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  • AgustaWestland EH101
    united kingdom Fleet Air Arm

    1998 to present

    List of Aircraft

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    50001 1987     ZF641: RN HM1; pictured (pic2) i/a as SFDO /641 at Culdrose
    Westland PP1: First british development aircraft first flight 9 Oct 1+

    During at least , based at Agusta facility near Milan f+

    Westland ZF641: Flight deck manoeuvring trials aboard Type 23 frigate H+

    at DTEO Boscombe Down for moving platform trials
    50005 1989     ZF649: pictured at HMS Sultan/Gosport
    Westland PP5: Westland, f/f 24oct89

    First standard Naval Merlin used in sea trails on HMS N+

    Westland ZF649: flown into Westland Oldmixon plant last week of Jul 200+
    50011 hm.1 1997     ZH821: 50011/RN01; 2013 str
    - ZH821: in storage at Shawbury by Oct 2013; still there Mar 201+

    26jun19 going to Morayvia, Kinloss, Scotland

    26jun19 on a trailer at Tebay services heading North on+

    28jun19 at Morayvia, Kinloss, Moray
    50013 hm.1 1997     ZH822: 50013/RN02
    - ZH822: in storage at Shawbury by Jul 2010
    50017 hm.1 1997     ZH823: 50017/RN03
    - ZH823: in storage at Shawbury by May 2010

    still stored at Shawbury

    in storage at Karup Air Base, Denmark
    50021 hm.1 1997     ZH824: 50021/RN04. 829 sqd
    50025 hm.1 1998     ZH825: 50025/RN05
    50029 hm.1 1998     ZH826: hm.2 conv to HM.2 type MCSP01; Aug12 first airframe at Yeovil
    Ministry of Defence (MoD) ZH826: detached from Boscombe Down to conduct Merlin HM.2 firs+
    50037 hm.1     ZH827: 50037/RN07; pictured during RNAS Culdrose Air Day 2008 with +
    50040 hm.1 1998     ZH828: RN from 1999 50040/RN08 in 2004 /CU-013 820Sqn. ; 2006 /CU-0+
    50043 hm.1     ZH829: 50043/RN09; 2009 829Sq
    50051 hm.1     ZH830: 50051/RN10
    50053 hm.1 1999     ZH831: 2007 820Sqn /14 ; 2008 814Sqn /14 ; 2009 814Sqn /11
    QinetiQ ZH831: Sep14, AEW prototype, fitted with dual Crowsnest ASaC s+

    first flight as a Crowsnest Merlin HM.2 from Yeovil.
    50057 hm.1 1999     ZH832: Jul10 pictured departing from Pool of London on HMS Richmond+
    QinetiQ ZH832: 50057/RN12; 23 QinetiQ
    50061 hm.1 1997     ZH833: 2004 asg 829 NAS HQ
    50065 hm.1 1999     ZH834: 50065/RN14 d/d 2002. 2009 /86 824Sqn.
    50067 hm.1 1999     ZH835: 50067/RN15. 814Sqd
    50072 hm.1 1999     ZH836: 50072/RN16; 2009 824Sqn
    50074 hm.1     ZH837: 50074/RN17; pictured (pic1) at RNAS Culdrose as 829Sqn /Kin+
    50077 hm.1     ZH838: 50077/RN18; pictured (top) at Leopoldsburg-Beverlo airfield+
    50081 hm.1 1999     ZH839: RN 50081/RN19 d/d 2000.; 2009 824Sqn./83
    50085 hm.1 1999     ZH840: 50085/RN20; 2006/09 829Sq /NL-38
    50087 hm.1 1999     ZH841: RN 50087/RN21; 824Sqn; 2004 820Sqn /CU-012; 2011 829Sqn /502
    50091 hm.1 2000     ZH842: RN 50091/RN22
    50093 hm.1     ZH843: 50093/RN23; Royal Navy 814Sqn
    50101 hm.1 1999     ZH844: 2008 wreck at FSAIU (Yeovilton)
    50105 hm.1     ZH845: 50105/RN25; 2009 814Sqn
    50109 hm.1 2000     ZH846: 50109/RN26; 2008 pictured (top) as 829 NAS during RNAS Culdr+
    50111 hm.1     ZH847: 2009 824Sqn /13
    50116 hm.1 2000     ZH848: 50116/RN28 820Sqn ; 2004 824Sqn /LA-457
    50118 hm.1 2000     ZH849: 50118/RN29
    50125 hm.1 2000     ZH850: pictured (pic1) as /12 at RNAS Culdrose Air Day
    50127 hm.1     ZH851: 50127/RN31; pictured as /13 of 820Sqn at RNAS Culdrose
    50131 hm.1 2001     ZH852: 50131/RN32. 829 sqn. ; IN 2004 /CU-583 824Sqn.
    50135 hm.1     ZH853: 50135/RN33; 2009 814Sqn
    50139 hm.1     ZH854: pictured (pic1) as /84 Gawaine of 824Sqn during RNAS Yeovil+
    50143 hm.1     ZH855: 50143/RN35; pictured as 824Sqn /83 at RAF Waddington
    50147 hm.1 2001     ZH856: 26apr12 Falmouth exercise
    50151 hm.1 2001     ZH857: 50151/RN37
    50155 hm.1 2000     ZH858: 50155/RN38; 2002-Apr05 as 829Sq Monmouth Flight
    50159 hm.1     ZH859: 50159/RN39, 824Sqn /854; w/o crashed at RNAS Culdrose due t+
    50164 hm.1 2002     ZH860: 50164/RN40. 829 sqn; 16may11 pictured (pic1) at NATO Tiger M+
    50168 hm.1 2002     ZH861: RN 50168/RN41.; 2003 824Sqn.; 2009 824Sqn./84
    50171 hm.1     ZH862: RN 50171/RN42; 2003 824Sqn ; 2004 820Sqn /CU-010
    50175 hm.1 2002     ZH863: 50175/RN43; pictured on HMS St Albans in the Pool of London
    50179 hm.1 2002     ZH864: 2003 824Sqn.; 2004 820Sqn./CU-011
    50049 hc.3 1999     ZJ118: hc.3i Nov15 HC.3i type asg 846Sqn
    Royal Air Force ZJ118: RAF 50049/RAF02 f/f 14jun99 at Yeovil

