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  • UK Leander class



        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    NZ Leander class 1966
    NL Van Speijk class 1967
                            NL Van Speijk modernized class 1976
                                                    ID Ahmad Yani class 1986
    UK Leander (mod) class 1967
                            IN Godavari class 1983
                                                    IN Brahmhaputra class 2000
    UK Broad Beam Leander class 1968
                            IN Nilgiri class 1972
    UK Ikara Leander class 1972
    CL Condell class 1974
    UK Exocet Leander class 1979
    UK Seawolf Leander class 1980
    UK Towed Array Exocet Leander class 1983


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    2500light (tn)
    5draught (m)


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        Typical Max
    UK Royal Navy Westland Wasp 11

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    

    List of Ships

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        Sorted by Year Filter:     Hide Transfers     Hide deriv.    
    UKRoyal NavyF104Ikara Leander class HMS DidoGHWA - DI19631983
    Leander class NZ Royal New Zealand Navy F104 HMNZS Southland 19831995
    UKRoyal NavyF109Ikara Leander class HMS LeanderGHQW - LE19631986
    UKRoyal NavyF114Ikara Leander class HMS AjaxGHWL - AJ19631987
    UKRoyal NavyF127Exocet Leander class HMS PenelopeGHWM - PN19631991
    EC Ecuadorian Navy FM01 BAE Presidente Eloy Alfaro 19912008
    UKRoyal NavyF10Ikara Leander class HMS AuroraGJLH - AU19641987
    UKRoyal NavyF15Ikara Leander class HMS EuryalusGJLW - EU19641989
    UKRoyal NavyF18Ikara Leander class HMS GalateaGJLU - GA19641986
    UKRoyal NavyF38Ikara Leander class HMS ArethusaGKXA - AR19651989
    UKRoyal NavyF39Ikara Leander class HMS NaiadGKYU - NA19651987
    UKRoyal NavyF28Towed Array Exocet Leander class HMS CleopatraGMLU - CP19661992
    UKRoyal NavyF40Towed Array Exocet Leander class HMS SiriusGBIZ - SS19661993
    UKRoyal NavyF42Towed Array Exocet Leander class HMS PhoebeGAZZ - PB19661990
    UKRoyal NavyF45Exocet Leander class HMS MinervaGNZU - MV19661992
    NZRoyal New Zealand NavyF55Leander class HMNZS WaikatoZMPS - WA19661998
    UKRoyal NavyF56Towed Array Exocet Leander class HMS ArgonautGNZH - AT19661993
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF802Van Speijk class Hr. Ms. van SpeijkPAVA - S19671986
    Ahmad Yani class ID TNI-AL 352 KRI Slamet Riyadi 1986--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF803Van Speijk class Hr. Ms. van GalenPAVB - G19671987
    Ahmad Yani class ID TNI-AL 353 KRI Yos Sudarso 1987--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF804Van Speijk class Hr. Ms. Tjerk HiddesPAVC - TH19671986
    Ahmad Yani class ID TNI-AL 351 KRI Ahmad Yani 1986--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF805Van Speijk class Hr. Ms. van NesPAVD - VN19671986
    Ahmad Yani class ID TNI-AL 354 KRI Oswald Siahaan 1988--
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF815Van Speijk class Hr. Ms. EvertsenPAVG - EV19671989
    Ahmad Yani class ID TNI-AL 355 KRI Abdul Halim Perdanakasuma 1989--
    UKRoyal NavyF47Exocet Leander class HMS DanaeGQDA - DN19671991
    EC Ecuadorian Navy FM02 BAE Morán Valverde 19912008
    UKRoyal NavyF52Leander (mod) class HMS JunoGOGH - JO19671992
    NLRoyal Netherlands NavyF814Van Speijk class Hr. Ms. Isaac SweersPAVF - IS19681990
    Ahmad Yani class ID TNI-AL 356 KRI Karel Satsuitubun 1990--
    UKRoyal NavyF57Seawolf Leander class HMS AndromedaGSXU - AM19681993
    UKRoyal NavyF58Seawolf Leander class HMS HermioneGRYN - HM19691992
    UKRoyal NavyF60Seawolf Leander class HMS JupiterGSYA - JP19691992
    UKRoyal NavyF69Broad Beam Leander class HMS BacchanteGWPE - BC19691982
    Leander class NZ Royal New Zealand Navy F69 HMNZS Wellington 19821999
    UKRoyal NavyF75Seawolf Leander class HMS CharybdisGWRA - CY19691991
    UKRoyal NavyF12Broad Beam Leander class HMS AchillesGYQG - AC19701990
    Condell class CL Chilean Navy PFG-08 Ministro Zenteno 19912006
    UKRoyal NavyF71Seawolf Leander class HMS ScyllaGXDE - SC19701993
    UKRoyal NavyF16Broad Beam Leander class HMS DiomedeGYQN - DM19711988
    NZRoyal New Zealand NavyF421Leander class HMNZS CanterburyZMCR - CA19712005
    INIndian NavyF33Nilgiri class INS Nilgiri19721996
    UKRoyal NavyF70Broad Beam Leander class HMS ApolloGNIE - AP19721988
    CLChilean NavyPFG-06Condell class Almirante Condell19732007
    EC Ecuadorian Navy FM01 BAE Presidente Eloy Alfaro 2008--
    UKRoyal NavyF72Broad Beam Leander class HMS AriadneGNUL - AE19731990
    Condell class CL Chilean Navy PFG-09 General Baquedano 19921998
    CLChilean NavyPFG-07Condell class Almirante LynchCCLY19742007
    EC Ecuadorian Navy FM02 BAE Morán Valverde 2008--
    INIndian NavyF34Nilgiri class INS Himgiri19742005
    INIndian NavyF35Nilgiri class INS Udaygiri19762007
    INIndian NavyF36Nilgiri class INS Dunagiri19772010
    INIndian NavyF41Nilgiri class INS Taragiri1980--
    INIndian NavyF42Nilgiri class INS VindhyagiriT219812012
    INIndian NavyF20Godavari class INS GodavariVWGJ1983--
    INIndian NavyF22Godavari class INS Ganga1985--
    INIndian NavyF21Godavari class INS GomatiVWGT1988--
    INIndian NavyF31Brahmhaputra class INS BrahmaputraVWSA2000--
    INIndian NavyF39Brahmhaputra class INS Betwas2004--
    INIndian NavyF37Brahmhaputra class INS BeasAUGX2005--

    48 units


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