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  • united kingdom Redhill

    Redhill, Surrey, England

    United Kingdom

    List of aircraft and events at Redhill

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    By Date | By Serial

    1935-feb C.30 G-ACWZ
    1955-nov AirworkAirwork (Helicopters) Ltd UH-12A G-AMDN
    1957-dec AirworkAirwork (Helicopters) Ltd UH-12B G-APJN
    1958-mar Airwork UH-12B G-APKY
    1959-apr AirworkAirwork (Helicopters) Ltd UH-12B G-APTM
    1961-jul BristowBristow UH-12A G-AMDN
    1961-jul BristowBristow UH-12B G-APJN
    1961-jul BristowBristow UH-12B G-APSH
    1961-jul BristowAirwork (Helicopters) Ltd UH-12B G-APTM
    1964-apr-11 SRS.3 D-HODE
    1964-jul-01 Visiting SRS.3 D-HODE
    1964-aug BristowBristow UH-12B G-ASVI
    1967-mar Bristow AB206B G-AVII
    1970-dec Bristow HAR3 G-AYNP
    1972-apr Bristow UH-12E G-AZSV
    1975-aug BEAS 212 G-BDIL
    1977-may-21 HAR3 VR-BFG
    1977-may-21 Bristow HAR3 XG585
    1977-may-21 Bristow SRS.1 G-ANFH
    1977-may-21 Bristow SRS.1 G-AODA
    1977-may-21 SRS.1 G-APWN
    1977-may-21 UH-12C G-APMR
    1977-may-21 Bristow UH-12C G-APMS
    1977-jul Bristow HAR3 G-AYNP
    1977-dec-19 SA330J G-BFEU
    1979-nov BristowBristow S-76A G-BGXY
    1980-dec Bristow 212 G-BDIL
    1982-mar BristowBristow AS332L G-BJYI
    1982-apr-15 BristowBristow AS332L G-TIGD
    1983-jul-24 Bristow 212 G-BFER
    1993 Bell Helicopter 230 N230HS
    1993 UK Police Forces AS355E G-PASE
    1993-dec Whirlwind Helicopters LtdHMG HCC.12 G-RWWW
    1994-jan BristowBristow AS355F G-NEXT
    1997-jan-27 FB Heliservices AS350BB G-BXAG
    1997-oct-03 MD500E D-HFMP
    1997-oct-20 FB Heliservices AS350BB G-BXMI
    1999-sep-30 MD902 G-PASS
    2000-aug-14 S61N.MK2 G-BFRI
    2005-aug-14 Redhill Airshow 2005KAA MD902 G-KAAT
    2006-feb 206L-1 G-MAAX
    2006-apr-14 AS355F G-SKYN
    2006-apr-14 AS355F G-TAKE
    2006-jun-02 EC120B G-FCKD
    2006-jun-02 NEWS G-PIXX
    2006-jun-02 SE3130 N297CJ
    2007-mar-27 AS355F G-SKYN
    2007-apr-13 AS355F G-TAKE
    2007-apr-13 SA341G YU-MAN
    2007-dec AS355F2 G-JETU
    2008-may-23 AS350B2 G-CDTD
    2008-dec London Helicopter Centres AS355F G-SDAY
    2009-jun London Helicopter Centres AS355F G-KHCG
    2009-jul-03 AS350B G-ORKY
    2009-sep-04 Starspeed Ltd EC135T1 G-CEYF
    2009-sep-19 AS355F G-SKYN
    2010-jul-02 AB206B-3 G-OMDR
    2010-aug AS355F2 G-INTV
    2010-oct-14 AS355F G-SKYN
    2010-oct-14 AS355F G-TAKE
    2011-sep BIH EC120B G-ZZZS
    2011-sep-25 AS350B3 G-OLFA
    2011-sep-25 BETA G-CCGE
    2011-sep-25 BETA II G-LHCA
    2012-mar-09 North Shore Helicopters EC130B4 ZK-IGM
    2012-mar-09 RAVEN II G-HFLY
    2012-oct WYP MD902 G-SUSX
    2013-apr-11 accident BETA II G-EROM
    2013-apr-30 London HelicopterLondon Helicopter Centres AS350B3 G-ORKI
    2013-apr-30 - BETA G-BTBA
    2013-aug-29 AS350B2 G-LHTB
    2013-aug-29 Veritair AS355N G-SCHZ
    2013-aug-29 LHC - StorageLondon Helicopter Centres AS355N G-VONE
    2013-aug-29 LHCLondon Helicopter Centres BETA II G-LHCD
    2013-aug-29 LHC - storage BK117C-1 G-OEMT
    2013-aug-29 LHCLondon Helicopter Centres R22 G-LHCB
    2013-aug-29 Maintenance RAVEN II G-TGTT
    2013-oct-04 300C G-BWAV
    2013-oct-04 A109A-II N800WK
    2013-oct-04 AS355F1 G-JESE
    2013-oct-04 AW109E G-ZIPE
    2015-jan-14 AS355NP G-NPTV
    2015-mar-22 London Helicopter Centres AS350B2 G-SHRD
    2015-mar-22 AS355F G-TAKE
    2015-apr-18 AS355F1 G-JESE
    2015-jul-22 Redhill TransittEverett Aviation ltd AW139 5H-EXT
    2015-jul-22 Everett Aviation ltd AW139 5H-EXT
    2016-feb-11 SAS AW169 G-KSST
    2016-feb-15 UK Police Forces EC135P2+ G-CPAS
    2016-aug Arena Aviation AS355F1 G-UKTV
    2016-aug-14 AW169 G-VSKP
    2016-sep AW109E G-TXTV
    2017-jan-20 AW109SP G-CHFD
    2017-aug-04 UK Police Forces EC135P2+ G-EMID
    2018-mar-22 North Shore Helicopters EC130B4 ZK-IGM
    2018-may Helimed 60KSSAAT AW169 G-KSST
    2020-jan KSSAAT AW169 G-KSSC
    2020-jan KSSAAT MD902 G-KAAT
    2020-apr-10 AS355NP G-NPTV
    2020-apr-17 KSSAAT AW169 G-KSST
    2021-mar-13 UK Air Ambulances AW169 G-KSSC

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