanx 20 mm refit at Babcocks, until Jun 1999, fitted with Phalanx CIWS
2003-jan-18DeploymentDeployment Operation Telic to support post-combat and reconstruction operations in Iraq, with 4 Merlin from 814 NAS embarked, completing 28 May 2003.
2006-julDeploymentDeployment LB off Lebanon Operation Highbrow supported Royal Navy vessels in evacuation of British nationals from Beirut, during Israel-Lebanon war. Returned to UK on 8 Aug.
2007-aprHomeportHomeport in extended readiness until Mar 2009
2008-oct-21 departed Portsmouth under tow for Birkenhead in preparation for refit.
2008-oct-27RefitRefit Canada Dock refit at Cammell Laird, Birkenhead until 11 Nov 2009
2010-aug-29DeploymentDeployment departed Scotland for a 40 month Middle East waters and Indian Ocean deployment with anti-piracy force CTF-151. Relieved on station by RFA Fort Austin on 18 Oct 2013 and returned to Crombie on 9 Dec.
2011-janDeploymentDeployment Completed an anti-piracy support deployment to the Arabian Gulf and Somali Basin, with an 820 NAS Merlin embarked.
2011-febDeploymentDeployment relieved RFA Bayleaf as Arabian Gulf Ready Tanker.
2011-sepDeploymentDeployment Operation Ocean Shield departed Dubai for anti-piracy deployment to Indian Ocean. 815NAS 229 Flt Lynx HMA.8SRU ZF562 embarked.
2011-oct-10DeploymentDeployment Ships Flt Lynx came to aid of hi-jacked mv Montecristo, c 550 nm E of Somalia and re-took the ship with a Royal Marine boarding party.
2011-nov-21DeploymentDeployment Off the Horn of Africa, performing a RAS with HMS Somerset.
2012-may-03AircraftAircraft embarked MH-60R from HSM-77 Saberhawks (usually deployed aboard USS Abraham Lincoln) while part of CTF-151.
2012-sep-24RefitRefit AE Al Mina Port Rachid refitted in Dubai (destored to RFA Fort Rosalie beforehand), until 29 Nov
2013-janDeploymentDeployment Combined Task Force 53 Assigned as Support Ship to CTF 53 in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean, following refit in Dubai. Relieved RFA Wave Ruler.
2014-febRefitRefit 10 month refit at Birkenhead, which included overhaul of both main engines and replacement of both propellors and 6 diesel generators. Completed Jan 2015
2015-novPort VisitPort Visit OM Port of Duqm Visited Duqm to assess suitability as a re-supply hub for Gulf and Indian Ocean operations
2015-decDeploymentDeployment CTF-152 Operating in the Gulf with Sea King ASaC.7 of 849 NAS Okinawa Flt embarked
2016-augDeploymentDeployment conducted RAS in Arabian Gulf, with HMAS Perth.
2016-sep-08NEWSArabian Sea First Deployment for Australian MH-60R Seahawk
2018-janRefitRefit Birkenhead Departed Birkenhead after completion of refit on 26 Oct 2018. Apart from usual overhauls and repaint, she was fitted with a fast, high-capacity Heavy Replenishment at Sea (HRAS) system to support rapid solid stores supply to the Queen Elizabeth Class carriers and retrofitted with a limited double hull for the oil and aviation fuel tanks.
2020-sep-21DeploymentDeployment North Western Approaches JW 20-2 Exercise Joint Warrior 20-2 Participated in Ex Joint Warrior 20-2 off NW Scotland
2021-mar-19Port VisitPort Visit Portland Harbour at Portland, until 4 Apr to take on stores, in Scotland.
2021-apr-07Port VisitPort Visit Crombie Taking on stores until 23 Apr.
2021-apr-28NEWS UK Carrier Strike Group to Visit 40 Countries
2021-may-03AircraftAircraft CSG21 embarked 3x Merlin HC.4 of 845 NAS B Flt, in preparation for CSG21 deployment. Includes ZJ127 / L and J Coy 42 Commando, RM.
2021-may-10Port VisitPort Visit Portland Harbour Accident Minor fire in the cold stores while alongside at Portland, led to much of the frozen food for the CSG21 group deployment to be condemned and removed. Incident highlighted a lack of resilience for CSG21, as this was the sole Solid Support Ship assigned to the Group.
2021-jul-07DeploymentDeployment EG Suez Canal CSG21 Transit of Suez Canal from Mediterranean, with CSG21 main force.
2021-aug-06Port VisitPort Visit GU Naval Base Guam CSG21 arrived in Guam as part of HMS Queen Elizabeth group

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Fort II class (1992)
32300full load (tn)
203.90length (m)
30.40beam (m)
9.70draught (m)
22max speed (knots)

2Naval Engine diesel - SEMT Pielstick

2Naval Gun single 20 mm
2Close-In Weapon System CIWS Phalanx 20 mm
2Chaff and decoys Seagnat
1Chaff and decoys towed decoy Type 182

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
UK Royal Navy AW EH101 03
UK Royal Navy Westland Sea King 05
UK Royal Navy Westland Lynx 05


UK Harland and Wolff, Belfast

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