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    Gulf of Aden / Horn of Africa / east coast Somalia


    Operation Atalanta from 08dec08 Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea
    Operation Ocean Shield from 17aug09 Horn of Africa
    Operation Wenlock from 1 Dec 2012 to 5 Dec 2012 Southern Red Sea and Gulf of Aden


    First Time for SH-60 on Italian FREMM Frigate, 11-Jan-16 : For the first time a SH-60 Seahawk helicopter landed on a FREMM ship of the Italian Navy


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    DatesRotary Wing Aircraft UnitModels
        jul12 to dec12 NL 300 Squadron Koninklijke Luchtmacht SE3160 / SA316A Alouette III
    AS532U2 Cougar
        feb13 to may13 ES 3 escuadrilla Arma Aerea de la Armada Española AB212
        feb13 to may13 NL vsq 860 Marine Luchtvaartdienst NH90 NFH
        aug13 to dec13 NL 300 Squadron Koninklijke Luchtmacht SE3160 / SA316A Alouette III
    AS532U2 Cougar

    Not all models shown may have taken part in the Operation

    Individual helicopters

    Model IDs
    Bell 412EP ARC-225    
    Agusta AB212 ASW HA.18-6    
    Sikorsky SH-60F Oceanhawk HT.23-14    
    Sikorsky SH-3D Sea King HS.9-16    
    Sikorsky S-70B-28 Seahawk TCB-72    
    Sikorsky S-70B-1 Seahawk HS.23-07    
    Sikorsky CH-124 Sea King 12416    
    Eurocopter AS532U2 Cougar S-419     S-447     S-453    
    Westland Lynx HAS3S ZF560    
    NH Industries NH90 NFH MM81589     MM81624     N-088     N-227     N-318     N-319     N-324    
    AgustaWestland EH101 Mk.110 MM81487    


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    Guided-Missile Destroyer  F100 Alvaro de Bazan   Spanish Navy F-104 Mendez Nuñez,
    Guided-Missile Destroyer  De Zeven Provinciën class   Royal Netherlands Navy F803 Hr.Ms. Tromp, Royal Netherlands Navy F804 Hr.Ms. De Ruyter,
    Guided-Missile Destroyer  Fridtjof Nansen class   Royal Norwegian Navy F310 KNM Fridtjof Nansen,
    Guided-Missile Destroyer  F70 AA class   French Navy D615 Jean Bart,
    Guided-Missile Destroyer  Orizzonte class   Italian Navy D 553 Andrea Doria,
    Destroyer  F70 ASW class   French Navy D641 Dupleix,
    Guided-Missile Frigate  Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class   US Navy FFG-47 USS Nicholas,
    Guided-Missile Frigate  Adelaide class   Royal Australian Navy FFG 04 HMAS Darwin,
    Guided-Missile Frigate  G class   Turkish Navy F496 TCG Gokova,
    Guided-Missile Frigate  Bergamini (2013) class   Italian Navy F 591 Virginio Fasan,
    Frigate  Anzac class   Royal Australian Navy FFH 150 HMAS Anzac,
    Frigate  Maestrale class   Italian Navy F 572 Libeccio,
    Frigate  Soldati class   Italian Navy F 584 Bersagliere,
    Frigate  City class   Canadian Armed Forces FFH 334 HMCS Regina, Canadian Armed Forces FFH 338 HMCS Winnipeg,
    Frigate  La Fayette class   French Navy F711 Surcouf,
    Frigate  Absalon class   Royal Danish Navy L16 KDM Absalon,
    Frigate  Type 23 Duke class   Royal Navy F236 HMS Montrose, Royal Navy F239 HMS Richmond, Royal Navy F83 HMS St Albans,
    Corvette  Holland class (OPV)   Royal Netherlands Navy P843 Zr. Ms. Groningen,
    Corvette  Buque de Accion Maritima (OPV)   Spanish Navy P-42 Rayo,
    Corvette  Patrulleros de Zona MarItima   Colombian Navy PZE-47 ARC 7 de Agosto,
    Landing Ship/Platform Dock  Rotterdam class   Royal Netherlands Navy L800 Hr. Ms. Rotterdam,
    Landing Ship/Platform Dock  Galicia Class   Spanish Navy L-51 Galicia,
    Landing Ship/Platform Dock  Improved Rotterdam class   Royal Netherlands Navy L801 Hr. Ms. Johan de Witt,
    Support Ship  Durance class   French Navy A608 Var, Royal Australian Navy AOR 304 HMAS Success,
    Support Ship  Amsterdam class   Royal Netherlands Navy A836 Hr. Ms. Amsterdam,
    Support Ship  Lewis and Clark class   US Navy T-AKE-13 USNS Medgar Evers,
    Support Ship  Henry J. Kaiser class   US Navy T-AO-201 USNS Patuxent,

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