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  • united kingdom Weston-super-Mare Beach Gardens

    Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England

    United Kingdom

    Satellite and aerial maps of Weston Beach Gardens with nearby locations

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    1.7152EGJ59 Weston Hospital, England
    3.6084EGFI Weston-super-Mare, England
    18.1323EGFC Cardiff Heliport, Wales
    18.7319GBCDF Roath Basin, Wales
    19.0318 Roald Dahl Plass, Wales
    19.0074EGGD Bristol Lulsgate, England

    51° 20' 10'' N - 2° 58' 58'' W
    Marine Parade
    Elevation: 15 feet

    History of this Location

    The Beach Gardens at W-s-M was the venue for the first International Heli Days in 1991.

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    List of aircraft and events at Weston Beach Gardens

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    By Date | By Serial

    105CD-HTDM 23jun18
    105DG-BUXS 21jun14
    105P86+26 31jul05
    206B-3G-OCFD 29jul07
    412EPZJ240 29jul07 27jul08
    412EPZJ242 31jul05 21jun14
    47G-5G-BAXS 27jul08
    A109CMMM81256 31jul05
    AB412HPMM81514 31jul05
    AH-64DQ-17 31jul05
    AH-64DQ-29 31jul05
    AH.1XT626 29jul07
    AH1XZ180 21jun14
    AS-61RMM80975 29jul07
    AS-61RMM80985 29jul07
    AS350BBZJ255 21jun14
    AS350BBZJ259 31jul05
    AS532U2S-447 31jul05
    AS550C2P-352 23jun18
    B-2G-OAPR 21jun14
    CH-53G84+42 27jul08
    EC135T3ZM505 23jun18
    HAR.2G-BVGE 21jun14 23jun18
    HAR.3AZH544 21jun14
    HAS.2XZ692 21jun14
    HC.4ZF117 21jun14
    HT.2G-CBGZ 27jul08
    HT.2G-LEDR 21jun14
    HT.3G-CBSK 23jun18
    HT.3G-CBXT 27jul08
    MK.52OE-XSY 23jun18
    MK4189+55 31jul05
    MK4189+57 29jul07
    MK4189+64 27jul08
    MK43B330 31jul05
    MK48RS05 29jul07
    MK88A83+21 29jul07
    SE3130 XR379 29jul07
    UH-1D71+07 29jul07
    UH-1D71+64 31jul05

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