    2007 28 Sqn /B

    Ministry of Defence (MoD) ZJ118: First visit to RAF Benson by Merlin HC.3, flown by A&AE+
    50075 hc.3 1999     ZJ119: as 845 NAS / C operating with HMS Queen Elizabeth in Mounts+
    Royal Air Force ZJ119: RAF 50075/RAF03; 2011 28/78Sqn./C

    HC.3 type 28/78Sqn./C Geilenkirchen dep. next day
    50083 hc.3 2000     ZJ120: hc.4 RN /D HC.4 type asg 845Sq by Jul18, pictured (pic2)
    Royal Air Force ZJ120: 28/78 Sq/D by Oct09. Part of 1st detachment of RAF Merl+

    RAF; 18jun11 pictured (pic1) at Kemble, England

    flying round Farnborough upper lambourn/uffington whit+
    50099 hc.3 2000     ZJ121: RN 846Sqn; pictured (pic2) at RIAT 2015
    Royal Air Force ZJ121: RAF; 2007 28Sqn./E

    pictured (pic1) at Yeovil
    50113 hc.3 2000     ZJ122: hc.4 Royal Navy /F from Aug15; Oct16 first flight of HC.4 type
    Royal Air Force ZJ122: RAF 50113/RAF06 f/f 26jun00 d/d 11dec00; /F

    Jul06 pictured (pic1) as 28 Sqn /F at RAF Fairford

    29 pictured (pic2) at Al Fao, Iraq

    1419 Flt /F, in Iraq Jun 2009

    07aug13 emergency landing in a field at Old Colwyn. no +

    11jul14 at Fairford for RIAT 2014

    leaving Brize Norton
    50133 hc.3 2000     ZJ124: hc.4 RN; at Yeovil, being conv to HC4
    Royal Air Force ZJ124: HC.3 type 28Sqd./H at Rotterdam

    24 Apr 2003 Conducted lifts of air conditioning units o+

    RAF HC.3 /H; 17jul11 pictured (pic1) with 28Sqd at RAF +
    50137 hc.3 2000     ZJ125: transferred to RN from RAF
    Royal Air Force ZJ125: RAF

    1419 Flt /J, in Iraq Jun 2009

    as 78Sq /J pictured (pic1) at RAF Benson
    50141 hc.3 2000     ZJ126: hc.3i Apr15 HC.3i type asg 846Sqn
    Royal Air Force ZJ126: RAF 50141/RAF10 in June 2009 /K 28/78Sqn.

    pictured (pic2) with 78 Sq/K markings on std side in t+
    50149 hc.3 2001     ZJ127: /L pictured at RNAS Yeovilton Air Day 2017
    Royal Air Force ZJ127: RAF 50149/RAF11 in 2003 /L 28Sqn.

    25feb17 rear fuselage and tail boom seen in storage yar+

    AgustaWestland UK ZJ127: conv to fully marinised HC.4
    50153 hc.3 2001     ZJ128: Sep17 as 845 NAS / M deployed to Caribbean for hurricane rel+
    Royal Air Force ZJ128: 50153/RAF12; 2003 /M 28Sqn; 19aug06 pictured (pic1) at +
    50167 hc.3 2001     ZJ129: hc.3i HC.3I type; visit to Gibraltar with ZJ121.
    Royal Air Force ZJ129: RN; 01may05 as 28Sqn /N pictured (pic1) at Abingdon

