FR Mistral class

Assault Carrier


Assault Carrier Mistral class

Projection and command ships ( Batiments de projection et de commandement, BPC ) have a flight deck with 6 landing spots and a 885m2 well deck for 2 LCAC hovercraft type landing craft.


16500light (tn)
21300full load (tn)
199length (m)
32beam (m)
6.30draught (m)
12675range (nm)
18max speed (knots)
20400power (shp)

4Naval Engine diesel
2Naval Engine electric motors

2Missile Launcher Simbad twin launcher

2Naval Gun single 30 mm


FR Chantiers de l Atlantique - 2
FR DCNS - Brest - 3

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2006--FRFrench NavyL9013MistralFAMI
2007--FRFrench NavyL9014TonnerreFATO
2011--FRFrench NavyL9015Dixmude FADX
2016--EGEgyptian NavyL1010ENS Gamal Abdel Nasser
2016--EGEgyptian NavyL1020ENS Anwar El Sadat

5 units


2001-janOrderedOrdered FR L9013 Mistral
2001-janOrderedOrdered FR L9014 Tonnerre
2003-jul-10Laid downLaid down FR L9013 Mistral
2003-aug-26Laid downLaid down FR L9014 Tonnerre
2004-oct-06LaunchedLaunched FR L9013 Mistral
2005-jul-26LaunchedLaunched FR L9014 Tonnerre
2006-dec-18CommissionedCommissioned FR L9013 Mistral
2007-aug-01CommissionedCommissioned FR L9014 Tonnerre
2007-aug-02HomeportHomeport FR L9014 Tonnerre Toulon
2008-oct-04DeploymentDeployment FR L9014 Tonnerre Exercise Joint Warrior 08-2 participated in bi-annual multi-national exercise off Scottish coast, until 17 Oct
2008-oct-08Port VisitPort Visit FR L9014 Tonnerre at Tail o the Bank anchorage off Greenock during JW08-2
2009-aprOrderedOrdered FR L9015 Dixmude
2010LaunchedLaunched FR L9015 Dixmude
2010-janLaid downLaid down FR L9015 Dixmude
2011-aprDeploymentDeployment FR L9014 Tonnerre Operation Unified Protector off Libya with embarked Helicopter Group, including ALAT Gazelles 3849/GAH and 4136/GBT.
2011-may-18DeploymentDeployment FR L9013 Mistral IMDEX Asia 2011 Present for IMDEX Asia 2011 exhibition
2011-junOrderedOrdered EG L1020 ENS Anwar El Sadat
2011-decCommissionedCommissioned FR L9015 Dixmude
2012-feb-01Laid downLaid down EG L1010 ENS Gamal Abdel Nasser as Russian Vladivostok
2013-jun-18Laid downLaid down EG L1020 ENS Anwar El Sadat as Russian Sevastopol
2013-oct-15LaunchedLaunched EG L1010 ENS Gamal Abdel Nasser
2014-feb-08AircraftAircraft FR L9015 Dixmude US Marine MV-22 Osprey lands on french warship for first time
2014-nov-20LaunchedLaunched EG L1020 ENS Anwar El Sadat
2015-sep-15 EG L1010 ENS Gamal Abdel Nasser Acquired by Egypt
2015-sep-15 EG L1020 ENS Anwar El Sadat Acquired by Egypt
2016-jun-02CommissionedCommissioned EG L1010 ENS Gamal Abdel Nasser
2016-sep-16CommissionedCommissioned EG L1020 ENS Anwar El Sadat
2016-oct-03DeploymentDeployment FR L9013 Mistral Exercise Emerald Move 2016 Participated in Tyrrhenian Sea exercise
2017-febDeploymentDeployment FR L9013 Mistral Hosted 845 NAS A Flt Merlins for 5 month assignment from mid Feb 2017 to 24 Jul. Significantly, this included a passage through the South China Sea.
2017-apr-15Port VisitPort Visit FR L9013 Mistral visited Ho Chi Minh City for a week, in company with FS Courbet, as part of the 2017 Vietnam-France defence cooperation plan. Embarked contingent of UK RN and RM personnel present, in addition to 2x 845 NAS Merlin HC.3
2017-may-27Port VisitPort Visit FR L9013 Mistral weekend visit to Darwin, in company with FS Courbet.
2017-sep-12DeploymentDeployment FR L9014 Tonnerre Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria Relief Operations depart to Caribbean with 1 NH90 and 2 Puma (including DBJ) for Hurricane Irma and Jose relief efforts. Returned to Toulon on 24 Oct.
2018-feb-27DeploymentDeployment FR L9015 Dixmude departed Toulon for 5 month Pacific deployment, including 2 Wildcat from 847 NAS (ZZ410 and ZZ389) embarked. Significantly, this included a passage through the South China Sea.
2018-apr-13 FR L9015 Dixmude in Malaysia during Jeanne d’Arc exercise deployment
2018-apr-22Port VisitPort Visit FR L9015 Dixmude 3 day visit to Jakarta, in company with HMS Albion and FS Surcouf. Departed 25 Apr.
2018-oct-17AircraftAircraft FR L9015 Dixmude 130 km off Dunkirk, NH90 1332 accident
2019-oct-04DeploymentDeployment FR L9014 Tonnerre Exercise Joint Warrior 19-2 Participated in JW19-2. Flagship of CJEF in Ex Griffin Strike, part of JW19-2.
2021-may-11DeploymentDeployment FR L9014 Tonnerre Participated in multi national Exercise Jeanne D’Arc 21, with RAN, JMSDF and US Navy units.
2022-apr-20Port VisitPort Visit FR L9015 Dixmude visited Lisbon

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