Helicopter Engines


   CTS800-4A1362t129 , T625
   CTS800-4N1362aw159 , ah.1 , hma.2 , ah.9a
Gem 100900has.2
Gem 41wg.30 , 30-100-60 , ah7
Gem 421000has.3
   series 200920hma.8
GnomeSea King
   Gnome H10001050har10
   Gnome H12001250hu.5
   Gnome H14001400mk50
   Gnome H1400-11660hc.4+ , Commando , aew.2 , har.3 , har.3a , has.2 , has.2a , hu.5 , mk41
   Gnome 112/1131200
Merlin 241645Air Horse
   Nimbus 102685Scout , ah.1
   Nimbus 503710Wasp
RR300 (250-C300/A1)300r66 , police
RTM3222200hm.1 , X3 , mrh90 , NH90 , wah-64
T406 / AE 1107C-Liberty6150mv-22b

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