Helicopter Engines

General Electric

T58Seasprite , s-61
   T58-11050CH-46C , YHC-1A , YHU2K-1 , ch-3c
   T58-101450CH-46D , CH-46F , UH-2A , sh-3d , sh-3g , sh-3h
   T58-161870CH-46E , HH-46E
   T58-81250CH-46A , hh-52a
   T58-GE-51500ch-3e , hh-3e , hh-3f
   CT7-2B171230-200 , 30-300
   CT7-2E11980aw149 , aw189
   T700-GE-401C1890ah-1z , uh-1y , yuh-61a , SH-2G , hh-60j , mh-60r , sh-60b
   T700-GE-7011690YAH-64 , ah-64a
   T700-GE-701C1870ah-64d , Surion , uh-60l
   T700-GE-701D2000ah-64e , uh-60m

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