    2007 28Sqn /N

    AgustaWestland UK ZJ129: May18 /N conv to HC.4 completed for delivery to 845 NA+

    03sep18 pictured (pic2) winching exercise with HMS Que+
    50169 hc.3 2001     ZJ130: hc.3i pictured (pic2) as 846Sq /O at RNAS Yeovilton during Air Da+
    Royal Air Force ZJ130: HC.3 type 28Sqd./O at Rotterdam

    RAF; 2007 28Sqn./O

    28/78 Sq/O by Oct 2009. Part of 1st detachment of RAF M+

    pictured (pic1) as /O at RIAT 2013 RAF Fairford
    50173 hc.3 2001     ZJ131: hc.3i final Merlin delivered from RAF Benson to 845 NAS at Yeovilt+
    Royal Air Force ZJ131: RAF Merlin HC.3 28Sqn./P; 11may07 pictured (pic1) at E+

    1419 Flt /P by Jun 2009; returned to UK to MDMF Culdros+
    50177 hc.3 2001     ZJ132: hc.3i Royal Navy HC3i; /Q RNAS Yeovilton
    Royal Air Force ZJ132: RAF Merlin HC.3; 06 pictured at Abingdon Air Show
    50183 hc.3 2001     ZJ134: RN; Oct16 846Sq /S in Bavaria, Germany
    S ZJ134/S
    Royal Air Force ZJ134: RAF

    1419 Flt /S, in Iraq Jun 2009; MDMF Culdrose on 9 Jul 2+

    23apr13 seen at the west coast of Wales
    50187 hc.3 2001     ZJ135: 846Sq by Mar16
    Royal Air Force ZJ135: RAF HC.3; 27aug09 pictured (pic1) at RAF Benson
    50191 hc.3 2001     ZJ136: hc.3i Dec15 HC.3i type asg 846Sqn
    Royal Air Force ZJ136: RAF HC.3 d/d 29apr02

    as /U pictured (pic1) at RAF Benson.
    50195 hc.3 2002     ZJ137: hc.3i Jan16 HC.3i type asg 846Sqn
    Royal Air Force ZJ137: RAF 50195/RAF21.; 2003 28Sqn./W
    50089 mk512 2003     ZJ990: RN from Sep16; Sep17 pictured (pic3) asg 845Sq training mou+
    AgustaWestland UK ZJ990: AW pre-delivery serial for military class tests

    Royal Danish Air Force M-501: 50089/DEN01 return to UK as ZJ990

    Royal Air Force ZJ990: First delivered to the Royal Danish air force as M-501 +

    27aug09 pictured (pic1) at RAF Benson

    RAF 50089/DEN01; 2011 type:HC3A 28/78Sqn./AA

    HC.3A type pictured (pic2) as 78 Sqn /AA at RIAT air s+
    50106 mk512 2004     ZJ992: as 845Sq /AB pictured (pic3) at London Heliport for Prime+
    AgustaWestland UK ZJ992: AW pre-delivery serial for military class tests

    Royal Danish Air Force M-503: 50106/DEN03 return to UK as ZJ992; pictured (pic1) at +

    Royal Air Force ZJ992: Delivered to RDAF as M-503 in 2006, arrived in UK for c+

    RAF 50106/DEN03 in June 2009 /AB 28/78Sqn.

    pictured (pic2) as /AB at RNAS Culdrose Air Day

    HC.3A type 28/78Sqn./AB Geilenkirchen dep. next day
    50121 mk512 2005     ZJ994: hc.3a pictured (pic1) as 845 NAS /AC at RNAS Yeovilton during Air+
    AgustaWestland UK ZJ994: AW pre-delivery serial for military class tests

    Royal Danish Air Force M-505: 50121/DEN05 return to UK as ZJ994

    Royal Air Force ZJ994: Delivered to RDAF as M-505 on 2 Feb 2006. Returned to +
    50148 mk512 2005     ZJ998: Royal Navy; HC.3A type 845Sqn./AE visit Schiphol
    AgustaWestland UK ZJ998: AW pre-delivery serial for military class tests

    Royal Danish Air Force M-509: 50148/DEN09 return to UK as ZJ998

    RDAF; pictured (top) as /Rescue-09 at RAF Fairford, UK

    Royal Air Force ZJ998: Delivered to RDAF as M-509.  Returned to UK on 29jun07+

    2011 pictured (bot) as HC.3A type at RAF Benson
    50160 mk512 2006     ZK001: Royal Navy; HC.3A type 845 Sqn /AF visit Schiphol
    AgustaWestland UK ZK001: AW pre-delivery serial for military class tests

    Royal Danish Air Force M-511: 50160/DEN11 return to UK as ZK001

    Royal Air Force ZK001: Delivered to RDAF as M-511.  Returned to the UK on 29j+

    78Sqn /28

    23jul12 pictured (pic1) in Union Jack Burst special li+

    HC.3A type 28/78Sqn./AF Geilenkirchen dep. next day

    type HC.3A 28 Sqn /AF at Shawbury

    pictured (pic2) at Newquay airport

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